We are waiting

We are waiting;
We are all waiting;
Everybody is waiting;
We are waiting for the results of the election;
We are anxiously waiting;
Who is not waiting?
The whole world is waiting;
Soon, however, we’ll stop waiting;
We’ll know the results.


There was a clear winner

The writing is clear on the wall;
One could see it in the debate;
The first presidential debate
For election 2016;
Hillary and Trump lurked horns;
Supporters of both candidates
Surely will claim victory
Each for their candidate;
Normal in the political game;
But deep down everybody knows
who emerged the winner;
The writing is clear on the wall;
There was a clear winner;
A landslide victory waits ahead;
Doubters may continue to doubt;
When the time comes they will see.
What we cannot change, let’s accept.

Big wrestling day in America

November 8 is coming;
Big wrestling day in America;
And the wrestling bout,
The whole world will watch;
One wrestler is called Trump;
The other is called Hillary;
Who will trump the other?
Who will make the other stump?
It’s wait and see;
Can a woman ever trump a man?
We are all eyes;
Women say they can do what men can do;
Shall they prove it this time?
Or all they can do is talk?
If Hillary trumps Trump,
Trump will become a stump;
If Trump trumps Hillary,
Hillary will become a stump;
For now, it’s time for each to stump
The country to win support.
The truth is one must trump the other.

Daily Prompt

America’s first king or first female President?

America may soon have her first king;
Or first female president;
By the end of the day on November 8, 2016,
The world will know if the US will have
A president or a king;
Whatever the outcome of the elections,
History shall be made;
The US shall either have
The first female President,
Or the first King;
Who knows what I am talking about?
And what do you think the world will be
If the US becomes a kingdom?

Please America, stop disappointing people

I think I have said this before. I feel obliged to say it again. Many are looking up to America as a role model; the leader of the world. Many equate the US with the truth, excellence, the way things should be done. But honestly, any critical person outside the US who follows the presidential election campaign will end up being disappointed, frustrated, disillusioned.

Does America still stand for anything? Does America still stand for the founding principles? Is America not eating up its own soul? Take the media. I just read an article by an American journalist on the two presidential candidates. The reporter is already referring to one as President and not the other. And he calls that reporting. Can we begin to talk of American public relations officers instead of American journalists?

Please, America, stop disappointing us. Many of us are still looking up to you for leadership in many areas of life. Please,

South Africa: what’s happening there?

Do you know what is happening to Nelson Mandela’s party in South Africa? Nelson Mandela lifted the ANC virtually to the sky and it freed the country from Apartheid. Then, it was the darling of the country and Africa.

Nelson Mandela is resting peacefully in the world beyond; but what is happening to his party. How did they perform in the recent local elections? https://www.yahoo.com/news/anc-beaten-african-capital-electoral-commission-114711964.html

Only one candidate running?

In reality only one candidate is running for president in this year’s U.S.Presidential election.

True or false?

That is the way I see it. I believe every right-thinking person sees it the same way.

I know, of course,that wayward people see it differently. They have their candidate. Birds of a feather flock together. Otherwise, I do not see who can consider a candidate as serious who is antagonizing everybody, quarreling with people here and there, criticized by everybody who matters, makes irresponsible, racist, divisive and discriminatory statements every time.

The good people of America must fight to protect their country. Although I see the candidate of the right-thinking people having a landslide victory of 70% to 30% for the candidate of the wayward people, the good people still have to fight. They must take no chances. They have to fight to protect the image of their country.

Danger looms ahead.

Daily Chat Forum No 35 politics

British politics and US politics;
Compare and contrast;
British elections and US elections;
One is noisy and one is quiet;
One is ever long and one can be shorter
Than you can imagine;
One finds no difficulty electing a woman;
One proclaims women’s rights but
For a woman to be elected
Is an uphill task.
Can you say anything?

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Isn’t D.T. a disaster?

Isn’t D. T.
A disaster for America?
Isn’t D. T.
An embarrassment to his country?
How does a giant give birth to a dwarf?
That Americans have taken D. T. this far
Blows off my mind;
Or is it D.T. who has fooled his people?
America is my moral giant;
Can she be led by a moral dwarf?
Americans, please, stop this disaster;
Push D.T. out of the political arena;
He is an embarrassment, if not to all,
To many.