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Be inspired today 3

I like big dreams and encourage you to do same. Do you know why I like big dreams? Click here. I have a big dream. If you think your dream is too big, I invite you to look at mine. Click here. Advertisements

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A series of coincidences!

Dear friends, How are you all doing?ย  I hope you are learning something new everyday from life. I, for my part, get my lessons when I least expect them. Just now, I was browsing the TV channels and came across a movie that I like.ย  So, I decided to watch it for some time before…

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I look forward To tomorrow. I hope, then, to see you; May it be a great day! We should spend some Quality time at home; And talk and live love; In broad daylight Instead of dreaming of you, I will have you by me; That will make my day; Shall you be happy To be…

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Good night my love

Good night, my love; I can’t wish you Anything less than A perfect night; Night of sweet dreams; I hope you will dream Of me; I dream of you Every night. And every night I pray For you; May you savor the sweet Joy of love everyday Of your life! And as far as today…

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Dreams and hopes

What are your dreams? And your hopes? They may be similar To my dreams And my hopes; My dreams and hopes Are, some day, To travel All over the world, And enjoy myself; I hope That life will improve; That the economy Will pick up; And money will start To flow again; That will enable…

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Sweet dreams

I wish youSound sleepWhen you go to bed;I wish youA nightWithout a hitch;May you haveSweet dreams!May angelsSurround youIn bed!And be your guards.

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