Educate our children

To educate our children is our duty;
A responsibility that carries beauty;
No one can joke with sound education;
A source of motivation and inspiration;
Above all, it arms one with knowledge;
Which the wise do openly acknowledge;
Is the key to development and progress;
Without which one can only regress.
And who will like to go backward
Instead of taking strides forward?
Let us empower the next generation
With a very sound education
To solve the problems of their day,
As we are failing to solve ours today.



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Take time to write

If you make your poem rhyme,
I will do same with mine.
To give our poems beauty;
I firmly believe is our duty.
If you take time to write,
You will get it right.
You must shun the cup
In order to reach the top.


#beauty, #cup, #duty, #mine, #poem, #rhyme, #right, #top, #write

When duty calls

Duty calls elsewhere,
I must go;
I am duty-bound to do so;
When duty calls,
We have no option but to go;
If you want to succeed,
Do like me;
When duty calls,
Pack your bags and go.

#call, #duty, #encouragement, #go, #inspiration, #poem, #respond

Your number one duty

Do you know your number one duty?
I know mine;
If you know yours, tell me;
Let me tell you mine first;
My number one duty
Is to do my best
In all that I have to do;
That is all;
The results are not my concern;
Once I do my best,
I am done;
I leave the rest to God.
Is that the same for you?
What is your number one duty
In this world?

#duty, #poem-inspiration

You had to go

I so much loved you;
But your own time came to go;
I couldn’t stop you;
No one could stop you;
I heard the bell ring for you;
And knew you had no choice,
But to go;
Only one door was opened to you;
You had to go in;
And you went in;
You did what was required of you;
You did your duty;
You did nothing but your duty;
You had to go;
Fare thee well!

#choice, #death, #duty, #final, #poem

Which do you love?

When Saturday comes
Some say ‘Hurray!’
For it’s a time to stay off work
And stay at home,
Or go enjoying;.
Meanwhile, some sigh;
For it’ll be a while
Before they return to the work they love.
Are you of the first or second kind?
Do you look forward to your week-end
Or to you working week?
Do you love your job,
Or your holiday?
Do you do your job with joy
Or you do it as a duty
From which you must run away
At the least opportunity?

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