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Think victory

If you want to succeed, What you think matters; Think victory Don’t think defeat; Think success; Don’t think failure; Think love; Don’t think hate; Think good; Don’t think evil; Think positive; Don’t think negative. Think right; Don’t think wrong; Success follows Right thinking. Think right Everything will be right.

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To a slow start

Get up to a slow start? Not at all a bad thing; Sometimes, we walk; Sometimes, we run; Sometimes, we gently crawl; Never are two days the same; Thank God, we must; For each day is a gift, And a precious one for that; If you get up To a slow start Switch to higher…

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To reach the stars

If you want to reach the stars, Be ready; Be determined; Be bold; Be courageous; Be hardworking; Be prudent; Be focused; Be patient; Be prayerful; Be active; Be smart; Be clever; What have I left out?

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Drop in your drop

If wishes were horses, I would make everybody Happy; I am happy When people are happy; I wish I knew how To make everybody In the world happy; Who knows what we can do? I am anxious, To see A world that is happy, Not a world that is gloomy; Do you think it is…

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If I don’t make it

I want to make it; But if I don’t make it; I won’t be the first Not to make it; If I don’t make it; I won’t kill myself For not making it; If I don’t make it, Life continues And who knows? Could be better; If I don’t make it, The world won’t come…

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Quote (prayer)

If you don’t talk to God often in prayer, why do you think he should skip those who are lined up in front of him seeking his help to attend to you who consider yourself too important to present your case to him? Talk to him as often as you can. When he gets tired…

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