We shall always fight

Fighting is part
And parcel of humanity.
We may fight against
But we cannot be sure
To win.
We must fight
To beat fighting.
But can fighting
Beat fighting?
Man fought
When he lived alone,
To survive;
To eat;
To protect himself
From wild beasts,
And harsh nature.
We shall always fight
Always fight
To survive;
To win
We shall always
Fight for our lives;
Fight for our faith,
Fight for our people;
Fight for our land,
For our marriage;
For our culture;
For our beliefs;
For our convictions,
For our health;
For the truth;
For justice;
Against evil;
Exploitation of man by man;
Cruel, shameless.killings;
Let us fight;
A good fight,
Not a bad fight;
A clean fight,
Not a dirty fight;
A fair fight,
Not a wicked fight.
We shall fight,
And keep fighting
Till the world ends.
God help us in our fighting.


Hello November

Hello loving community!
Welcome on board
The November plane!
We shall be flying high;
Transition from low
To high altitude is now,
And shall be done fast;
Do well
To fasten your seat belts
Hope you will enjoy the journey;
If you need any services
The hostesses are at your disposal;
You have enough to eat and drink;
Sleep when necessary;
But if you sleep too much,
You will miss much of the beauty of the journey;
Safe and enjoyable journey
To all!

Let the spring flow

All have a right to water;
Fresh, drinkable water;
Tasteless, odorless, colourless water;
Not for the rich alone;
Not for a few privilged ones;
But for all humans everywhere;
Created in the likeness
And image of God;
Whether rich or poor;
Those in the desert included;
A precious free gift of God;
An indispensable commodity;
So why do many go without it?
It flows in oceans and seas; Flows in rivers and streams;
Flows in lakes and springs;
But everywhere, water crisis.
Listen, people of the world;
Selfishness and greed aside,
Let’s ensure water for all;
Let none lack water to drink;
The Creator has given so much;
And all for free;
Let’s share for free;
Let the spring flow.

Encourage your spouse

Your spouse needs your words of encouragement;
Your spouse is hungry
For your encouragement;
Don’t deprive your spouse
Of your encouragement;
Your encouragement will be highly appreciated;
It can do a lot of good;
If your spouse is engaged
In a project,
Don’t fail to give your
If your spouse is working in an office,
Give your encouragement;
If your spouse is working
in the kitchen,
Give your encouragement;
If your spouse is on the farm,
Give your encouragement;
If your spouse is struggling
With studies,
Give your encouragement;
If your spouse has an aspiration,
Give your encouragement.
Encouraging each other in marriage
Will do much good to your marriage.

Give it a try

man riding white surfboard

Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com

What if you give it a try?
A dog won’t bite you;
And you could as well win big;
Don’t fear too much
That you may lose;
Give it a shot;
You never can know
What will happen unless
You give it a try;
Of course, it takes courage;
But which, for sure, you have;
I encourage you
To give it a try;
Give that new idea a try;
Give the new venture a try;
Does it look impossible?
Is it risky?
It may as well be,
But give it a try;
Only that way can you know
Whether or not
It is worth the while.

Who will hold my hand?

Who will hold my hand;
I need a helping hand;
Don’t you see?
On my own, I can’t walk;
Look at me;
And see how desperate
I am;
I need someone to hold
My hand and lift me up;
Do that for me;
God will bless you.
Hold my hand;
Let me not fall
On this ground,
So slippery as it is.
Hold my hand;
And God, in his love,
Will hold your hand.
Encourage me;
Push me on;
Lift me up
When I fall;
For many times
I will fall.

Encourage me

Encourage me;
Don’t discourage me;
I like it
When you encourage me;
I dont like it
When you discourage me.
I will encourage you;
I like encouraging others;
If I encourage you,
And you encourage me,
It will be good,
Wouldn’t it?
That is what we should do;
We encourage each other;
That will motivate us;
And make us work harder;
And achieve more;
Encouragement is a
Powerful weapon;
A positive weapon;
Encouragement can make
One do wonders;
Be generous with encouragement;
By all means,
Encourage me.