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SoliDARitY BLoggING ForUM 15

Stop giving excuses! Make a no-more- excuses commitment! Are you ready? Do you let excuses stand on your way? Do you let excuses stop you? This sound advice will do you good: no excuses. They will not help you. Steve Keating says Excuses steal your potential. Steve is the founder of Lead today. He knows…

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Excuses are not my friends

Excuses are not my friends; They don’t do me any good; Actually, they hurt me badly By standing on my way; They deprive me of success; I no longer give them a place In my life; Though they are always around Trying to force their way to me; They will no longer succeed With me;…

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Winner or loser?

What is your mind set on? On victory or on failure? If you are a loser, You will set your mind On excuses for failing; If you are a winner, You will set your mind On reasons for winning. Which then are you? A winner or a loser? What is your mind set on?

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Your excuses are fake

Your excuses are fake; You have fake excuses To fail; No good reason to fail; You have every reason To succeed; Every reason to win; No reason to lose; Every reason to be a winner No reason to be a loser; Your excuses are fake; Throw them off and win! No fake excuses here!

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