Dream land ideas

My belief is if the world has about 7 billion inhabitants,
It cannot lack 4 billion who are peace-loving;
And who want to live happily and in peace with others;
My belief is there are more good people in the world
Than evil people;
My belief is although evil seems to prevail in the world;
Actually there is more good than evil in the world;
My belief is the world is a good world not an evil world.
My belief is if the good people of the world band together,
To fight for good, they will overcome evil in the world.
My belief is if we start to bring the good people of the world
Together, one by one, in the next one hundred years, or so,
The world will have an ocean of good people who share
A common vision, working together for an excellent world;
Our dream thus is to bring as many good people as we can
Together to combine their efforts in view of making
The world an excellent place for everybody to enjoy;
By excellent world I mean a world void of wars, terrorism,
Shootings, hunger, poverty, suffering, and what have you?
Just as little drops of water make a mighty ocean,
Little drops of good daily will make a mighty ocean of good;
Do you share or buy our vision of an excellent world?
Are you ready to join our daily crusade for an excellent world?
Our doors are open to welcome you.


I have a dream

I have a dream;
I call it my lofty dream;
I don’t know what you would call it;
It is a dream to light millions of candles
Around the world;
I want to light candles that will shine
Brighter than mine;
I want you to join me;
If you haven’t yet;
I can’t do it alone;
Let’s join hands
And light millions of candles
Around the world;
It’s a dream that is worthwhile;
That’s my dream,
So help me Lord.

I dreamed of you this night

This night, I dreamed of you;
In my dream, I held you in my arms;
And noticed that you felt happy;
The same way I felt happy in yours;
I could feel you shudder from time to time;
I knew at once that love overflowed in
Your heart for me;
That was exactly what was happening to me;
I did not want to let you go;
You did not want to let me go also;
I wanted us to clutch to each other forever;
My joy was overflowing;
Then I got up and realized it had
Only been a dream! Imagine how I felt!
To say the least, disappointed; but that fire
That had glowed so brightly in my heart
For you has not left me;
It’s still burning hotter and hotter.
What do we do?

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Shall you be mine?

This night, I dreamed of you;
I carried you in my arms;
And gave you a hug;
And you were happy;
Your face beamed with a smile;
And you told me you liked it;
And wanted more;
You liked me to do it for ever;
My heart glowed with love
And joy;
Then I got up;
And realized it was only a dream;
I was angry;
And screamed;
And said I wanted it to happen in real life;
Then strangely your face appeared to me;
And I heard your voice;
You told me you wanted me
As much as I wanted you;
I went crazy with love for you.
It continues to burn in my heart today;
Where are you now?
My heart burns for you;
Shall you be mine?

Resurrect your dream!

I will resurrect my dream
Right at this very moment;
I am wasting no time to act;
If you are wasting time
To revive your dream,
It’s your problem;
I will revive my sweet dream, now;
I have been inspired; motivated;
My dream was dead;
I allowed it to die;
Or rather, I killed it;
But it cannot be dead for ever;
I will revive it;
I will resurrect it
I will get it on its feet running.
And I want you to emulate
My example;
Things will work out for you,
Faster than you think;
Resurrect that dream!
And see how fast it flies
To its destination.

Don’t you have a dream?

Who does not have a dream?
Don’t you have a dream?
How can you not have a dream?
How can anyone live without a dream?
Martin Luther King had a dream;
Abraham Lincoln had a dream;
Indira Gandhi had a dream;
Nelson Mandela had a dream;
All the great people of the world
Each had their dream;
Even small people of the world
Have their dreams;
I have my dream,
I have a lofty dream;
But I won’t tell you my lofty dream
Until you tell me you have a dream;
No one worth their salt fails to have a dream;
What will they be living for?
What will motivate you to make an effort?
What will make you struggle
To bring out the best
That is in you?
You have to have a dream.

Your dream your life

Let no one kill your dream;
Let no one snatch your dream;
Let no one steal your dream from you;
It’s a precious gift from God;
Your life; who you are;
Without a dream,
Though you walk, you live not;
Rather you are dead alive.
Therefore jealously guard your dream;
Protect it;
Place it under lock and key;
It is your life.


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Live Your Dream Life Course, Week 3 day 1

The fruits of wisdom

So far in this course, we have seen what wisdom can do. We have seen that it can “offer you long life, as well as wealth and honor. It can make your life pleasant and lead you safely through it. Those who become wise are happy; wisdom will give them life” (Prov. 3: 15–2).

“Nothing will stand on your way if you walk wisely, and you will not stumble when you run” (Prov. 4: 12).

Wisdom gives “knowledge and understanding like rain, and increases the honor of those who receive her” (Sir. 1:19). “The more wise people there are, the safer the world will be.”

The wisdom that God gives us is to enable us to succeed. It gives understanding. It makes us disciplined, prudent, just and truthful. It makes us shun evil and embrace Good. It makes us shun lies and embrace truth. It enables us to avoid enticements that can lead to our doom. It enables us to carve out our place in the world; and to make the world a better place.

Hence, it is very important for you to strive to gain all the wisdom that you can get and use it as best you can like King Solmon.

King Solomon used his wisdom to settle a very difficult dispute between two women over a living and a dead child.

He used his wisdom to compose “3000 proverbs and more than a thousand songs. He spoke of trees and plants…” and of “Animals, birds, reptiles and fish” (1 King 4: 32-33).

As a result of his wisdom, his “fame spread throughout all the neighboring countries” (1King 4: 30 – 31).

In fact, King Solomon’s wisdom came with fame and riches. Hear him: “When wisdom came to me, all the good things came with her.” It “brought untold riches.”

Thus, wisdom is a powerful tool for achievement in life.

“Happy is anyone who becomes wise; who gains understanding. There is more profit in it than there is in silver; it is worth more to you than gold.” (Prov.3:13 – 15.)

You may be like King Solomon if you acquire wisdom and use it well. You may become special; and if you use it to promote good in the world, the world will be a better place for all. Wisdom could make you famous also throughout the world.

However, you can use your wisdom for good or you can use it for evil.

There are many wise devils in the world. They are full of wisdom; but they use it to make life difficult for others. They use it to destroy, cheat, suppress, exploit, trample on others, and manipulate and use others to have their way.

Hence, mind what you do with the wisdom that you get from God. It will determine whether you will be a success or a failure. Many people who have misused the wisdom God has given them by manipulating their way to power or bringing untold suffering on their people in their position of power, have ended up paying dearly for it; and that is failure.

Week 1 assignment 4 Thursday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

“Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.” Albert Einstein.

A key to success is service to others. The more people you serve, the more successful you become. Somebody has said to become successful, look for a need and fill it.

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