Picking up signs

Every time you see
Pick-up signs
Staring at you
After you have been
Rolling down the hill,
Give thanks to God
And push on;
Don’t relent
In your effort,
To reach
The point of victory;
Where the golden crown
Waiting for a brave winner.
If you relent,
You may start
The downward journey again;
Focus always
On the prize;
That is the secret ol
Of the win;
Keep journeying to it;
Till you carry it home.
The more pick up signs
You see,
The better for you.
The journey is never easy;
Stay positve,
Whatever happens;
Let it never leave
Your mind
That no night lasts
For ever.
Night comes, night goes;
Same like
No matter how bright
The day may be,
It cannot last for ever.
The trick is
Always keep hope alive.
And welcome
Every pick up sign.



Time management skills;
A precious knowledge to acquire;
If you want to make
The most of your time
On planet earth,
Don’t pay attention,
To anything
That is not correct
It’s not worth the salt;
Especially these days;
You only waste your time;
You don’t listen to trash;
You have things
That are more important
To do, for sure.
Do them,
Not those that don’t matter.
That way, you maximize your precious time here below.
And that is what makes
The difference.
Manage your time well.
Maximize it.

Potential for greatness

We all have the potential
For success;
We all have the potential
For riches;
We all have the potential
For greatness;
We all have the potential
For stardom;
We all have the potential
For holy lives;
We all have the potential
For sainthood;
How we use this potential
Is left to us;
Fully in our hands;
But, of course, we need
The grace of God
To exploit it;
And do so
As he wishes that we do.
Ask Him to grant you
That grace;
And for sure, he will do it.

Do you want to succeed?

Do you want to succeed?
Don’t say my question
embarrasses you;
There are many people
Who have no idea
What they want in life;
They have no ambition,
No plan for their life;
No determination
They make
No effort to make it;
This is why I ask
If you want to succeed;
You have to want to succeed;
You have to have a plan;
You have to be determined;
You have to work hard.
And rest assured;
If you do,
You will succeed.

The Fact Remains

This world still evolves in the past tense. I quoted a proverb in Ecclesiastes 1:9 which reads, “there’s nothing new under the sun,” and I’ll be darned if it isn’t true. Solomon wrote this statement, 500 years before Jesus’ birth, to emphasize the cyclic nature of human life on earth and the emptiness of living only for the “rat race.” It’s a life separated from God. But, our gracious God continues to rain down His love on us… even amidst the turmoil.

I’m not a great biblical scholar, but it’s obvious we, as God’s children have not learned a thing. It’s clear the hardships of Jesus are repeating themselves in the modern-day. How odd to read the trials of Jesus and then observe Christianity today.

The Pharisees and Jews took it upon themselves to discredit the Son of man. Jesus came to save the world and to give us salvation, but we’ve still not learned our lesson. He was a man so brutally beat, chastised and ridiculed because no one believed him. It was easier to side with the laws of the land, then to be uprooted to another religion.

But, a few knew the truth about Him in biblical days. They did not fear the religious upheaval, but embraced the faith, which led them to Him. In all His splendor and integrity, Jesus ultimately proved His identity when He died for our sins.

Today, our system finds it easier to ruin and destroy His direction than to believe in our Savior, who came to deliver us, two thousand years ago. The evil brews to the point of boiling, for unbelievers are monumentally winning over the world. The fact remains, if not for the faith of believers who held on to their principles, the rampant corruption would go wild. This is a prophecy in the Bible that our world is quickly fulfilling today.

My Dad, God love him, always said it’s easy to find fault in a person. I believe goodness lies beneath hatred when the truth slowly emerges from the layers. I can’t help but think back when Jesus walked on this earth. His ministry was short, for evildoers who had little faith and didn’t believe in His integrity blemished it. Doesn’t this sound familiar today as many allow the media’s march to undermine the truth of God’s word? I cannot imagine the inner turmoil of those who do not have faith in anything for they relish in hatred.

I energize my faith in the name of God’s glory, for the great master and overseer of all evil, brings to light the doers of animosity. Just as in biblical times, the proof takes a while to expose, but eventually, the truth will be revealed for it is God’s will!

Pray for those who live in doubt and fear faith because they find it easier to condemn than to compliment. The fact remains, God’s love will intervene in their destructive behavior.

My dad’s words ring out once more!

Proverbs 26:24-26

“A hateful person disguises himself with his speech and harbors deceit within. When he speaks graciously, don’t believe him, for there are seven abominations in his heart. Though his hatred is concealed by deception, his evil will be revealed in the assembly.”

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Magic smile

When you smile
I am hardly the same;
I don’t know
Why it is so,
But that is what it is;
Your smile charms
My heart;
And does it transform
It’s chemistry?
I can hardly say;
But I feel different.
I love how I feel;
It is a magic smile;
I pray you to smile on;
Let me have this feel
For ever.
Will you continue
To smile?
Smile on, sweet one,
And charm my heart.
Emit that magic smile
As often as you can.