Stop being against yourself (Be inspired today 150 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

The way I hate excuses;
“Sorry, I am busy.”
I have not seen any good
They’ve done.
They hold you back.
Instead of doing,
You don’t;
“I cannot do this because…”
“I cannot do that because…”
“I am not going to do it because…”
“I am postponing this because…”
It doesn’t work;
All excuses do is
They steal your time;
The thief of time;
And give you failure.
And then you complain
The gods are against you.
No gods are against you,
You are against yourself;
Stop being against yourself.


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Stop giving excuses!

Make a no-more- excuses commitment!

Are you ready?

Do you let excuses stand on your way? Do you let excuses stop you?

This sound advice will do you good: no excuses. They will not help you.

Steve Keating says Excuses steal your potential. Steve is the founder of Lead today. He knows what he is talking about. Don’t hear from somebody else. Read Excuses steal your potential.

He has also written another post that caught my attention and I am sure it is good for all of us: The habit of making excuses which I highly recommend to you.

If you know the psychology of excuses, you will better understand how to treat excuses. I appreciate a post on this by Kaby in Collecting Puzzles.

There are people who cannot create a blog or are no longer blogging. If you ask them why, they will give you a long list of excuses – lame excuses.

If you are not writing that book you want to write because of excuses, I recommend a post by author Don Massenzio written in November 2018, Top Excuses for not writing your book and how to overcome them.

If you want excuses not to write, you will find them. You may want to take a look at these 101 excuses that one writer found for not writing. As he put it himself, some of them are ridiculous. Go through them and see how many resonate with you.

Excuses do not help. Excuses are an enemy to progress. Stop hiding behind excuses and failing to do the things which you can and should do.

No more excuses, right?

You have more power than you actually realize.” I agree with Roberto Stonegate.

I can say without fear of error that if you don’t stop hiding behind excuses, you will end up frustrated. Put away excuses and get into action. Do things. Don’t give excuses for not doing them.

Ariel Bella says to attract abundance into your life, stop making excuses.

I love the words of an anonymous writer on excuses:

Excuses are tools of the incompetent, and those who specialize in them seldom go far.”

On his part, Benjamin Franklin says, “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

I fully agree with George Washington Carver who holds that “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

Leanne has declared 2019, year of no excuses. And in another post she gives her no more excuses commitment: What next?

Are you ready to make a no- more-excuses commitment?

Please, if you have written a post on excuses which we have not mentioned in this post, kindly forward the link to us.

If you know a post on this subject which can help someone somewhere, please, forward the link to us. We want to encourage all those who have written on excuses by sharing to reach more readers.

Excuses are not my friends

Excuses are not my friends;
They don’t do me any good;
Actually, they hurt me badly
By standing on my way;
They deprive me of success;
I no longer give them a place
In my life;
Though they are always around
Trying to force their way to me;
They will no longer succeed
With me;
I find reasons to do whatever
I want to do;
Not excuses not to do it.
On excuses. forever and ever,
I turn my back;
No more excuses in my life.
If you want to succeed, I advise,
For, indeed, you should,
No more excuses in your life.