Dream big and very big

If you are pondering on the feasibility of your clogging an achievement of a magnitude that will mesmerize the entire world, I, unequivocally, submit my assurance that you can.

These are no empty words. You can do more things than you think you can.

I encourage you to dream big. If you want to rock the world, by all means, do. The first thing, of course, will be to start. Once you decide, to undertake a journey, start. I can give you a 100% assurance that you will arrive.

I do honestly admire ambitious people. They are the ones who are making the world rock.

I know, for sure, that ambition can be dangerous , but that is only when it is excessive; we call such vaulting ambition.

No one can be over cautioned to guard against vaulting ambition which has tremendous destructive power; and wouldn’t spare even you, its author.

Vaulting ambition consumes you like a wild fire and you want to clear anybody who tries to stand on your path. You use all means even physical elimination to remove him from your way.

This is not the type of ambition that I am recommending to you. I am recommending healthy ambition; reasonable ambition; ambition to build not to destroy.

We’ve talked about the need to dream big so much that you may not expect me to delve into it again; but I just can’t be tongue tied on it. It is so important.

You need to dream big. If you think your dream is too big, look at my dream of bringing one billion people together around the common dream of transforming the world from its present unlivable nature to an excellent world for all to enjoy.

What is absolutely important and necessary about your goal is that it should be positive; aimed at improving life on our planet; improving the world.

I believe with everything ounce of energy that is in me that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. If God allows you to conceive it, you can achieve it.

If there’s a desire you have been secretly nursing, bring it up. It is achievable. Don’t worry about how lofty it may be. You can do it.

Someone has said starting is half done. I want to go a step further to say starting is winning if you have a positive mindset. I have a passion for articulating the need for us the people of the world to reconstruct our mindsets. We will come to this.

Let me take you back to my dream of an organization of one billion people working for an excellent world to say that as long as it is growing one person at a time, I count it a success already.

One good thing about positive big dreams is they have the power to attract success. You always find people to lend you support. If it is in line with God’s plan for the universe, he will send you the people you need to realize it.

He will equip you with the wisdom you need if he finds you fully engaged; fully committed. He will provide all the resources that you need.

I think our take home is clear. Dream big and very big; and begin. You can make it big. If your dream is to make a positive contribution to a better world, then it is straight from God who would not plant it in your mind and heart unless he knows you can do it; and unless he us ready to put on your path the people and the wisdom that you need.

For sure, you can. Go for it now. Don’t wait for later. Let it be now.