Who gets the point?

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I know at times you doubt
Whether or not you are
On the right track;
Even right now, I can guess
You are doubting;
Let me ask you a question:
Why do you doubt
What you should not doubt?
With all the faith you have,
How can you doubt?
Except you are going alone,
You shouldn’t doubt;
If you put God at the center,
You shouldn’t doubt;
The secret is to put God
At the center of your plans;
And go ahead with confidence,
Because when he is in charge,
Everything goes well.
Do you get my point?
Who gets the point I am making?
I am just encouraging you.
Don’t doubt.


Belief and doubt

Which do you believe?
Do you believe your doubts
Or you believe your beliefs?
Which do you trust?
Do you trust your faith
Or you trust your doubts?
Which do you doubt?
Do you doubt your doubts
Or you doubt your faith?
Which do you believe?
Do you believe your fear
Or you believe your faith?
Which do you believe?
Do you believe you are
A winner
Or you believe you are
A loser?
Which do you believe?
Choose wisely
Between belief and doubt;
Be wise about what you believe
And what you doubt;
Believe your beliefs,
And doubt your doubts.

The chemical weapon of fear

If fear is threatening
To grip your heart,
Do well to tell it off;
Let it go its way;
If you don’t turn it off,
You give it power to grip
Your life;
And if fear grips your life,
Be sure to ashes you’re crushed;
So dangerous it is;
It’s a weapon of mass destruction;
Good of it to stay clear;
And if on you it should
Impose itself,
Bring it under control.
It is nothing to let loose;
It gives birth without control,
Its kids so dangerous like himself:
Armed to the teeth for destruction;
Themselves weapons of mass destruction;
Chemical weapons,
As they are called,
And these are
And failure;
It is clear
Like your face in a mirror,
That these destructive chemicals,
Should be kept abbey.
Don’t joke with them;
Or let them come near you.

Do you know what?

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Do you know what?
We quarrel about things
We should not quarrel about;
We argue about things
We should not argue about;
We worry about things
We should not worry about;
We fear things
We should not fear;
We doubt things
We should not doubt;
We believe things
We should not believe;
We do things
We should not do.
We need to think twice;
We need to examine ourselves.


All will be well

Are you afraid of the unknown?
Don’t be afraid,
Why should you fear
When you serve a living God?
All will be well;
Have faith in the Lord!

Are you worried about
What may happen?
Don’t worry;
Those who trust in the Lord
Have no reason to worry.
All will be well.
He is in full control.

Are you living in uncertainty
About the future?
Don’t doubt;
Have hope;
And put your trust in the Lord;
All will be well.
He will look after you.

You have no reason to worry,
My friend;
You have no reason to doubt
Or to fear;
Hand your doubts and worries
And fears to Him and be calm.
All will be well.


Go for a win

Do you have something

You want to do 

Which you know is right?

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Go ahead and do it.

Don’t fear. 

Don’t doubt. 

Don’t listen t

to discouraging messages

from people

Who will tell you

Not to try it. 

Do not  let fear

Or doubt take control of  you,

You will never do it

What you like to do;

And what you can do.

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Fear and doubt

Are great dream-killers;

Discouraging messages

Are dream killers;

There are people

Who seem to specialize in

Discouraging people

And killing dreams;

They will stand on your way;

Inject fear and doubt into you;

And tell you it cannot be done.

They will tell you,

That you must not try;

That you will fail.

That you will lose.


Tell them you will not lose;

Tell them you will not fail.

Tell them you will succeed.

Tell them you were born to win.


Then go ahead and win.

You are an achiever;

Achievers defy all odds.

They close their ears

To discouraging messages.

They turn off fear and doubt,

And courageously march

Forward with their dreams

Until they win,

And carry home the trophy.

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Stay focused

Allow nothing to stand
On your way;
Clear the obstacles,
As they show up
Their ugly heads;
Know where you are going,
And stay focused;
Keep your determination
To get to your destination
Ever strong;
Do your best everyday
To reach the winning point
And be the champion;
And you will be surprised
How fast success
Will fly onto you.
And even if it comes slowly,
Give it time
To complete it’s journey.
Be resolved to win;
And let that be unshakable.
There is no doubt
Victory awaits you.