How was your day today No. 7

This is your chat forum.
You are free to say whatever is in your mind at this moment here.
Share what you did today.
Talk to other bloggers.
Tell how some post touched you.
Say how someone impacted you.
Say the challenges and thrills of the day.
Are you happy or sad?
Say something to somebody.

How was your day today no. 1?
How was your day today no. 2?
How was your day today no. 3?
How was your day today no. 4?
How was your day today no. 5?
How was your day today no. 6?



Solidarity support challenge day 8


We have come to the end of the first ever round of Solidarity Support Challenge. It has taken one week because of the number of participants.

35 bloggers registered properly. Many others registered but gave incorrect blog addresses and so we could not feature them.

We thank all those who took part in this historic round. Now i’ts time for evaluation and wrap up. It was an exciting moment for me. How was it for you? Tell us if it was worthwhile or not. Do you like this to continue?

Below is a list of all those who took part in this first round. You can visit fellow bloggers and tell them how delighted you were to journey with them for this challenge and look forward to doing so again.

2. zwesto
3, AlluringEby
4. SpiritualJourney17
5. Majka

1. Carolina
2. Deanne
Deanne’s World
3. timelesswhee
4. Soul Gifts
2 hourssoulgifts
5. roach59

1. lifehelps
2. zwesto
3. AnecdotesOfSuccess
4.Mliae site url:
5. Gradmama2011
(Wonderland Is a State of Mind)

1. jade0207
2. lovehappily
3. Nicole Martin
4. cjstorm
5.. Heart of Refuge

1. Tessa
4. Shiva Malekopmath
5. Erika Kind

1. Lean Not Unto My Own Understanding
2. Nena
3. sharmishtha basu
4. simpledimple
5. nananettie1969

1. Lifehelps
3. vidishakaushik
4.Myan Tres
5. Kah Choon

If there are any suggestions on how better we can march on, they shall be most welcome.
Registration for round two also opens for those who would like to continue. New participants are welcome.

If you are new, to register, you merely give your name, and your blog address or url. Make sure it is correct because you cannot participate if you give a wrong blog address.
Best wishes to all. Keep shining!


How was your day today No 4

Tell us. How was your day today? Did you write a post you would like us to read?

I wrote a number of posts.

Did you answer today’s challenge?

How was your day today no. 1?
How was your day today no. 2?
How was your day today no. 3?

You can share any other thing you have in mind. Is there some friend you are thinking fondly about? If such a friend were to come to this page, what message would like to give them?

You may also like to send a special wish to a loving one.  For instance, I wish all my friends a happy week end.

What do you wish your friends?

How was your day today no 1

Evaluation is a worthwhile exercise, isn’t it? We cannot just be going without stopping to look at what we are doing or have been doing. If we evaluate, we can see whether we need to work harder, relax, seek support, advice, change course, or continue on the same path.

Some people will have time to evaluate their day or share some of their day’s experiences. Some will not. We want to provide those who have time and enjoy doing it the forum to share with fellow bloggers their day.

You will be surprised to see the sharing, love and fun that this will generate. This is particularly good for members of the Solidarity Support Forum. Here you can say whether or not you did all the assignments; whether you enjoyed it; whether you gained anything from it.

Let’s just meet here every evening and share our day.

Important feedback: how I see you

The end of one year and the start of another is a good moment to get feedback on our work and ourselves. Many people go for feed back on their work but hardly on themselves.

Getting feed back on how you come through to others is very important. How do others see you? What type of personality comes through from your words, your posts, the way you relate to others?

It is hard to know unless you do an opinion survey. Also, someone can opt to let you know how they see you. I want to try this exercise. I want to see how far I can go to let you know how I see you and how others see you through your blog.

Are you interested? Just indicate with the words, “I am interested” or “Please, kindly let me know how you see me.” You may also put it in your own words.

It’s not an easy task, but I want to try. My methodology shall consist in going to your blog, reading your about page, reading the comments that people make about you, and the posts you write, the responses you give to comments, and drawing a conclusion on how you come through to me.

If you want it, indicate.

Are you proud of your countyry?

Are you proud or ashamed of your country? Are the politicians projecting or tarnishing the image of your country?

I know some people will find it difficult to answer these questions for fear of victimization by unscrupulous leaders. Some leaders are so dictatorial and do not want anybody to criticize them. What a shame and pity!

On the other, hand there are some great countries and great leaders. Here, the citizens are proud of their country and leadrs. If you are lucky to belong to such a country, it’s good for you.

Well, let’s discuss this issue. What makes you proud or not proud of your country? Or to put it another way, what would make one proud or not proud of one’s country? What should your country do for you to be proud of her if you are not proud of her?

Our dream of helping our youth


Our dream here is to be the world’s leading success inspirer for young people. We want to inspire millions of young people to achieve their highest dreams; to grow into the best persons that they can be.

Of course, we do not leave out adults.

We like you who have been with us for quite a while to tell us how we are doing. What are your suggestions to enable us improve?

Are you ready to help us reach and help more youths in the world?

Helping our youth to bring out the best in them is, to us, an excellent way to make tomorrow’s world an excellent place for everybody to live in.