Life Has No Reverse


Life Has No Reverse cover

I wish I could rewrite my history. As a lonely child, I often cried in my room. I felt the entire world squarely on my shoulders. Maybe it was a maturity thing, and I hoped I’d outgrow it, but it didn’t happen. In fact, it worsened with the complexity of growing up. I reflect today and wonder how in the world I made it through the storms of previous generations. The residue left little for me to conquer, not to mention my compounding disabilities.

Saved by God’s grace, I rose to the challenge. He gives us choices in life. I was determined to be better than the inherited memories I’d just as soon forget, so I remained in prayer….

Life Has No Reverse prayer

Life has no reverse. There isn’t a miracle that can turn back the hands of time, even in God’s hands. But, if we pray consistently for answers, sometimes God will give us a hint into His plans. I believe there comes a time when the Lord says enough is enough and He lets us preview His intentions. Protecting what’s left of humanity, blessings will flow, and we will be born again in a summery spring shower.

Windows of light will ignite the spirit. Even though our future may appear grim to us now, God has a purpose for everything, but it’s in His perfect timing. We may not find out until much later precisely what God’s purpose is but patience must become a virtue. Eventually, God will let you in on His idea. I could not believe it when it happened to me.

In 1985, I was headed in a completely different direction when God gave me a sneak preview into my future. I inadvertently held a young blonde’s hand, and when I did, I somehow knew God was blessing something about to happen in my future. Thirty-two years later she became my wife! Living, life, and love – God abounds no matter where your persona lies. God is always with us. I quietly sit and reflect on the failures that I endured, but I know now it was worth it all.

Do not fear giving God your messes in life! He is the Great Comforter that calms the raging waters. He soothes broken hearts, relieves the pain of loss, and heals the sick. We should understand nothing in His plan will ultimately harm us. Give your life to him! Live righteously, love your neighbor as yourself. Don’t forget to thank God too for the new you. You’ll love it!

Life Has No Reverse verse

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Inoculate Hate


Inoculate Hate cover

At this moment, let’s imagine what the world would be like if we could inoculate hate and evil from the earth. Think of the lives we could save! A world where everyone would live together; no fathom, no harm, only living as one. We would be a racism of human beings, protecting and loving each other, no matter the country or color of skin.

Let us pray so….

Envision going to God’s temple on Sunday, and the Ten Commandments proudly stood in the vestibule by the gold shovel at the door. There’d be no need to claim a religious doctrine for only Jesus would minister to thousands of parishioners who’d attend church every Sunday morning.

Let us pray so….

Could it ever be where harmony would spread instead of wildfires, and we looked upon a friend as a brother in Christ? We’d unite to build a better way of life. The homeless would merely be those whose homes are under construction. Our infants would never fear for their last meal – even in Africa and other destitute areas of the world where hope is nonexistent. We could organize a Million Man March for natural disaster victims.

Let us pray so….

Wars for lies untold would be a thing of the past. Languages would be the only barrier the world has ever known. Unity in faith, as God perceived, would be heavenly. One God, one religion, one human race gathered together as one heart, one soul and mind trying to help each other. We could wipe our brows knowing we tried our best.

Let us pray so….

City streets would be ready for tomorrow, and the manicured lawns would welcome visitors. Locks on doors will be for Satan’s evil spirits who will all but give up his ghostly image.

Let us pray so….

What a wonderful world we will share when God inoculates hate in the world! Christians, let the happy word spread – this WILL be our heaven one day with Jesus!

Let us pray so….

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You can do it

“You cannot run away from the difficult things, if you mean business, under the pretext that they cannot be done. Of course, they can be done; and are being done. Why can’t you? Look at the mountain which is so hard to climb, yet there are people climbing it. I do admit that certain things are definitely beyond your reach, but stop selling yourself short on the things you can do. They are far more than you, and many like you, are ready to admit can be done.”

I will keep on pushing you

Do you know my plan
For you?
I will keep on pushing you
Until you succeed;
And it us not just any kind
Of success
That I desire for you;
For you I desire
Extraordinary success;
Outstanding success;
I know
You will feel discouraged
From time to time
On your journey to success;
That, I know very well;
That is why
I will be behind you
With my encouragement whip;
I will urge you on;
I will fire you up
I will inspire you;
I will motivate you
To keep going
Until you succeed;
That is my plan for you;
I will keep pouring
And drumming
Uplifting messages into
Your ears until you make it.

The challenging journey to success

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The journey to success
Can be both thrilling
And challenging;
It has many hills to climb
And descend;
Which makes it so difficult;
But that is what makes it
So sweet as well;
When you get
To your destination;
You can look back
And feel the joy of having
Defied the odds to arrive.
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Do not be afraid
To undertake the journey
To success;
It is a long journey;
But one that you can make.
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Get out and get going;
I see success on your face
As you read this;
If you don’t see it,
I see it;
Written in bold print;
You are here to succeed.
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There is no reason for you
Not to be among the best
Of your times.
If you have been having doubts,
Put them off
And start to move;
I will be there
To hold your hand when
The ground is slippery;
And when the hill is too steep
To climb.

Don’t bother!

If it takes many years
For you to reach
Your destination;
Don’t bother;
If it takes many years
For you to get to
The top of the mountain;
Take it easy;
If it takes many years
For you to understand
The world;
That’s okay.
If it takes many years
For you to attain
That is normal.
Nothing worthwhile comes
In a day in life;
What is important
Is that you reach where
You want to go.
If it’s not today,
Let it be tomorrow;
Or the next day;
Your duty is
To remain focused;
And hopeful;
To expect the best;
And keep going.
An do not let the challenges
Bother you.

Hello SIWO community!

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Hello friends! Hello SIWO community! It is a real pleasure for us to extend greetings to you this day. We are overjoyed to see the enormous progress SIWO has been making.

We have reached 9000 followers. Our page views and likes continue to. grow impressively. You are the reason this is happening.

We thank all of you, our friends; our community, who have remained faithful to SIWO. You are the best we find on the blogosphere.

On our part, we are committed to giving you our best and supporting you to reach your full potential through inspiring, motivating, encouraging and edifying content. Nothing can replace such content to make the day great.

Together we will continue to break new grounds. The sky is our spring board.

We love you.