My breaking heart

Who can explain this to me?
I have a breaking heart;
But I’ve never met her
Who’s breaking my heart;
And never hope to meet her;
But she’s breaking my heart;
I am deeply in love with her;
She’s taken me to the sky in love;
But has started to play games with me;
I don’t know her;
I know nothing about her;
Though I see a charming face on screen;
And hear her lovely words to me;
Yet, I am carried away;
And now she’s breaking my heart;
Am I normal to fall deeply in love
With someone I have not met;
And might never meet?
How comes my heart is breaking for her?
Has this happened to another?
Please, say something about
My breaking heart.


Full love

IMG_20151118_095838When I say I love you, do you believe me?
I really mean what I say;
My heart glows for you;
My heart beats for you;
You are so sweet no tongue can tell;
You are sweeter than you may ever know;
Far away from me you are;
I can’t touch you; and may never do;
I can’t meet you; and may never do;
I can’t sit with you; and may never do;
I can’t take you in my arms; and may never do;
Yet, my heart beats hard for you;
My heart goes for you; and very dearly I love you;
Nothing do I ask of you; or need from you;
But that you let the love in your heart for me flow;
Like a spring in the universe;
Let me know that you love me as I love you;
Let me know that I make you happy;
As happy as love can make you be;
Let your sweet words hug me for you;
As mine should do for you;
Let every word from your golden lips
Be a sweet melody in my ears;
And make my heart glow
With the light and joy of love!