My fairytale revisited

If you already know my fairytale, you will hear about it again. You will hear it again and again. It is a tale that we will tell till the end of our days.

Are you among those who wish this world were an excellent place for everybody? If you are then you think like me on this issue. I strongly believe that God meant the world to be an excellent place for everybody, not just for some to enjoy, but for all to enjoy.

I believe that despite that evil has taken over the world, hope must not be lost for the world. I strongly believe that good can replace evil on our globe; that we can turn things around and make the world an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.  True that this is not an easy task; but  it is a possibility. 

My fairytale which many of you already know, is to mobilize one billion people to focus on making the world an excellent place for all to enjoy. One billion people? Yes, you heard right. What a fairytale! If you laugh at us, we will laugh back, but we will stick to our tale.

What is our strategy? To win one person at a time to join our CRUSADE FOR AN EXCELLENT WORLD so that we continuously send out positive vibes; to keep drumming into people’s ears, hearts and minds the idea that the world is meant to be an excellent place for all; to continuously fill people’s minds with positive thoughts, so that they end up hearing only postive ideas, thinking positive ideas and doing positive things.

We will saturate the world with positivity to counter and replace the negativity which many others are inundatig the world with. We will create an ocean of positivity. We will fill the air with love thoughts, hope thoughts, excellence thoughts etc so that people will breathe and live these values.

We are conscious of how deeply rooted evil is in the world; and no doubt it will be an uphill task to eliminate it. We have no illusions about this. What we are doing is setting the ball rolling. How long it rolls is not important as long as it is the right thing to do and it is rolling in the right direction.

We see this approach as the way out for the world – filling the world with positive vibes to sound louder than the negative ones; saturating the world with positive messages.  Getting as many people as possible on board. I invite all of us not to think of how soon we can reap results from this endeavour, but of how sound this thinking is.

Is there an alternative to this as a way of saving the world from perdition in the hands of evil? I don’t know. Perhaps there is. I do not claim to have the best answer or the only answer; but I do feel confident of this approach.  

We will go one person at a time, step by step, brick by brick and one day at a time, and one day our mansion will be built.

If you are in with us, its simple. Just start or keep  writing and sharing positive messages, messages of love, peace, justice, truth, harmony, understanding, kindness, friendship, unity, in short anything that can make someone happy, better, more successful where you are. 

We also think it will be better to jorney together as one body so that we can better withstandnthe bullets ofthe evil peopeofthe world. Sutely, the will aim bullets at us; bullets of discouragement and ridicule which can easily derail or killmur dream. Hence we encourage you to be an author here on this site, SIWO so that we have our messages flowing out like an ocean from one place. Tell me how the rest of the world can fail to feel our impact; and the more we impact the world , the more successful we will be.

 To be an author here, contact us at: 

We are open to new ideas also. WE ARE ONLY THE STARTER. If you have some ideas about how we can carry this work forward, do not hesitate to let us know. We consider you part of this dream which we are building together. It is our dream, not my dream alone.

If it is my fairytale, it is also our fairytale.

Thanks for reading. Reading is already a big support to this dream.May God touch your heart to be part of it! We need everybody on board. We need all hands on deck.

Your colour does not matter. Where you live does not matter. Your social status does not matter. The language you speak does not matter. Your religion does not matter. Your country does not matter. Your gender does not matter. The only thing that matters is your belief that we need an excellent world for all and that working together to promote that excellence through the spread of positive thoughts is a worthwhile exercise. 

Thus, if you are not yet in, I am extending a hand to you. This is an invitation to you to join. If you are already in, please, share or reblog this post. That will mean a lot and will do much.

Action now!

My love to all.

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #57

Everyone has something to smile about if they put their mind to it.

The mind is thinking a 1000 thoughts a minute and visualising some too.

The visualisation of ideas is fun for the beholder.

The beholder dreams what can be done with this creativity.

Creativity involves many people for it not to remain selfish,

Selfish ways can become quite dangerous,

And that can surely wipe off the smiles.

A world without smiles is no good to anyone.


Poetry is not the food to replace my Elevenses but it take over the time to eat.

Excellent World Crusade day 6

Dear loving friends,

We all know the value of love, don’t we?

Let us fire the world with positive thoughts on love. The aim is to contribute our own quota to make the world vibrate with love.In other words, let us each say what we can to promote love among the people of the world.

Do not underestimate your own drop of water in the mighty ocean. The drops together are what make that ocean and that make it mighty.

Great day to you!

Excellent World Crusade day 3

Hello good people!

We are waiting for you to write your name in the book of time as one of those who started this crusade.

Do you love people?
Do like to see love reign in the world?
Do you like to see an end to wars;
Injustice, evil, terrorism?
Join this crusade.
All you need do is go to the comment box
And say something positive;
Something that promotes love, justice, peace, solidarity;
It could be s quote;
A song;
A good wish;
Let us saturate the universe with positive vibrations.
I love you.

If you do not have time to conceive something now but believe in this cause, just write the sentence in bold and color below in the comment box:

May love reign in the world!

..”Love your neighbour as thyself…Mark 12:30-31

The  Greatest Commandment

:30  “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all the mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.”

:31 “And the second is like, namely this.  Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.  There is none other commandment greater than these.”

Excellent World Crusade day 1

If you are a lover of peace,
If you like to see justice prevail in the world,
If you want an end to wars, violence, terrorism, poverty, hunger and all the things that are destroying the world, you are invited to join this crusade.
This crusade entails that we spread love, understanding, solidarity and other positive values around the world.
It entails fighting for good against evil.
Say or do something however small everyday that brings happiness, that increases love in the world, that brings people together.
There is no limit to what we can do so long as it is out to promote good; to promote love among the people of the world.
We hope by this to saturate the world with positive vibrations which will drive evil out of the world.
Many of us are already doing this – fighting for good, love etc. What we want to do is to fight together as a common front. We want a synergy that will make the evil people of the world know that the good people of the world mean business in their love for good. We want to form a world army for good.
I invite you to join me. Let us start. We’ll perfect our methodology as we progress. Start right away with a positive response to this. Spread the word; share this, tweet, reblog. Do what you can to let this message start to rock the world. Let’s not fear to be ambitious to spread good.
Peace, love and shine to you!

Overcome by Waves of love

I wish for an Excellent World,

That’s why I am using my power,

It’s the power of words,

It’s the power of action,

It’ the power of prayer,

It’s the power of passion,

If you feel wronged in any way,

Be overcome by a waves of love,

It surely will keep your fury at bay,

For I am not alone in this unique move,

You too wish for an Excellent World,

So read, feel and heed these words.



My call to the good people of the world

God meant the world to be an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.
We have made it such an evil place.
We can change this if the good people of the world come together and combine their energies and promote good. Good will overcome evil.
Hence, let us come together in a common forum that breaks all barriers, and put our energies together to make the world an excellent place for all.

See this:

Dream land ideas

My belief is if the world has about 7 billion inhabitants,
It cannot lack 4 billion who are peace-loving;
And who want to live happily and in peace with others;
My belief is there are more good people in the world
Than evil people;
My belief is although evil seems to prevail in the world;
Actually there is more good than evil in the world;
My belief is the world is a good world not an evil world.
My belief is if the good people of the world band together,
To fight for good, they will overcome evil in the world.
My belief is if we start to bring the good people of the world
Together, one by one, in the next one hundred years, or so,
The world will have an ocean of good people who share
A common vision, working together for an excellent world;
Our dream thus is to bring as many good people as we can
Together to combine their efforts in view of making
The world an excellent place for everybody to enjoy;
By excellent world I mean a world void of wars, terrorism,
Shootings, hunger, poverty, suffering, and what have you?
Just as little drops of water make a mighty ocean,
Little drops of good daily will make a mighty ocean of good;
Do you share or buy our vision of an excellent world?
Are you ready to join our daily crusade for an excellent world?
Our doors are open to welcome you.