Hello November

Hello loving community!
Welcome on board
The November plane!
We shall be flying high;
Transition from low
To high altitude is now,
And shall be done fast;
Do well
To fasten your seat belts
Hope you will enjoy the journey;
If you need any services
The hostesses are at your disposal;
You have enough to eat and drink;
Sleep when necessary;
But if you sleep too much,
You will miss much of the beauty of the journey;
Safe and enjoyable journey
To all!


Let the spring flow

All have a right to water;
Fresh, drinkable water;
Tasteless, odorless, colourless water;
Not for the rich alone;
Not for a few privilged ones;
But for all humans everywhere;
Created in the likeness
And image of God;
Whether rich or poor;
Those in the desert included;
A precious free gift of God;
An indispensable commodity;
So why do many go without it?
It flows in oceans and seas; Flows in rivers and streams;
Flows in lakes and springs;
But everywhere, water crisis.
Listen, people of the world;
Selfishness and greed aside,
Let’s ensure water for all;
Let none lack water to drink;
The Creator has given so much;
And all for free;
Let’s share for free;
Let the spring flow.

Encourage your spouse

Your spouse needs your words of encouragement;
Your spouse is hungry
For your encouragement;
Don’t deprive your spouse
Of your encouragement;
Your encouragement will be highly appreciated;
It can do a lot of good;
If your spouse is engaged
In a project,
Don’t fail to give your
If your spouse is working in an office,
Give your encouragement;
If your spouse is working
in the kitchen,
Give your encouragement;
If your spouse is on the farm,
Give your encouragement;
If your spouse is struggling
With studies,
Give your encouragement;
If your spouse has an aspiration,
Give your encouragement.
Encouraging each other in marriage
Will do much good to your marriage.

Give it a try

man riding white surfboard

Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com

What if you give it a try?
A dog won’t bite you;
And you could as well win big;
Don’t fear too much
That you may lose;
Give it a shot;
You never can know
What will happen unless
You give it a try;
Of course, it takes courage;
But which, for sure, you have;
I encourage you
To give it a try;
Give that new idea a try;
Give the new venture a try;
Does it look impossible?
Is it risky?
It may as well be,
But give it a try;
Only that way can you know
Whether or not
It is worth the while.

Who will hold my hand?

Who will hold my hand;
I need a helping hand;
Don’t you see?
On my own, I can’t walk;
Look at me;
And see how desperate
I am;
I need someone to hold
My hand and lift me up;
Do that for me;
God will bless you.
Hold my hand;
Let me not fall
On this ground,
So slippery as it is.
Hold my hand;
And God, in his love,
Will hold your hand.
Encourage me;
Push me on;
Lift me up
When I fall;
For many times
I will fall.

Encourage me

Encourage me;
Don’t discourage me;
I like it
When you encourage me;
I dont like it
When you discourage me.
I will encourage you;
I like encouraging others;
If I encourage you,
And you encourage me,
It will be good,
Wouldn’t it?
That is what we should do;
We encourage each other;
That will motivate us;
And make us work harder;
And achieve more;
Encouragement is a
Powerful weapon;
A positive weapon;
Encouragement can make
One do wonders;
Be generous with encouragement;
By all means,
Encourage me.