Who do you spend time with?

If everyone around you is dishonest, it will be hard for you to be honest. If they are honest, it will be hard for you to be dishonest.

Environment has a great influence on us. We tend to be like those with whom we spend most of our time.

You must be careful about who you spend your time with.

If your friends are drinkers, you are more likely to start drinking. If you associate with smokers, you are more likely to end up smoking.

If you spend most of your time with responsible people you will more likely be responsible.


One Word can….

One word can start a friendship,
One kiss a love affair,
One smile can bring you laughter,
One hug can show you care,
One wave of your hand can say hello,
One tear can make you cry,
One gentle touch can warm a heart,
One dream can make you fly,
One song can bring back memories,
One thought sees brighter days,
One wish can bring colourful rainbows,
One good deed can bring you praise,
One moon can light your darkness,
One star can guide your soul,
One step will start each journey,
One hope to make your goal,
One hand to hold in friendship,
One heart that’s kind and true,
One Love…One friend, is all you need,
It’s really up to you.

Pic Credit:- https://www.pexels.com

Poem Source: www.familyfriendpoems.com

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Shubham Verma

Global warming of different kind

Global warming of different kind

“Warm weather fosters growth.Cold weather destroys it.Thus a man with an unsympathetic temperament has scanty joy:But a man with a warm and friendly heart is overflowing with blessings,and his beneficence will extend to posterity.” Hung Tzu-Ch’Eng


“Even more important than the warmth and affection we receive,is the warmth and affection we give,It is by giving warmth and affection,by having a genuine sense of concern for others,in other words through compassion,that we gain the conditions for genuine happiness.More important than being loved,therefore is to love.” Dalai Lama


“Each of us is responsible for creating an environment of warmth and consideration for those we love.I have always tried to define a good day not in terms of one in which all things were made right and comfortable for me but rather,as a day in which I have been able to make another’s day more loving,and special for them.We must treat each other  with dignity.Not because we merit it,but because we grow best in thoughtfulness.” Leo Buscaglia



“A woman at 20 is like ice, at 30 she is warm and at 40 she is hot.” Gina Lollobrigida

My take – Don’t hesitate to spread the warmth whatever may be your situation ! 

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Credits-Pixabay.A-z quotes

On the move again

On the move again;
Travelling, a thing
I so much enjoy;
I’m not moving far,
Any way;
A little movement
But movement
All the same;
And one great
Opportunity of change!
Change of environment;
Change of activities;
And change of thoughts
That roll in my mind.
I hope to get back
Fully relaxed
And refreshed.
Thank God this gift.

Making The Bed


This is my bed. It is a black metal futon frame with a Full size mattress on it. The futon came with a typical futon mattress and for over two years I slept on the futon mattress (though I added a foam eggshell mattress topper).

Realized several years ago my mental health is going down the tubes when my kitchen gets to be a mess. The kitchen is the one room in the house I need to have clean. I can have piles of papers and clean and dirty clothes but if there are piles of dishes in the sink and the stove is not wiped off then something is wrong.

More recently I have discovered how much making my bed affects my mental state. My grandmother used to always make her bed. She made mine too, and tried to get me to make my own bed when I was old enough. My grandparent’s bed had a bed skirt and everything. It was a Queen size bed. Box Spring, mattress,  and a wooden headboard.  The Headboard matched the dresser and both were given to my grandparent’s as a gift from some of the parishioners of one of the Churches Grandfather served.

My grandmother had a hand embroidered Quilt Set. It was white with a blue cornflower motif. The bed skirt, top quilt, and several throw pillows made up the set. She would make the bed as most people do.  Fitted sheet, Top sheet, light cover (made for sleeping) and the decorative cornflower top quilt (not made for sleeping). She would finish it off with the decorative pillows.

Yeah, that isn’t me.  I learned from grandfather how to make hospital corners. My first job was a housekeeper at a Days Inn. So I made plenty of beds….not necessarily my own. For a long time even sleeping with any type of sheet on the bed was a hit or miss. I don’t do Top sheets at all. I was staying at friend’s house and her parents had a sleeper sofa. To make it more comfortable her mom had put one of the crushed velveteen blankets under the fitted sheet. Then the Top sheet and the sleeping cover. No need for a decorative quilt on a sleeper sofa. Without the use of my CPAP I run marathons in my sleep. I turn to one side and then the other. One time I did a complete 180 in my bed and woke up where my feet had been when I went to sleep the night before. Anyway, the next day when my friend’s mom went to strip and remake the bed we discovered I had not only bunched up the top sheet under the cover but I had somehow manage to strip the velveteen blanket under the fitted sheet without removing the fitted sheet.

At this point in my life my bedding consist of a fitted sheet, the blanket you see on the bed in the photo and three body pillows–with pillow casings (another non consistent item in my bed making).  I added the only two throw pillows I have left which I care about. The Hello Kitty one I found while touring an empty apartment. It was in a really high cabinet which may or may not have had a rifle in it as well. The realtor agent never told me. The second throw pillow is in the color and has the House Crest of my favorite House in Harry Potter: Slytherin. The pillow was hand embroidered by a friend of mine who loves Harry Potter as much (or even more) than I do.

While my bed is simple to make, the act of making it, and of laundering sheets, pillowcases, and cover one a month or as needed, gives me sense of peace and order; starting my day off on the right note.

My suggestion to anyone who feels out of control or anxiety ridden or in a bad place mentally is to find the “making your bed” thing to help you through, to get you back on track. It might be journaling when you first wake up, or having a cup of coffee, or walking, or it make actually be making your bed. Whatever it is, having one thing which helps all the other things in life move easier through day is invaluable.

Quotes by Michel Montecrossa about Climate Change, planet Earth & our future

Here’s a list of climate change quotes by Michel Montecrossa, 21st Century’s outstanding New-Topical-Songwriter:

Michel Montecrossa – all information: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Playlist 1 – Climate Change songs by Michel Montecrossa: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/listening-booth-climate-change-song-lyrics-part-1/

Playlist 2 – Climate Change songs by Michel Montecrossa: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/climate-change-songs-song-lyrics-part-2-songs-by-michel-montecrossa/

Climate Change

„The ‘Sweet Earth’ production“, says Michel Montecrossa, „are songs for planet earth, they sing for our future. We have to see, hear and understand the signals of earth if we do not want to lose our future and the world along with it. Each one of my songs speaks in music for a better tomorrow, gives the taste and the feeling of a One World Consciousness. They are peoples songs, they are songs of encouragement to do the right thing to save the climate of our earth both inside and outside of us.“

(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his Double CD ‘Sweet Earth – Save The Climate Of Our Earth #1′

Climate Generation
About ‘Climate Generation’ Michel Montecrossa says: „Climate Generation is the youth-movement of the 21st century.
Born into the cynical and untruthful world of sell-out adults who don’t care about their children, Climate Generation quickly understands the hard way: ‘Don’t trust old people ’cause they have nothin’ to lose.’
Climate Generation is born on a planet with a changing climate both inner and outer. Values collapse. It’s either food or housing – or none of them. Volcanos erupting, earthquakes, cyclones, wars and crimes increasing, energy dwindling, prices rising, drinking water fading as does work, slums expanding as does hopelessness.
Climate Generation: another silicon valley loneliness, another industrialization madness, another army, another bomb, another level of cruelty or another level of Love and Change?“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his ‘Climate Generation’ Concert)

Alternative Future
Michel Montecrossa says: „At the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2009 in Mirapuri me and my band perform our 10 days ‘Alternative Future’ concert series. During these concerts we present topical songs dealing with the life on our rapidly changing earth and the impact these changes have on our future.
We all have to face times when we can no longer switch back the clock or overlook the facts that give a new meaning and reality to our life.
We have to adapt quickly to the existential problems of risin’ food-, energy- and housing-prices, dwindling natural resources, energy wars, growing pollution, deterioration of human values, work, wages and education along with global climate change.
The next future will be as good as is our present goodwill, understanding, awareness and consciousness.
The ‘Alternative Future’ concerts turn to this future with high-energy songs and lyrics that put right what went wrong, make you listen and make you think.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his 10 days ‘Alternative Future’ Concerts at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2009 in Mirapuri)

Another World
About ‘Another World’ Michel Montecrossa says: „When good things turn bad, what good comes from the bad? Is the green Greenland the good that comes from the melting ice?
There are worlds related to our body – food, housing, money. There are worlds related to our soul – love, light, consciousness.
When food is only for the rich and houses have no water than money takes the place of our soul. It is another world.
When good things turn bad, what good comes from the bad? Is the hunger for more love, the thirst for protecting light and the need for true consciousness the good that comes from global warming?
When love turns to all, when light leads to knowledge and consciousness-growth gives the power to act, our soul will survive and the earth be saved. It is another world.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his ‘Another World’ Concert)

Green Tomorrow

About the CD ‘Green Tomorrow’ Michel Montecrossa says: „Green tomorrow comes with a change of consciousness.“

(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Green Tomorrow’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

„Mother earth is all we have – don’t fool around with her.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Mother Earth’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

„A radical and total change of consciousness leads to a green earth.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Green Earth’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

„The earth mystery is revealed in every blooming rose and in our feeling of how lovely and fair she is.
The earth mystery is revealed in every moment of soul meeting nature and of nature touching soul. The earth mystery is revealed when in love we turn to her.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Earth Mystery’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

Ecological Music
„Ecological music is holistic, friendly and intelligent. It stands for the good, shows character, is strong with healthy life, makes you wake up from a fool’s dream.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the CD ‘Ecological Music’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)

Global Message

„The global message is the message of union for the best of all.“

(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his ‘Global Message’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

„Life needs light: the light from the sun, the light from consciousness.
Both together give us unlimited energy.
It is wise to turn to the light – it gives the answer, for it is the answer.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Life & Light’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

Light Energy
About ‘Light Energy’ Michel Montecrossa says: „The original light and the planetary light, the light of consciousness and the light of the sun is one light energy creating all.
Songs can be light in the darkness when intelligence burns out.
Songs are like inner movies bringin’ back the dream and realizing power when they are true to the purpose and in love with life – when they have soul-energy and are full of light.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his ‘ ‘Light Energy’ Concert)

Living On A Planet
About ‘Living On A Planet’ Michel Montecrossa says: „If you want to live on a planet you have to be loyal and respectful to the life of the planet.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Living On A Planet’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

Love Revolution & Space Age Drive
„Love revolution is the only revolution worth the trouble.“
„Space-age drive is bound to come if we want to survive. The answers are in the wideness, not in smallness.“

(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Love Revolution & Space Age Drive’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concerts)

„There is a power in northern mythology that holds the key to courage, love and climate change and to a totally futurist outlook and consciousness.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Viking Spirit’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

Peace & Light
About ‘Peace & Light’ Michel Montecrossa says: „Peace and Light go hand in hand. They are the kind heart and wisdom of love. Power-Peace they are and bright hope.
Light is energy and energy brings peace. It ends all energy-wars.
Inner light heals trouble, gives peace of soul. Peace and Light change confusion and conflicts into harmony of the all.
Harmony is good for planet earth. Peace and Light heal the climate of the world and its beings everywhere.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his ‘ ‘Peace & Light’ Cybersymphony & Song Concert)

„The demons that ride humanity are like volcanos erupting, like waves surging, like thunderstorms growling, like cyclones howling, like fire screaming, like earthquakes rumbling, like sunrays burning, like ice melting, like oceans and rivers rising, like deserts expanding, like global warming, like ice-age coming, like climate changing, like air mutating, like water fading – the brain echoes of the planet’s language, the call of evolution, the drive of consciousness growing.
From within or from without: It’s the way of change. Listen to the planet, listen to the soul, understand destiny and know what to do.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his 6 CD-Box of the ‘Planet’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

Soul & Earth
„There is an intimate relation between man’s soul and the earth.

It is a right relation when it is conscious, harmonious and full of light.

It is wrong and brings trouble when it is dark and distorted by greed and lies.

The truth of a relation is determined by its intensity and wideness of love.

Environment and survival, ecology and economy, peace and war, progress and preservation, health and transformation are poles for the love and hate energies that determine the relation of man’s soul with earth. It is up to man to decide until the earth decides.“

(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Soul And Earth’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)


About ‘Sunraygeneration’ Michel Montecrossa says: „Soul and sun are the good comrades for the journey of life. They are happy and heroic. They are earth-planet and future-humanity in love.“(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the CD ‘Sunraygeneration’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)

„Sunlight gives health and joy and makes us dance. Turn to the light and you will feel the one. Turn to the dark and you’ll lose your heart.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009)

„Love is Divine. Emotion is Human. Arousal is Terrestrial.
The drive of consciousness gives vision. Vision shows cosmic unity. Unity gives peace and joy.
Tomorrow’s world-leaders are astronauts. They see how small our planet is and how great is love. They see the tenderness and fragility of the earth’s atmosphere.
Love unites and is good for the earth and its atmosphere.
When you reach the contact with the Divine’s love you see this love in everything and all circumstances.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Future Vision’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

Wake Up
About ‘Wake Up’ Michel Montecrossa says: „All over the world writing and singing bring us songs that make us aware in larger ways, songs that are broadsides of consciousness.
They are setting free the words so that they can fly with the vastness of rhythms and chants. Melodies give charm to meaning and voice the magic of living dreams that make us wake up.
With the coming of printing, radio, recording T.V. and internet, the songs of the street singers about hopes and revolutions, outlaws and saints, hard times and love flourish as never before as the thousands of broadside ballads composed, printed up, recorded, played and loaded up for listeners everywhere on this globe and in outer space. It began around the year 1500 to grow in an ever increasing way and has never stopped since then.
The british museum alone has no less than 12000 of them and nobody can tell the number of broadsides sung throughout the world. They all give to mankind the vision, the eye-opener, the wonderful feeling that makes you wake up.
My songs are broadside ballads for global cyberhighways as well as for the simple gathering.
They are the wake up cry for today and tomorrow.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his ‘Wake Up’ Concert)

„There is no future for us without clean water or no water at all“

(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his EXPO 2008 water-awareness song and movie ‘Water Is Life’)

WATER IS LIFE – LYRICS  (song & lyrics by Michel Montecrossa)
Water is life. Water is life. Water is the cradle of our life. Water is the Mother of all life. My hands are kissed by the rain. My lips are wet with the mighty spring. My body is embraced by the wonderful sea. My thirst is quenched, I am happy and free. Water is life. Water is the helping might. Water is the powerful guide into tomorrow’s, tomorrow’s earthly paradise.
Children, be happy! Children, be free! Children, be thankful for every day you can live! Dive into the ocean! Yes, swim in the sea and jump yeah, jump into the river! Drink the water, feel at ease! Water for the city. Water for the land. Water for the future: It is our planet’s life, do you understand?
Water, yes, water is our friend.

– Michel Montecrossa (© Mira Sound Germany)

THIS WORLD IS MY WORLD – LYRICS (song & lyrics by Michel Montecrossa)

This World is my World, this World is your World, it is beautiful and round, a globe of splendor circling
round a central sun.
This World is my World, this World is your World, she is the symbol and the Real of all our souls can ever dream.
This World is my World, this World is your World, we are the guardians and the helpers for her way into the Morn.
This World is my World, this World is your World, honor her and always know: we are here for her highest Dawn.
– Michel Montecrossa (© Mira Sound Germany)

„The future is world unity“, says Michel Montecrossa, „if we want our world to be a happy world. My world I want to be a happy world.“
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his great WORLD UNITY song and movie ‘This World Is My World’)

~S P L A S H~

       ~S P L A S H~
The Pigeon enjoying the season’s #FirstRain & it caught my attention the moment rain stopped.

It’s a pleasure to watch these birds enjoying their winged instinct.But our environment is going harsh day by day for these birds who won’t have…

 “air-conditioner to cool them off”


“let’s save our planet 🌎 and make it a #SafeHeaven for all animals as well as birds”

#natgeo #instagram #clicksbysiba #birds 

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A Wish Upon A Wish


By: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

Since I was a child
I would look up in the sky at night
Hoping to see a shooting star fall
It’s trailblazing glory and magic
That would make my wish come true
I close my eyes and make a wish upon a wish.

It falls at dazzling speed 
Accelerating; slashing
Through the atmosphere 
Like a ‘Vajra’* from Indra’s hands!
Then just as suddenly as it came, evaporating
Into the nothingness of the midnight sky.

I am left pondering
How fleeting opportunities come and go
And how aptly shooting stars
Reflect this happenstance.
While the universe remains
Little changed from its advent and passing.
Even then I make my wish
I close my eyes and make a wish upon a wish

*Vajra: Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. Additionally, it is a weapon won in battle which is used as a ritual object to symbolise both the properties of a diamond (indestructibility) and a thunderbolt (irresistible force).


Originally Published on atrangizindagieksafar.com

© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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