Eleventh Hour

And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle?

They say unto him, Because no man hath hired us. He saith unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive.

Matthew 20:6‭-‬7 KJV

Our text references a story of the goodman of a land who went out early in the morning to hire laborers according to verse 1-5 of our bible text.

We can say in other words, he went out the first month, the second, third, sixth and up to the ninth month hiring laborers.

And by the way which other goodman do we have than Jesus Christ?.

But the bible says at the eleventh hour he also when out and saw some people standing idle and when he inquired from them why they were idle, they said it is because no man had hired them.

Being the goodman that will not permit idleness at the eleventh hour, he hired them and told them he will give them what is right.

Hence the title of the post; Eleventh Hour. Eleventh hour divine intervention, eleventh hour miracle, eleventh hour breakthrough, eleventh hour blessing, eleventh hour restoration.

Whatever you have been and still believing God for, this eleventh month of the year God will cause you to receive your eleventh hour divine intervention in Jesus name.

Some people got their miracles in the first month, others in the second, while some others did got theirs in the third to ninth.

The bible also said that at the eleventh hour which represents the eleventh month some people were still idle doing nothing because no man hath hired them, but he said to them; go to the field and I’ll give you that which is right.

You have a right to what is right.

This eleventh month God will give you what is right in Jesus name.

Some things are right for you and your family, some things are right for your job, some things are right for your academics, some things are also right for your business.

You have a right to get married, a right to travel out, a right to be gainfully employed, a right to succeed in your career or business, you have a right to build your own house, you have a right to live a healthy life.

Some of us have been idle since the beginning of the year not because we don’t want to be engaged. Some have businesses but no sales, the goods are getting rusty and dusty. The bible says he asked them why are you idle? They answered him because no man hath hired us.

What does this mean? It means there are no customers, no patronage, it means no helper, some people have the certificate and the qualifications but employment is not in view, some have skills but no capital, some are ready for marriage but no resources, no suitors.

But forty years after the Israelites left Egypt, on the first day of the eleventh month, Moses addressed the people of Israel, telling them everything the Lord had commanded him to say.

When we were at Mount Sinai, the Lord our God said to us, You have stayed at this mountain long enough.

Deuteronomy 1:3‭, ‬6 NLT

This means at the eleventh month you are not permitted to remain idle, you are not permitted to remain stagnant, you are not permitted to remain dormant.

The landowner told them, Then go out and join the others in my vineyard.

Matthew 20:7 NLT

In this eleventh month of the year:

You will get your eleventh hour breakthrough.

You will get your eleventh hour divine connection.

You will get your eleventh hour employment.

You will get your eleventh hour contract.

Many thanks for coming around, until next time…

May God give you what is right in Jesus name.


A Raised Voice

There are men of God and there are also men from God. Men of God are your Pastors and Ministers who prays and speak concerning your life and from time to time God honor and confirm their word.

There are also men from God just like in the case of Joseph in genesis 37:15-17 where a certain man whose name was not mentioned found him wandering around in the fields.

Men from God are sent to fix things, From time to time God position them to fix a particular thing that’s missing, to fill a gap in our lives. God sends them to help us get to our destination in life.

Every destiny in life has a destination.

Joseph came looking for his brothers in the place where he thought they were, but before he got there they had left the place.

If God didn’t position a man in that place, probably Joseph would have wandered there for so long, frustrated and go back home without accomplishing his mission.

At Shechem, Joseph got lost. A man found him wandering in the fields. The man said, “What are you looking for?”

Joseph answered, “I am looking for my brothers. Can you tell me where they are with their sheep?”

The man said, “They have already gone away. I heard them say that they were going to Dothan.”

So Joseph followed his brothers and found them in Dothan.
Genesis 37:15‭-‬17 ERV

When his brothers saw him coming from far off they conspired to kill him because they were envious of his dreams.

But interestingly God was up to something. God works in diverse ways and whichever way he chooses doesn’t matter as long as His purpose for our lives is fulfilled.

The point at which some of us are right now is let God just do something.

He raised a voice in verse 21 through Reuben to rescue Joseph by telling his brothers they shouldn’t kill him, rather he should be thrown into a pit.

Mind you a pit is a place where you can’t be seen, it’s a place where one’s head is covered and voice can’t be heard. A pit is a place where you can’t be equal to your mates.

Do you know that poverty, sickness, failure, stagnation are all pits?

There are people who cannot kill you but they will keep you in the pit.

As they were just about to eat they saw the Ishmaelites traders (men from God) and God raised another voice for Joseph through Judah who suggested that they should sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites which they agreed to.

Joseph was later sold to Potiphar from Potiphar’s to prison and while in the prison God yet again raised another voice through the king’s butler who recommended Joseph to the king.

May God send help and raise a voice for you from time to time in Jesus name. May God silent and put to shame every voice speaking against your life and dreams in Jesus name.

For Saul it was his father’s servant that God used when he was looking for his father’s donkey

For Naaman it was his wife maid that God used to get through to Elijah his healing.

For David God raised a voice for him through one of king Saul’s servant in 1 Samuel 16:18

For Lazarus God raised him up through the voice of the resurrection.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
Genesis 1:3 KJV

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I trust you

I trust you;
So confident
Of you,
I am;
You don’t have to
Be surprised;
I trust you;
Trusting you
Is trusting God,
Who asked me
To put
My full trust
In you,
I have done
What he
Asked me to do;
To put my trust
In you.
He never fails me;
He has
Never failed me;
And will
Never fail me.
Fully I trust him;
And trust you;
You can
Trust me as well;
Never will
I fail you.
Trust me!
As I trust you.

It’s not your doing

If you are succeeding,
You have no right to boast;
Don’t claim it’s your doing;
It’s not your doing;
What can you, on your own, do?
It’s God’s doing;
100% God’s doing;
All success comes from God;
When He wills it,
You succeed;
And He wills it when you respect
The prescription he has given
For success;
When you deviate from it,
Of course, you will fail;
Which means you have fallen
Into the evil hands of the devil;
Where everything is failure.
This is what you need to get clearly;
If you do, fine;
Especially if you put the knowledge
Into action as required;
So, you know it once and for all;
Your success does not come from you;
Or your success will not come from you, whether big or small;
It is not your doing;
It is God’s doing;
God’s doing alone;
Your success, however big,
However small, comes from God.
It is not,
And never will be your doing.


A heart to forgive;
Pure grace from God;
When deeply hurt,
It’s hard to forgive;
All the same, we must;
For so divine it is to forgive;
Be not too bitter;
And and lose that grace;
That will darken your heart
And hurt you more than
Anyone else.
Forgive and forget;
And let life move on.
God, in his wisdom, will
Reward you.
Those who hurt you, forgive;
May those you wrong
Also forgive you!

Song ‘Heart Of Bliss’ by Mirakali (audio & lyrics)

Good morning from Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe with Mirakali’s-Song ‘Heart Of Bliss’ – have a great day!

The song is featured on Michel Montecrossa’s album ‘Absolutely Family’ Concert that you can read about here

You can download the album from iTunes here

Mirakali Homepage – Music, videos, photos, art and more: http://www.Mirakali.net

Heart Of Bliss

Heart of Bliss,
the heart that can feel your heartbeat.
Heart of Bliss,
the heart that can feel god and its universe.
Heart of Bliss,
one with heaven, one with earth.
Heart of Bliss,
one like light and the wind and the sky.

United with all. The limits disappear.
Feel your dreams, feel the dreams of all.
Reach the core of your heart where love lives.
Every moment is precious. Every moment a drop of truth.

Heart of Bliss,
that lives the divine and the universe.
Heart of Bliss,
one with the future, one with time.
Heart of Bliss,
one like the ocean and the tree and the child.

Soul and soul meet. The magic is oneness.
Heart and heart singing in the same rhythm,
feeling the same fire of life, understanding the depth of love,

Heart of Bliss,
the heart that can feel your soul.
Heart of Bliss
knowing freedom of truth.
Heart of Bliss
our way to world unity.

Silence and strength, trust and courage.
Happiness will always be there where love lives.
True love is happiness, true happiness is love.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

Find here on this website much more music and art by Mirakali: https://yoursuccessinspirer.com/tag/Mirakali/

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Image below: Mirakali live on stage


Song & Movie and album ‘My Christmas Of Love & Freedom’

My Christmas Of Love & Freedom

Michel Montecrossa’s Song & music video and album ‘My Christmas Of Love & Freedom’


Download Michel Montecrossa’s ‘My Christmas Of Love & Freedom’ album here from the Mirapuri-Shop

With his Christmas Album ‘My Christmas Of Love & Freedom’ Michel Montecrossa presents 12 new songs for Christmas singing about contemplating the birth of Christ as the inspiration for a better future where all people can live in freedom a life protected by love. Michel Montecrossa sees the Unity of Love and Freedom as the core experience behind this contemplation which he masterfully expresses in the opening song ‘My Christmas Of Love & Freedom’ and further expands through all songs of the album.

The Songs:

  1. My Christmas Of Love & Freedom
  2. Weihnachten Wahr und Wundervoll – Christmas True And Wonderful
  3. My Christmas World
  4. My Christmas Joy
  5. Strong Is My Christmas Dream
  6. In The Light Is The Answer
  7. Talking Christmas Reflections – Über Weihnachtsbesinnung Sprechen
  8. Cyberchristmas
  9. Good Song
  10. A Dream In Her Gaze
  11. We Are The Best
  12. We Who Have Loved

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘My Christmas Of Love & Freedom’:
“It is the Unity of Love and Freedom that is the core experience of the Living Celebration of Humanity and it is this core experience that we remember at Christmas, as the birth of Christ.
Through him we see in the newborn life of the Divine all the hope for a better future where all people can live in freedom a life governed by love.
‘My Christmas Of Love & Freedom’ therefore is a collection of 12 New Christmas Songs dedicated to the fulfilment of this hope.”

Song Lyrics

My Christmas Of Love & Freedom

My Christmas of Love & Freedom
to you I will bring.
My Christmas of Love & Freedom
is warm and is sweet.

It shelters your hopes and dreams
in my heart of Truth and Beauty.
It nurses them, protects them,
makes them grow, makes them strong.

My Christmas of Love & Freedom
to you I will bring.
My Christmas of Love & Freedom
makes you young
and makes you sing.

It gives you the youth eternal
living in the child and sage alike.
It is the sweet wonder divine
born as Love & Freedom kind.

My Christmas of Love & Freedom
to you I will bring…

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


Michel Montecrossa Homepage: http://www.MichelMontecrossa.com

To stay updated follow the Michel Montecrossa Blog: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com

Love Song ‘Side by Side’ by Mirakali

Listen to ‘Side By Side’ – a beautiful love song by Mirakali

Side By Side

You are the fire that burns in my heart.
You are the wind blowing into my face.
You are the strength that lets me run
fast and always wider on the way.
You are the light that shines in the night.

You give warmth, you show the way,
you give hope and the certitude
that we will reach our goal.
You are the wildness
that faces all obstacles.
You have the power to be the victor.
You are the tenderness.

Side by side with you.
Nothing else I wish
than to be near to you.
And when I feel your movements in the night,
I know dawn is coming soon.
The morning awakes and brings a new day.
It‘s a new day of our love,
for our music, our art.

Side by side with you
I feel your warmth.
It‘s so beautiful to feel you,
your delight, your strength.

We dive deep into the light
like a cosmic dolphin
dives into the bliss of a cosmic ocean.

Oneness with you, oneness with the divine.
And then I see you in the morning light.
You come near to me
and show me your world:
The Bright Earth with all its wonders,
the Bright Earth with all its love.

There is our home, from there we come,
there is our future
when we step through the door
from this world into a new dimension.
And forever we will be side by side.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

Find great songs and videos by Mirakali on the Michel Montecrossa Blog:


Music, videos, photos and art by Mirakali: http://www.Mirakali.net

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