Praying without ceasing

Whatever your religion,
There are many things
You must dispel completely
From your life;
Those things that stand
On your way to God.
If you cannot think of any,
I do think of many;
Topping the list is doubt;
When doubt takes hold,
Your faith must suffer;
You must get rid of doubt
And believe.
God is real and almighty.
This, I believe, wholly.
And prayer is the engine
Of my life.
I will pray without ceasing.

You like to doubt

You like to doubt;
You like very much
To doubt;
When, in fact,
You don’t have to;
Where have you kept
Your faith;
I don’t like people
Who doubt;
Why do you doubt?
You have to stop doubting;
Stop your disbelief.
It won’t take you anywhere;
It will ruin you;
It will shatter you;
It will destroy you.
Let me advise you:
Stop doubting.
And believe;
It is not your fight;
It is not your battle;
It is God’s battle.
Who can defeat God?
You like to doubt;
This is the wrong time
To doubt.

A successful future

What do you think about 
Your future?
Are you confident of
your future?
Have you doubts about
Your future?
Tell me your thoughts about
Your future,
And I will tell you what
Your future
Will be;
Whether it will be successful
Or unsuccessful;
If you doubt your future,
You have a doubtful future;
If you believe in your future,
You have a sure future;
Have no doubts then about
Your future;
Believe in your future;
Your future is guaranteed.
It is a successful future;

To doubt this is to destroy
Your future yourself.

Why I am not afraid

Who thinks I am afraid?
Who thinks I am worried?
Who thinks I am in doubt?
Who thinks I am weary?
With God beside me,
With God on my right,
With God on my left,
With God above me,
With God below me,
With God encircling me,
With God watching over me,
I have no reason to fear;
I have no reason to worry!
I have no reason to doubt;
I have no reason to complain;
I have reason to believe;
I have reason to be confident;
I have reason to hope for the best;
I have reason to move with courage,
The Lord is on my side;
The Lord is with me, for me;
The Lord is in control.
And I am divinely protected.

What God said to me today

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This is what God said to me today
To tell you;
God asked me to tell you all will be well;
That you must have no fear;
That you should trust him;
Because he will never fail you;
He said I should tell you
There is no reason to doubt;
That you should put doubt behind
And march on with confidence;
He actually spoke to me loudly and clearly;
His voice was distinct;
And no way to miss his message;
Or better still, his instructions;
I know you may be wondering
If I have gone crackers;
Not at all;
God speaks to me everyday
As he speaks to you;
If you don’t hear him,
That’s your fault, I hear him;
He speaks to me through his word
In His Holy Book, the Bible.
And so clearly he speaks to me;
What I have told you
Is what he asked me to tell you.
Be confident,
Have faith;
Do not doubt;
He is there to see you through.

Where did I go wrong?

Honestly, where did I go wrong?
What did I do or say wrong?
Since I lost her favor,
A day has not passed,
That I have not wondered
And searched my mind,
To find where I went wrong;
She doesn’t say anything to me;
She’s just turned her back
Silently on me;
Doesn’t talk to me;
Doesn’t react to my writings
As before;
Whereas she was among my best;
Don’t you see it’s hard
For me? The strain is clear, and very painful to me;
I used to be her favorite also;
And we would talk for hours;
And laugh from jaw to jaw;
We valued each other’s company;
It was a sweet relationship;
We were both happy;
Then all of a sudden,
And I don’t understand anything,
Dark clouds gathered overheard,
Darkness covered our happiness;
And on it came a downpour of silence, worry and sadness on my part.
I don’t understand;
I really don’t understand.
Where, actually, I went wrong.
Why have we turned our backs
On what looked so beautiful?

It is hard for me to understand.