My Inspirational Poetry:- “FIGHT TILL YOUR LAST BREATH”



If Blood is Showering Out of Your veins,

If the Lesions & wounds are Giving you Pain

And Even If Circumstances are Showing your Death,

In spite of that, Fight Till Your Last Breath.


No Matter If you are Sailing On a Tidal Ocean,

No Matter If conditions Prevailing give you Tension

And Even If There is No Time Left For you to Regret,

In spite of that,Fight Till Your Last Breath.


What Happen If Night Always Comes Before the Morning,

What Happens if Every second Intensity of Darkness is Increasing

And Even If, darkness is Giving Brightness a Terrible Threat,

In spite of that,Fight Till Your Last Breath.


What Happens If you feel yourself alone on this Land,

What Happens, If your Shadow Remains your Only Friend

And Even If,you are Deprived of Love From anybody as yet,

In spite of that,Fight Till Your Last Breath.


It is Blissful, If you come out as Victorious in the End,

But if all Your Efforts & Attempts Go in to the Sand

Then You Need not to Strike your Head with a Stone,

Because Fighting Till Last Breath is a Victory on its Own.


A Inspirational Poetry Composed By:- Syed Sabah ur Rehman-‘Aatif’

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Can you be great some day?

I see the great

Shining and sparkling;

And I ask myself:

“Can I ever be like them?

Can I be great some day?”

Then I recall what my dad told me:


He said.

“You have a chance

Like every other child

To be like the great of the world;

You have a chance

Like every other child to be

What you like to be.

All the great

Were once like you;

Rocked by fears and doubts in their young days

But they never allowed anything to stand on their way;

Nothing they allowed to stop them from becoming

What they desired to be.

You too can do same;

You can be like them

Some day.

All is for you to like;

And do what you must do.

Are you ready?”

He asked me.

“Yes, Dad,”

I shouted louder than

I ever thought I could.

Since then I have this desire burning in me:

To shine and sparkle some day;

Like the great of the world

To be great some day.

Some day, for sure, I will be great.

So too shall you

Who read this.

Just keep going.

Who chisels your life?

The Lord chisels your life. The Lord shapes your life. The Lord is the source of all that you have. True or false?

This is what the psalmist tells us:

“If the Lord does not build the house,

The work of the builders is useless;

“If the Lord does not protect the city,

It does no good to the sentries to stand guard.

It is useless to work so hard for a living,

Getting up early and going to bed late,

For the Lord provides for those he loves,

While they sleep.

(Psalm 127:1-2)

Put all your trust in the Lord.

Surrender your life to Him.

Depend on him alone.

He will never fail you.

Even if He appears to be failing you, He is actually chiseling your life; taking you slowly but steadily and surely to where He wants you to go.