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Never on dangerous terrain

You don’t play With someone’s emotions; That terrain is dangerous; You may hit your head On a rock; And shatter it; Emotions are too delicate To play with; They have to be handled With utmost care; Aren’t you aware of this? Why are you playing With my emotions? Let me remind you; You don’t play…

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My feelings as I start 2019

“How do I feel as I start 2019? Describe your feelings in loving detail.” Dear beloved, Take that this question has been given to you to answer. Are you ready to answer it? Do you have the courage to share your feelings? Many people are shy when it comes to sharing how they feel. Such…

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Who can help me understand?

I don’t understand Why you are hurting me So badly But my heart is sticking To you; It’s as if without you Life would cease to exist; Have you become My oxygen? Whereas you treat me So shabbily? I have told myself I need to be wise enough And act rightly Before it is too…

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Control your emotions

Control your emotions Else your emotions Control you; When you control your emotions, You take wise decisions And act wisely; When your emotions control you, You take sloppy decisions And act foolishly; And the results can be Catastrophic; Many times your emotions Will rock you And threaten to carry you away; Or control you; Instead…

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Put anger behind

What angers you? Put anger behind Not in front; The place of anger Is not in front; It is behind; If put in front, It will block you; It will block your way; Behind, You will leave it And go; That’s why I say, Put anger behind Not in front. Are you angry? Is anger…

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I hope I make myself clear?

 My dear one, I don’t know if addressing you Like this is correct; I don’t care; I no longer know how To address you; But that is not important, No time for jokes; I got up early today, To write this letter to you; To warn you against playing With my emotions; You are…

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