Quote (dream)

“If you allow your dream to go to bed, it may soon be snoring; and may never get up again. Keep it awake. ” (Romilia quotes)

A game of football

I’m nursing a big dream
In my heart;
If someone tells me
It is farfetched,
I won’t believe them;
I doubt what you say,
But I know I cannot fail
To achieve this dream;
I will get there;
To the mountain top;
Of course, it’s God
Who has the last word;
But I must play my part.
That’s what I am doing;
It’s a game;
Another game of football.

A word to discard

There is a word I have discarded from my vocabulary. I advise all my friends to do same. Remove it; and completely seal your door to it.

It is the word impossible. To me, there is no word like this. Nothing is impossible. If you can conceive it, it can be done.

And if someone can do it, you can do it.

Do you know why we are not able to do many things? Because we believe they are impossible to do.

The moment you remove the word impossible from your vocabulary, make the word possible your daily companion.

Nothing will be impossible to you. Everything will be possible. You will begin to see miracles in your life.

It is possible;
It is possible;
It is possible;

It is possible
For you to be rich.
It is posdible
For you to grow.
It is possible
For you to be powerful.
It is possible
For you to be a star.
It is possible
For you to be a champion.
It is possible
For you
To own a quality car;
It is possible
For you
To build your own mansion.
Dream big;
Your dream is possible.
Remember, there is no word like impossible.

October on the move

Happy that October
Is here
And moving on strong;
Will it be a great month
For me?
Shall I see
All my dreams
Come true?
Shall it be
A month of love
And prayer?
That is my dream;
But also that it be
A great month for you;
That you have all
The reasons
On earth
To smile,
And laugh,
And jump up high;
In happiness and joy;
That October brings you
Many good dreams.

My greatest dream

My greatest dream
Is not money;
It may be for some people
But not me;
My greatest dream
Is not power;
It may be for some people
But not me;
My greatest dream
Is not fame;
It may be for some people
But not me;
My greatest dream
Is not luxury,
Expensive cars,
Mansions and other status symbols;
My greatest dream
Is your love;
With you in my life,
I have everything.

I can guarantee (Be inspired today 369 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

You can make your dream
Come true;
I can guarantee you;
These words hold true
Not only for you,
But for every normal person;
It is important to say this;
Many people are not aware
Of this simple truth;
And, although I say it
So clearly,
There are many people
Who will still not believe;
That is the truth;
And blessed are those
Who hear and believe.
You can do whatever you want;
It’s just a question of
Wanting it strongly enough,
And being ready to acquire
The know-how and apply it;
Once you can do that,
You’re fine;
But don’t expect success
To be automatic,
Far from it;
At times it will delay,
In fact, very often, it will;
But come, it must.
That, I can guarantee.
So as you go about your life,
Have this in mind;
You can make your dream
Come true.

Farfetched dream

If all human beings
Had hearts that bloomed
Like flowers
In a flower garden.
What a beautiful world
Ours would have been!

If all human hearts
Shone like a broad smile
On a happy baby’s face,
What a bright world
We would have!

The world was meant
To be a vaste flower field;
An ocean of smiles,
And laughter easelessly
Flowing for all;
Today, a farfetched dream
As we all know.