Media and politics

Media and politics;
Where there is politics,
There’s media;
To play a key role;
Media men and women
Must know their role,
And play it well;
The people must be informed;
An informed people
Are well placed
To participate
In the political life
Of their nation;
Correct information;
Full and complete information;
Is indispensable;


Democracy without bitterness

What a joy
That we remain friends
After the election!
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

You won and I lost;
But our friendship continues;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

I have congratulated you;
And you have consoled me;
Life continues;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

True that we said things
During the campaign;
But that is now of the past;
It was the game of politics;
Those things are behind
And we are moving on;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

No bitterness in our hearts;
No provocation of anyone;
Only celebration on both sides;
Since Democracy has won;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

Today is your turn,
Tomorrow may be my turn;
And life will continue;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

US: is the 2016 election result final already?

I wish to be enlightened on the American electoral system. Is the result of the 2016 presidential election final? Isn’t the electoral college going to sit and pass the final vote? And can the unexpected happen just as it happened on November 8? I am just thinking aloud.

It looks like many people are going faster than the system in their conclusions. Are the delegates obliged to vote for the person who carried their state? Who officially proclaims the result of the election? Has that been done?

Secondly, something worries me about this election. I have followed US elections closely since the time of Jimmy Carter and cannot recall when the polls went wrong as it happened this time around. What then went wrong? I think Americans need to look more closely at this issue. How could the polls go so wrong? It doesn’t look to me like the chapter is closed on the results of the 2016 presidential election. Do those celebrating not need to do so with caution. In America, it looks like you never can say.

If the election were rigged

‘What if the election were rigged?” Akabi asked her friend,Suze. Both of them had been dumbfounded when they got the final results. They had not expected or hoped for such results.

‘That is not impossible,” responded Suze. “Politicians are capable of anything; especially when they have money. But I wonder if anyone can do it and go free.”

“I think we are at the beginning of some real drama,” said Akabi. ‘What the days or months or years ahead may have in stock is hard to say.”

Akabi and Suze talked on and on. What they discussed was what was being discussed in many homes. The idea that the election might have been rigged was growing stronger and stronger in the country.

Election-rigging was nothing new any way. It was the method unscrupulous politicians used to climb to power without the mandate of the people.

Everywhere people were wondering if Akamancho’s victory was genuine or the election had been rigged in his favor. They wondered what would happen if it was later found that it had actually been rigged.

American Election

I think everyone today is either happy or sad or scared. I think everyone is So Glad that the Presidential election is over even if their candidate of choice didn’t win. I did not stay up to find out. I found out this morning and was very surprised.

I watched both candidates’ speeches as well as the President’s. I think both candidates were quite gracious to one another.

I won’t say who I voted for.

I did cry when I heard Hillary’s speech. I would like to think that when she was young and idealistic and was just beginning her life she really had good intentions. I think that she gave all she could to America. The scandals that have swirled around her for years and years have tainted me a little toward her but at the heart of it, I want to think that she really does care about families and children.

I cried because I thought of how she was mistreated by her husband while she was The First Lady. I cried remembering how determined she was when we she became a Senator. I cried when remembering how she lost the first election she ran in. Losing twice must have been heart breaking.

I was not thinking of the country, I was thinking of Her. No matter what she has or has not done, she is still a person who has traveled the country and the world advocating for women and children and families.

I don’t know if she will stay in politics. I don’t know if that’s in her nature. I do hope she takes some time for herself to heal as well as enjoy her daughter and grandchildren. The past year and a half must have been grueling for her. I pray for peace for her….

Hard to believe

It’s hard to believe,
But true;
Don’t you see?
The election result
Is hard to believe;
But it’s true;
Whether you like it or not,
That’s how things are;
That’s the verdict of the polls;
That’s the people’s choice;
And when the people decide,
You have no choice;
You must accept.
It’s truly hard to believe;
But you must believe;
Because it is true.

Weigh up your vote

What shall your vote do?
Shall your vote promote good or evil?
Shall your vote make your country better or worse?
Shall your vote make the world better or worse?
Shall your vote nourish or kill division?
Shall your vote improve or worsen the situation of women?
Shall your vote enhance democracy or dictatorship?

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