Your Mount Everest

What is your mount Everest?
Everyone should have their Mt. Everest.
Their highest peak in life;
On which they set their eyes, heart and mind;
Which they daily strive to climb;
With determination, courage, and faith;
To conquer someday;
Decide now!
What is your mount Everest;
And begin at once to climb;
Who knows?
You may, like many before you
Get to the summit.
Good luck on your climb!


Why not the best?

You can be the best in something; why not?.  Do you know this? Do you believe this? You really can be. All is for you to know what you can shine in and then work to become the best in that particular thing. I believe there is one thing God wants you to excel in.

Of course, you cannot be the best in anything unless you want to be, and not only believe you can be, but work to be.

Is there anything you want to be the best in? Decide that now; and have no doubt you will be. Start now to work to realize that lofty dream.

Make becoming the best in that particular field your passion. Nothing will stop you. One day, sooner or later, you will be,if not the best, one of the best.

No price no dream

No price no dream?

If you want your dream to come true, be ready to pay the price.

No price, no dream.

The world is a market place.If you do not pay for a product in the market, you cannot own it. Pay the price and take home the product; and use it as you like.

Are you ready to pay the price to achieve your dream? If you are, say this loudly and clearly:

“No matter what it costs, I will pay the price to achieve my dream.”

To show that you are serious, stand in front of a mirror.  Look at yourself straight in the eyes. Repeat the words ten times; then go ahead and make them come true.

Hungry lion chases a man

cropped-1351.jpgAkenji was all alone in the forest. It was dark, quiet and frightful. How he got there, he could not tell. He had been told that lions were common in that locality. His heart began to pound and pounded hard. He was as afraid as someone in a plane high up in the sky who had just been informed that the engine had failed and the plane was crashing.

Just as fear-waves raced through his mind, he heard a IMG_0375frightful growl; and, knew there was danger around. It was a lion.The eyes of the fierce animal shone like the light of a touch in the dark night.

The king of the forest was as hungry as a wolf. It had gone all day without food and saw his chance for a meal.
Another surge of adrenaline swept through Akenji’s whole body. Sweat streamed down his armpits. He knew the end had come for him. His fear could have petrified him; but miraculously his instinct for life was charging. With the speed of light, he made an about turn and sprang off hoping by some miracle to escape. He was too afraid to scream.
As he had never done before, he dashed for dear life while the lion raced after him. It was just a question of time for the lion to catch up with him and tear him to pieces. Still, he did not give up. He gathered all his energies to run; and could hear the lion racing after him.

All of a sudden, he saw what he could not believe. Right ahead of him and far below was a deep-sea. Just a few minutes and he would be flying down into it; and if he did not die before landing on it, he would find waiting crocodiles that would just be too happy to receive him.
Behind him was a fierce and hungry lion. Ahead of him, a deep-sea, full of hungry sharks and crocodiles. Only God could save him. He shouted: “Jesus, help me!”
How it happened he could not explain; but like a bird, he flew and landed on the branch of a tree on his way, while the lion, in a final dash for him, found itself flying into the deep-sea.

He was safe.

At this point, he jumped up and sat on his bed. He was shaking like a leaf; sweat streamed down from his armpits. His heart beat as if it would burst.
Thank God it was only a dream.

Many of our fears end up making us see we had no reason to fear at all. Although this story is not a true story, it teaches us not to fear for things will turn out well if we put our trust in God.

Do you have any fear at the moment. Don’t fear. It will all end well. Someone has said “Do what you fear and the death of fear is certain.”

Each time you are afraid, do the thing you fear to do.PhotoGrid_1426362828130