Autumn in October

A silence resonates from heaven as Christ fills the voids deep inside my soul. I see the troubled storm clouds approaching, and they make not a sound. A busy world persists, running in circles, but I keep an eye on the sky, for only my God do I wait.

Standing at the edge of a great canyon where extinction begins, and life ever after looks like a desert floor, I harbor the love Christ sends me. Within His peace, windows open with new opportunities. The canyon is far and wide, and in times of adventure, it seems an impossible crossing. For some, it’s a quest, but for others, it’s a stepping stone to enter eternity and be with Him.

I bundle my love and faith and wear it as a code of honor. It’s autumn in October… seasons change, and life emerges with new horizons. The sun salutes the night watchman, and I bid farewell to another night. God, in his miraculous way, restrains the spiritually encountering distance. His quiet voice calls, and I must be patient. It’s autumn in October, and the hour grows nearer.

Seeking my own passage, I step lightly on the ledge of fate. The rocks are jagged and sharp, and death is just a slip away. But God watches over me with a promissory note I pledged to Him. The canyons divulge how minute I am as I step out where courage calls.

In the autumn of life, the Lord’s love is upon me. He gathers His herd of humanity for a voyage to explore the canyon walls of life. The fiery nights beacon October, and it quenches our thirst and hearts. Please, Father, turn the desert floor into meandering waters. The quests are over – some I failed, but some I conquered by Your blessings.

It’s autumn in October, and a new child is born. Goodbyes of another life are hard. Still, a new life is always on the horizon, for as one door closes, another is born again.

Another adventure, another voyage as the pride of time, sets my course upon another mission. Only God will bridge the heavens as I wait at the ledge of the canyon walls. I built my caves… now it’s time to surrender. The slope is deep, but it is in God’s hands to bestow the faith as He calls me home.

Love is filled with memories, in yet another autumn in October. The mystical canyon mourns, and the life which once prospered refrains in the setting sun. The shadows long for God’s calling… come home with Me when you’re ready.

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The clock is always ticking

We will stop our earthly
Journey some day soon;
Life will never stop
Its journey;
The clock will always tick;
Even when it goes bad,
It will keep ticking;
Always on the move;
Seen or unseen;
Heard or unheard.

The clock is always ticking;
Time is always on its toes,
Running, if not flying;
Seconds grow into minutes;
Minutes grow into hours;
Hours grow into days;
Days into weeks;
Weeks into months;
Months into years;
Years into eternity.

That is how the stream
Of life flows;
It never stops.
Always moving;
Though to our naked eyes
The world is standing still.
You have to keep moving;
Learning, growing, expanding;
If you stand still,
You are left behind.


Beauty is a Blessing……words should be equally soothing & alluring….else Beauty becomes a #Nuisance.

I am sure not just me as a #Man Every Men here on this #Planet admire The Beauty of a #Woman.

But……I will say sometimes some Women take the Beauty as a permanent #Ornament forgetting the Law of Nature….

•Nothing is Permanent….so as the Beauty of a Woman•

Words uttered from the Beautiful lips 👄…If chosen with equal subtle content makes the •Beauty more Beautiful•

We all know it well….We all are Mortal & sooner or later we are to leave the #Stage & be one with #Eternity….

Only our deeds will remain as a sweet-memory for our loved one’s & admires as a #MemoryCherished for a life time.

Let’s respect #SelfRespect of every one and choose words in private as well as in public to beautify this Beautiful Planet of Best #Creations of #Almighty.


#Thoughts put to #Words


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Song ‘Die Ewigkeit Ist Zu Kurz Im Mondlicht Nackt – Eternity Is Too Short In Moonlight Naked’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Die Ewigkeit Ist Zu Kurz Im Mondlicht Nackt – Eternity Is Too Short In Moonlight Naked’

Download this and many other great songs from Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Cyberhalloween’ Concert here

Die Ewigkeit Ist Zu Kurz Im Mondlicht Nackt – Eternity Is Too Short In Moonlight Naked

Die Ewigkeit ist zu kurz im Mondlicht nackt.
Eternity is too short in moonlight naked.

Für die Wonne deiner Lippen, deines Herzens.
For the bliss of your lips, of your heart.

Deine Mondlicht Schönheit nackt
your moonlight beauty naked

im Mysterium warmer Nacht
in the mystery of warm night

ruft nach Erlösung des Blutes der Macht
calls for redemption of the blood of might

in den Küssen wild mit unserer Kraft,
in the kisses wild with our power,

im Gesang der Lippen, die pressen
in the chant of the lips that are pressing

on a butt’s slit sensations unburdened.
auf eines Hinterns Spalt Empfindungen unbelastet.

Der harte Schmerz des falschen Du
The hard pain of the false you

bedeutet nichts, ich breche dein Tabu.
means nothing, I’m a-breakin’ your taboo.

Eternity is nothing if you really know.
Ewigkeit ist nichts, wenn du wirklich weißt.

Ich kenne meinen Namen, ich weiß, wie du heißt.
I know your name, honey, and I know mine.

It’s the name of heart and soul in one
Der Herz-Seele Name ist es in einem

und die Ewigkeit ist zu kurz im Mondlich nackt
and eternity is too short in moonlight naked

für unsere Leidenschaft, die vereint.
for our passion that unites.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Point 9

Influencing eternity

Do you know you can influence eternity?
Indeed you can;
We influence eternity with our words and actions. What you say and what you do can shape your community, country or the world. Some words have a greater impact on people than others; same for some actions.
There are some statements that people make and they are valued and repeated in writing and speech.
Do you have anything you have written which you think others would like to quote?
Send them to me. I will publish them as quotes by a great contemporary writer.
We appreciate and quote statements made by people who were here before us. Shall those coming after us quote things that we are saying in our own time?

My lovely teacher

My lovely teacher!
What a great soul you are!
None can say what I would have been
Without you;
God created me as raw material
And like a goldsmith,
You fashioned me
Into luminous metal;
Precious gold;
You are my architect;
The architect of humans;
The architect of the world;
Eternity you influence.
So who says you aren’t great?