Face them with courage

Gradually, I am catching up;
Moving to my destination;
To where I set out to go;
To the mountain top;
That is my destination;
Quite a lofty destination;
But that is it;
I like big dreams;
Challenging dreams;
I know I can live up to
Such dreams;
So I am not scared of them;
Instead,what I do is,
I take time
And get myself ready;
And then I plunge in;
I face the bull by the horns;
And always, victory
Is the outcome.
Isn’t that good for you too?
No one should be scared
Of big dreams;
Face them with the courage
Of a lion.


Great childhood dreams

When I was a little kid so many years ago, I was eaten up wholly from inside by ambition. Great were my dreams. They could only be likened to the size of an elephant.

I yearned to become outstanding; the pride of my country; and why not the world?

In high esteem, I have always held anyone who distinguishes himself or herself in life in any way.

I wanted also to distinguish myself.

Right in those very early years, I never saw why I should not become what I wanted to be. I saw the way widely open for me. I could visualize greatness coming. I felt set apart.

Yet, I did not fold my arms and wait. I knew that good things would not happen on their own. Hence, I worked very hard.

I believed in hard work. I have always believed in hard work. I believed hard work was the key that would unlock the door of greatness for me.

Since then, I have never stopped working hard.

Yet, today, so many years in old age, I am kilometers away from the finishing line of those youthful aspirationss. The challenges have been enormous. Many great opportunities have slipped through my fingers to someone else. I have had a galore of moments of discouragement. I have failed many times, but I have never let my resolve drop from its height.

Many times when I take up my head, I see the ceiling of my dreams so far off. To many, my summit is unattainable. Yet, I have not given up. The temptation to give up is underperforming.

I am resolute. I will stay on course. I will continue to climb one step after another. My eyes will remain focused on where I want to go: my destination is the same, clear and precise; the mountaintop.

I will do all I can do. I will put in my best. But for the outcome of my efforts, I allow it to God to decide. I am fully aware that no matter how hard and how brilliantly I may work, victory will only come from God.

Though I speak so firmly, I must be honest to admit I sometimes get really worried; and doubt and fear, far from sparing me, are quick to grip me.

This explains why I always appreciate when doses of encouragement are dropped into my cup; and they fly in both from people I know and people I don’t know. If you have such words for me, the joy will be mine.

Accept my heartfelt thanks for reading as I wait with saliva in my mouth to hear from you.

The sky is my springboard; the universe, my limit.

If you like to know, these dreams are not for me alone. They are also my dreams for you. And I am convinced unless you give up,they will come true for you.

I have no doubt you may doubt, thinking them farfetched; but let me assure you, they are attainable. They are possible.

In life, many things which seem impossible are possible; and it is hard to know what you can do until you try.

Try! Go for your loftiest dreams. Keep their candle alight and you won’t believe what will happen. You will achieve lofty dreams.

How to move from negative thoughts to positive ones?

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? Hope the reading is going great. I have been reading some really good books from the beginning of this year.

I am planning to re-read some of the other books I have read long back to see how much progress I have made in terms of my thought pattern.

A few days back, I was a bit restless thinking about the things that I had wanted to achieve and the reality of what I had achieved. I felt like a failure (every now and then I get these thoughts though I am not actually a failure). Such thoughts just kept adding up and I couldn’t control myself from the emotional struggle. I knew that it was not helping me in any way.

I know that like attracts like and I could see that it was happening. On one negative thought, other similar thoughts kept adding up.

The negative thoughts kept adding up one after another till I reached a point (the tipping point) where there were no more negative thoughts and my mind went blank (i.e. a slack moment) after which the opposite started happening.

In that one slack moment, a thought came into my mind that there was nothing that I could do in that particular moment other than to accept my present situation with all my heart. The next moment, I got some strength.

Then, I got a second thought that the negative situation won’t last long and I felt even better. Then I got the thought that things would only get better from there and I felt even better. Then I got a thought that I already had so many good things in my life for which I should be grateful and this made me feel even better.

Thus, the positive thoughts kept adding up until I reached a point where I once again began to dream and visualize about my goals as already manifested and felt really happy about them.

I know it was my intuition that was guiding me (at that slack moment) because those positive thoughts came from somewhere deep inside me. I knew I had to have faith and surrender.

And that’s when I learned the process to convert a negative thought into a positive one. The trick is

  1. If you get worried about certain issues, let those thoughts flow (i.e. don’t fight those negative thoughts because that will only aggravate the situation). It is okay to get negative thoughts, it’s just not okay to dwell in those thoughts for long.
  2. The thoughts may keep adding up to a point (I call the tipping point) where you would no longer get any negative thoughts. In fact, at that point, your mind will be exhausted with all the negativity and so it will be blank for a few seconds (I call the slack moment).
  3. In that slack moment, small positive thoughts will start popping up. They will make you realize that you cannot do anything in the present to change your negative situation and that worrying will only worsen the situation. It will ask you to be grateful for all the things you already have in your life.
  4. Use these opportunities (slack moments) to turn the tide in your favor and see the magic happening. You will notice how in a matter of a few seconds you move from being in a negative mood into a neutral mood.
  5. Once you are in a neutral mood, do things that you love to do or things that you are passionate about. This will give you a lot of positivity and take you into the frequency of receiving.
  6. When you vibrate at the frequency of receiving, you visualize your goals and dreams as already achieved, feel happy as if you have already achieved them and eventually manifest them.

It is very normal to feel worried about our goals and the way our lives are going.  The important thing is not to give up based on this worry.

Instead, we need to accept that every now and then it is normal to have worries or negative thoughts and we need to learn to let them pass. If we try to fight them, they will make the problems and negative situations look bigger, but if we let them pass, by not giving them enough attention, they will reduce in size and eventually fade away.

They will be replaced by positive thoughts and this, in turn, will help us in manifesting our dreams and goals.

There are many external things like music, dance, a hobby etc… that you can use to change your mood from negative to positive but they may not be always available. So we must learn to move from negativity to positivity on our own (i.e. using the guidance of our intuition) as well.

Let me know how do you come out of your negative emotions. I would love to know other alternate methods as well.



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A series of coincidences!

Dear friends,

How are you all doing?  I hope you are learning something new everyday from life. I, for my part, get my lessons when I least expect them.

Just now, I was browsing the TV channels and came across a movie that I like.  So, I decided to watch it for some time before getting back to my work.

The story is about a wife who forgets her identity (i.e who she really was) as she is busy taking care of her family before one of her friends reminds her of the person she used to be in college.  So while trying to motivate her to be her old self again and to start dreaming again, the friend tells her a very powerful line:

“Your dream is your signature!!”

I went numb hearing those words.  All of a sudden I could see all the possibilities my one dream could have for me and for the world around me.  I kept thinking about the line again and again and every time I thought about it, I felt a shiver in my body.  It was such a deep thought.  The line had the power to change the destiny of anybody who believed in it.  I felt so powerful!

I had tears in my eyes. I went numb and my mind just took a different route and started dreaming.  I went into a zone of dreaming and then came back just in time to hear the second line which again blew my mind:

“I am 36 years old.”

Why does that matter to me? Well no points for guessing! I am 36 at the moment.  So what was this? A message for me? A sign?

I have seen this movie many times before but I never felt like this before. You know why? It is because back then, I was not sure what my dream was.  I had no idea about what I wanted to do with my life. I was struggling to know what I wanted to do, what I wanted to be. But in the last few days I somehow knew what I wanted to do with my life and now I got this message. It further confirmed my thoughts that I was on the right path.

Such experiences are called “Moments of Grace” according to Neale Donald Walsch in his book “When God Steps in, Miracles Happen” which happens to be a book that I am currently reading (a third coincidence!).

So let me now connect the dots here – I read a book on miracles which says that  we all experience “Moments of Grace” in our lives when our questions (the questions will mostly be the ones that are most important to us at those particular moments of our lives) are answered through our experiences, through people, through books etc. (in my case it was a line from a movie).

I have no words to write about this anymore.  I am blabbering while trying to connect everything and understand the huge moment I just had.

Has this ever happened to you?  Do let me know your experiences and what do you feel about such experiences.



Good night my love

Good night, my love;
I can’t wish you
Anything less than
A perfect night;
Night of sweet dreams;
I hope you will dream
Of me;
I dream of you
Every night.
And every night I pray
For you;
May you savor the sweet
Joy of love everyday
Of your life!
And as far as today
Is concerned,
I wish you a very
Good night.
Sleep like a baby.