Quote (Excellent, performance)

“There is no reason for your work or performance to be less than excellent. What ever you want to do in this era when knowledge flows like water in an ocean, always search for the best way to deliver whatever you are called upon to deliver. Only this way can you be competitive. “


Brilliant performance (Be inspired today 406 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Really not surprised at all;
Rather, I am impressed;
And overjoyed;
Your performance
Has been brilliant;
Exactly what we want;
When you work and sweat,
And harvest abundant crops,
That calls for feasting;
That is what I want us
To do;
When it’s time to work,
We work;
When its time to feast
And celebrate our work,
We have to do so.
This is the time to feast,
And celebrate our work.
We have worked;
And made it.
Our performance is brilliant.

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What about you?

I have been inspired by the post Become Excellent to make the commitment to become excellent. What about you? Are you in or out of this commitment?

I honestly think we should all make a commitment to become excellent.

Excellence should be our trade mark. If that is the case, declare without further delay, your commitment to excellence.

I heartily thank Ribana of Popsiclesociety for reminding me of the need to make a commitment to become excellent.

People like you are those that are needed

People like you
Who believe in good ideas,
And who support good ideas,
Are the ones who are needed
For the campaign against evil
To succeed;
In your positive spirit,
Support this campaign;
Click and share:
A war against evil.
We must eradicate hate
And evil from the earth.
Do not underrate your
own contribution.
A ‘like’, comment, reblog,
Share, pin, can do magic.
Keep the campaign moving;
Help make all the evil people
Of the world
Know we are tired of wars,
hate, killings and all forms
Of evil.
Please, put your own block
To the construction of the edifice An excellent World.
Join the war against evil
In the world.
It is a war that must be won.

So brilliant indeed!

What a great day for my family!
It was graduation day for our second son.
He came out as second best in his department with First Class Honour, the best student beating him with less than half a mark.
As mother is gold, my beloved spouse braved the challenging circumstances to take a seat at the grandstand.
Bravo to this determined young man!

The success of people

“Successful people are the ones who are contributing to make the world an excellent place. On their part, those who fail, or are finding it hard to realize their dreams, are at the forefront of the destruction of the world. This implies that inspiring, motivating, encouraging and helping people succeed is a way of indirectly building an excellent world.” (Romilia Quotes)

“Our dream, to help people know true success is a way to empower them to be an asset to themselves and the world.” (Romilia Quotes)

“Our vision is a world where everybody succeeds and is happy and enjoys the world. This is  our fairytale.” (Romilia Quotes)

If everybody truly succeeds,

There will be no reason for conflicts in the world.

If everybody truly succeeds,

There will be no reason for wars;

If everybody truly succeeds,

The world will be an excellent place.

Therefore, we who dream of an excellent world

Must spare no effort to help people succeed.

Do not be frightened by the immensity of the challenge;

All you need do is your best.

The next generation is waiting

To continue where you and  end;

And the next generation is waiting,

Continue where they end;

And on it will go,

Until the dream comes true.

Know my fairytale. 

A summary of my fairytale

I am writing my fairytale;
Who would like to read
My fairytale?
I invite you to read
My fairytale;
The title of my fairytale
Is SIWO International;
And summarized for you thus:
Once upon a time, there lived a man, whose dream was to champion an excellent world for everybody to enjoy.
He called his project SIWO International. His vision was a love world, a war- free world, an excellent world for all to enjoy. He dreamed to bring together one billion
People engaged in saturating the world with positive, love messages to
Inspire the world together;
Motivate the world together;
Encourage the world together;
Speak nothing but the language of love;
Spread love everywhere;
promote kindness.
Build a hate- free world;
A war- free world;
An excellent world for all to enjoy.
By hitting the world continuously with positive messages, to make love and positivity reign in the world while evil is strangled and buried.
That is a summary of my fairytale.
Thank you for reading my fairytale.
I will spend every single day of my life writing this fairytale.
From my heart I thank those who are on board the train for the writing of this fairytale which we have only just begun and sure to hand down to the next generation that will hand it down and each generation will find ways to better the story, till the entire story is written.
Shall it be done in a thousand years? Two thousand years? I have no idea. What I know is this is the way to go for an excellent world, free of hate; free of wars, full of love.
This is a summary of my fairytale.

What a shame on us!

Excellent, the creator meant
This world to be;
So that everybody should enjoy;
But what is it that we see?
What is it that we have made
Of it?
The most ugly place instead;
Where one another, we fight;
Where one another we kill;
Where we enjoy bathing in hate;
Instead of love as he designed;
We have made a mess of things.
What a shame on us here below!

We pray for an Excellent world

We pray for an excellent world.

That God may inspire all the loving people of the world to come together and work as one for a love world.

We pray,

That through the emission of positive thoughts, the spread of positive messages and the carrying out of good deeds, the good people of the world may make good overshadow evil and in the long run flush evil out of the world.

We pray

That SIWO International, which is passionate about bringing together as many loving people as possible in the entire world for this lofty dream, may accomplish its mission.

We pray

That the Lord may help us fill the world with positive vibrations, positive messages, love messages and above all, kind deeds.

We pray

That we may nourish our people’s minds and hearts with positive thoughts not negative thoughts; with good and not evil.

We pray

That the world may vibrate with love not hate. We don’t need a hate world; we need a love world.

We pray O Mighty God,

That ours may become a complete love world; an excellent world for all to enjoy.