7 Indispensable Ds of Success

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Succeed and go far in life

Do you want to succeed and especially go far in life?
Do you want to find a place among the top brass of your community, country and even the world?
If you do, great. You have a right to fly on the wings of your talent. It is your right to rise to any position you like; and you can if …
If what?
If you do what is necessary.
What is necessary?
The following 7 Ds of success:

Develop a strong desire or drive to join the ranks of the great. Know that you can Live life beyond your wildest dreams.

Take a firm decision to get to where you want to go.


Be determined to get to where you want to reach.

Be dedicated. Dedication is the hard work and effort that you put into an important activity or purpose.
Discipline yourself. Cultivate the ability to control your behavior or the way you live and work.
Take a full dive into it.  As you do, believe totally in your God-given ability to get what you desire to get. No half measures.

Be dogged. Do not easily give up. Be tenacious; persist.

Red carpet reception

Dive into action

Don’t wait until you are
Perfectly ready
Before you start
What you want to do;
You may never be
Perfectly ready;
Start, where you are,
With what you have
And learn and improve as you go.
Don’t wait till you are rich
Before you offer
Another financial help;
What if you are never rich?
People poorer than you
Are offering financial help
To others;
Don’t wait till you get a job
Before you marry;
What if you never get a job?
Marry and continue to look
For a job;
Don’t wait till
You are appointed
Before you start to come early
To work;
What if you are never appointed
Because you never come early
To work?
Don’t wait until
You make it before you start
Living your life?
What if you never make it.
My friend, it’s good to be ready;
Preparation for anything is good.
But don’t spend all your time
Only getting ready;
And no procrastination.
Get ready;
And without waste of time,
Dive into action.
If you make mistakes, correct them,
And move on;
That is how we get things done.

Dive deep

If you want to enjoy
The wealth of the ocean,
Stop floating at the surface;
Not much can be found there;
Go beneath;
Real treasure lies deeply buried;
Dive to the bottom;
And scoop up its wealth;
Do not be a chicken
That scratches the surface
For insects, worms and grain.
To savor the content of a book,
Read beyond the first few pages;
Dig into it;
Thus goes the world;
Dig deep in to relish the beauty,
The wealth; the treasures
Of the world.