Take on responsibility

People want to get to the top; but either they do not know how to get there or are not willing or able to do what will take them there.

Let me give you a little secret that will take you to the top before people know what’s happening.

If you want to get to the top, learn to take on responsibility. If people are not willing to do something, do it; If people think they should be paid before they do it, do it without being paid. If people think they should not do it because it is not their work, do it even though it is not your work.

If you adopt the habit of taking on responsibility at work, it will put you ahead of many; and you will soon be the one person to whom others in your service will come for solutions to their service problems. You will master the service. This way, you will put yourself ahead of all.

How can the top place in the service elude you?


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My special dream about 2018

I have a special dream
About 2018;
It’s a big dream that I have
About 2018;
In my dream, I see people
With no hope
Having hope and moving
To great heights;
I see lazy people working hard
And succeeding;
I see people who are lost
Finding their way to the summit;
I see 2018 becoming
A wonderful year;
I see you gathering momentum
And leaping to greatness;
I see you highly motivated
And flying like a jet-plane
In the sky.
That’s the dream I have
About 2018;
That’s my dream for you
And 2018.

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Give nobody a chance

Give nobody a chance
To downplay you;
Give nobody a chance
To underestimate you;
Give nobody a chance
To stop your progress;
Give nobody a chance
To disrespect you;
Give nobody a chance
To treat you shabbily;
Give nobody a chance
To treat you like a loser;
Give nobody a chance
To snub you;
Give nobody a chance
To take advantage of you;
Give nobody a chance
To take you for granted.

#encouragement, #inspiration, #motivation

Mistake and failure

A mistake is not failure;
Failure is not a mistake;
Don’t say a mistake is failure;
Don’t say failure is a mistake;
If you make a mistake,
Correct it
And move on;
If it means starting afresh,
Go on and do so.
Things could end up better.
A mistake could be a message
From God;
Telling you to start anew.
You have made a mistake;
Are you ready to start again?
That is the right thing to do.

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Let God do it

Who does things for you? 

Is it you alone? 

I doubt it. I really doubt it. There is an invisible hand behind. That is the hand of God. Without Him nothing is ever done. 

If you want a miracle, go to him; ask him; plead with him. He alone does it; and He’ll do it for you.

Let God do it for you;

Let God do it for you;

Let God do it for you.

He alone will do it for you.

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Blows every where

Blows, blows, blows;
Blows will hit you;
Blows on the left;
Blows on the right;
Blows every where;
Be ready for the blows;
Stand strong
When they come;
Do not bend;
And do not fall;
Be strong
For they will hit.
Stand strong and face
The blows.

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God’s Word

Alive and active
Is God’s word;
Powerful and efficient
Is God’s word;
Know God’s Word
What He expects of you
As contained in his Word,
You should know;
What he promises you
In his word,
You should know.
Arm yourself
With God’s word.
Successfully sail through
The stormy waters of life
Armed with God’s word.

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