Can’t expect otherwise

I am satisfied;
Very satisfied with life;
Not that everything is moving,
Everything is not moving;
Everything cannot move;
But some things are moving;
And that gives me good reason
To be satisfied.
Enough reason indeed;
It’s rare to find someone
For whom everything
Is moving.
We all face challenges;
Some things move;
Others don’t.
We can’t expect otherwise.
Be encouraged;
And keep moving;


If your best men leave you…

Can you make it
If your best men
Leave you?
When you are like
Left to stand alone?
This is a question
That’s hard to answer,
Unless on the Lord
You are focused
It can be hard
If your best men leave you;
If on him your life
Is anchored,
All will be well and good
For you
If your best men leave you.
Ever by your side,
He will show you the way.
So you have no
Reason to doubt.
Come rain or sun,
Success will smile
So bright,
You, surely, will be amazed.
I am confident
You will make it big.