Who is ready?

ho is ready to succeed?
You have no reason to fail;
You have no excuse to fail;
You shall take the blamed
If you fail;
You weren’t born to fail;
You were born to succeed;
You have the potential
For great things;
Use that potential
To do great things.
Take a decision now,
To make your mark in this world;
If you take that decision,
And mean it,
You will make it;
Are you ready?
Tell me if you are.


Life never excuses itself

“If you are waiting for life to excuse itself for giving you the contrary of what you think you deserve, you will never have it. Once life has decided, be it good or bad, it sticks to it and does not tender any apology to anyone for anything. However, you can force it to reverse its decision. If you ask for such a reversal with insistence, and refuse to take no for an answer, if truly it is reversible, you will have it.” (Romilia Quotes)

Quote (age)

“If you think you are too young to start making your impact felt in the world, look around. Younger people than you are doing marvels. You are not too young. If you think you are too old to do something that will get your name into the history books, look around the world many great figures made their most remarkable accomplishments at an older age than yours. Don’t make age an excuse.” (Romilia Quotes)

Pardon me!

Please, pardon me, my dear;
I am sorry to hurt you;
It was not my intention;
Please, pardon me, my love;
I am sorry to disappoint you;
It was not my intention;
Please, pardon me. sweet one;
I am sorry to fail you;
It was not my intention;
Please, kindly understand;
It’s our filters, that’s all;
Nothing wrong with you;
Nothing wrong with any of us;
Just our filters;
That have led to blame game;
Let’s stop the blame game;
It doesn’t help us;
And letting the whole world
Know what concerns only us;
But why?
How does that help us?
Let’s correct what went wrong,
Let’s reconcile;
Reconciliation is noble;
It comes from forgiving hearts;
And forgiving hearts,
Are noble hearts.
So, pardon me;
Let’s reconcile!
See us world’s apart;
It doesn’t help at all.

The age excuse

Many people use age as an excuse to give up.

They say they are too old or too young to do something great. A big lie! You can neither be too old nor too young to do something great.

Many people who are older and many people who are younger than you are doing great things. Why not you?

The age excuse is often used by people who are unwilling, too lazy, too afraid or lack wisdom to put in the most of themselves.

Away unexpectedly

Hello sweet friends,
If you noticed my absence, you are right. I was away unexpectedly. It came so suddenly that there was no way to inform you or to take appropriate measures. Sorry about that. You noticed our Solidarity challenge has suffered. I’ll see that we pick up from where we left off and continue. It should not be a problem that we have fallen except when we fail to get up after a fall and continue.
This is just a quick note to let you know I am back, fine and thinking of you.
It’s a real joy to know that things moved on quite well even in my absence. That is the spirit and a clear indication we have understood Success Inspirers’ World belongs to all of us. Let’s continue to make it our pride.
Best day to you all. See you much later.
Love you all.
The Administrator