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Know-how and excellence

Put in your mind once and for all, that know-how has tremendous power.

It is indispensable for excellence.

If you want to excel in anything, first acquire the know-how to do it.

Without that, it is impossible to excel. Instead, you will fall into mediocrity.

Are you for excellence or mediocrity. If you are for excellence, go for know-how.

It takes determination and effort to acquire know-how but it is worthwhile.

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If you are a student or intending to go to school, normally you would like to excel in uyour studies. Nothing stops you. Such an ambition is a legitimate one. And the good news, you can do it.

I’ve read a number of posts since getting up this morning.

I must say destiny took me to Academic Excellence 2 by Doyin on her site Doyin Musings. I enjoyed reading it so much I had to go look for Academic Excellence 1. Thank God I found it.

Doyin, who, in her own words, and I agree, is “A young, beautiful and smart Queen writer whose heart is ever panting for God and how to grow and attain excellence in this divided world” gives sound advice which everyone pursuing studies should read.

I reblogged Academic Excellence 2.

If I am writing this, it is so that many young people may have the opportunity to read this sound advice. I know it will make a big difference in the academic lives of many who will read it attentively and follow what she says.

Academic excellence, of course, opens the door to greater opportunities that can lead to an excellent life.

Doyin walked her talk as a student and bagged a First Class honours when she graduated.

All good parents like to see their children excel; but I know some children won’t listen to their parents when they start urging them to shun laziness and work hard to succeed.

But if you find someone who has lived what she is sharing especially with her own results to testify, wisdom demands that you pay heed.

I do hope that many young people will read Academic Excellence 1 and 2. If some parents are reading this, please, help your children read them.

Please, click below:

Academic Excellence-1

Academic Excellence-2

If you want to be special, take a look at these 11 points

You can be special. You can stand out of the crowd. What makes some people special? Here are 13 points to consider.

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  1. Some people are special because they take good care of their skin. When you look at them, they are fresh. They look different from many of the people around them.
  2. Some people are special because of their dressing. What they wear is of special quality; fits well and gives them a good look.
  3. Some people are special, especially the women because of their make up.
  4. Some people are special because of their character and behavior. They are marked by qualities such as discipline, honesty, love of others, respectfulness, humility etc.
  5. Some people are special because of their learning. They are very learned; intellectually refined.
  6. Some people are special because of their Godliness. They love God are very committed to their faith and are very prayerful.
  7. Some people are special because of their eloquence. They talk well and you love to listen to them.
  8. Some people are special because of their generosity. They distinguish themselves by donations they make to the Church, to their communities, or the humanitarian acts they carry out.
  9. Some people are special because of the power of their thought. They reflect well and sound wise.
  10. Some people are special because they are knowledgeable. They master many things and speak sense on a variety of subjects.
  11. Some people are special because they are committed to their marriage and work hard for it to succeed.
  12. Some people are special because of the selfless work they do. They prove to their communities that common interest goes before self interest.
  13. Some people are special because they fight for others especially the voiceless; people who cannot fight for themselves.

If you look at this list carefully you can easily think of what to do to be special also.

What we are passionate about

We are passionate about helping people bring out the best in them;

We are passionate about helping people be at their best;

What we enjoy most is inspiring, motivating

And encouraging people to bring out the best in themselves;

To make people excel is at the center of our thinking and activities;

We go to bed thinking of how to get somebody out there to became a winner; a champion; an achiever.

Do you now why we do this?

This is the way we think we can build an excellent world;

Our dream is an excellent world for all;

We believe that the world can be an excellent place for all of us to enjoy;

And that we can get it only by helping the people of the world to bring out the best in them;

If you bring out the best in you, you will give the best of yourself to the world;

And the best you can do for the world is to give it your best.

If we were each bringing out the best in us and giving it to the world, imagine what an excellent place the world would be!

If we want the world to be an excellent place for all, let us spend good time helping people to be at their best, so they can in turn give their best to the world.

Have no illusions. We are not going to succeed tomorrow. We are sowing a seed – helping people bring out the best in them.

Inspire, motivate, encourage, teach people to bring out the best in them and offer their best to the world, eventually, the world will become an excellent place for all.

Look for ways

Look for ways
To bring out the best
In you;
There is so much in you;
Look for ways
To bring it out.
Are you ready?

Look for ways
To excel;
You are greatly endowed;
And you can excel;
Why not look for ways
To do so.
You better do.

Look for ways to shine;
Don’t cover the light
In you;
Put it on the lampstand
To shine
And light up
The world;
Look for ways to do that.

Look for ways
To get to the peak
Of the mountain;
It’s steep, I know;
Extremely hard to climb;
But there is a way;
And you must look
For it.

Look for ways
To become a champion;
Yes, I mean a superstar;
That, you can become;
There’s a way;
And you will find it,
If you look for it.
Are you ready?

Will you look
For ways to be your best?
That is your challenge;
Others are doing it,
Why not you?
I don’t like you
To short sell yourself;
Look for ways to be
The best version of you
That you can be.

No one is perfect

We aren’t perfect;
That’s okay;
If we were perfect,
The world would be perfect;
That is the truth;
Had we been perfect,
The world would have been
We aren’t perfect;
We are imperfect;
We have our shortcomings;
Look at me!
I have my limitations;
I have my weaknesses;
And it couldn’t have been otherwise;
No one is perfect;
And no one expects anyone
To be perfect;
You are only expected
To do your best;
To be excellent, if possible;
To go for excellence;
To strive to excel;
To strive to shine;
To radiate good light around;
To light up the world.
Don’t worry that you are not perfect;
Worry that you are not striving
To be the best
That you can be.

The drive for excellence

Do you go for excellence?
Do you believe in excellence?
Do you strive for excellence?
What type of mindset do you have?
In excellence, I believe;
Excellence, I love;
For excellence, I strive.
Mine is an excellence mind set;
Believing in excellence,
Loving excellence,
And striving for excellence
Will bring excellence;
A low drive for excellence
We must shun;
A high drive for excellence
We must embrace;
People of excellence
We should be;
And to excel ought to be our dream.

Beat your own record

Make it your daily challenge;
To beat your own record;
To do this everyday;
To do better today
Than you did yesterday;
To do better tomorrow
Than you did today;
That is how you grow;
It’s not to compete with others;
It’s to compete with yourself;
To beat your own record;
Not another person’s record;
Your own very record.
Yes, that’s the way to go;
Everyday, January to December,
To beat your own record.