I never will understand

Plenty of things I never
Do see;
Though wide I open my eyes;
Yet, I believe, they exist;
Plenty of things
I don’t understand;
However hard I rack
My tiny brain;
Yet, I believe, they exist;
For those who understand
Do make me know;
I can’t always see
Before I believe;
I can’t always understand
What I see;
As galore things exist,
Like stars in the sky,
Or fish in the sea,
I never will understand,
No matter how hard I try;
But what use do I want
To draw water from a stone?
Decipher or not,
See or don’t see
The writing on the wall
Is bold and clear;
Many things exist
I never will know;
I never will understand.


If you don’t believe in God

If you don’t believe in God,
Tell me in what you believe;
You did not create yourself, did you?
Your parents did not create you either;
They only served as the channel
Through which you came
Into this world;
There is a power more than you,
That is responsible for your life,
Those who were here before us
Have taught us
About that supreme being
Called God.
Why would you think
You think you know so much
To deny his existence?
Isn’t it so simple?
We humans are limited;
Only that Supreme being can reveal Himself to us;
And he revealed himself
To our early parents;
And that revelation was recorded in the bible.
Why ridicule yourself
With disbelief?
What will that give you?
Whether we understand
Or we don’t understand,
There is a power that is more
Than us;
To that power we must turn
To ask for the way
To live the life which he has given us;
We call that power God in English;
Allah in Arabic;
Dieu in French;
Nui in my language.
What of your language?
Every language has its own word for God;
So if you don’t believe
In God,
I don’t know what you believe in;
If you doubt the existence
Of God,
It is rather something
To make one laugh.
You better believe in God;
The Almighty Creator
Of heaven and earth,
The Alpha and Omega,
Who willingly brought you
Into this world.
You better believe in him;
And live according to his law.


If you are among those who question or doubt the existence of God, I advise you to think again.

Look at yourself and nature and ask: “Who created me? Who created the universe?” Then pray to your creator.

“Mighty Creator, you created me. If you can do something as complex as creating me, then you can hear me and do anything. If you can create the universe, there’s nothing you cannot do. Please, help me to believe in you. Amen!”

Yes, we are not the most powerful specie in existence. There’s a being more powerful than us. He is responsible for our coming into and our going from this world. He is a mystery. We can only know him to the extent that he reveals himself to us; and he did so to our ancestors and recorded it in the Holy Bible. He asked us to call him God in English and each language has their own name.

Of course, we humans are all different. Some people believe easily. Some take a while. Some never believe at all. As for me, I believe. What about you?

It is wise and prudent to believe.

I encourage you to believe.

Believe! You can do nothing on your own, without him. With him, all your plans, all your dreams are possible.

Song ‘Calm Beauty’ based on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (audio track & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song ‘Calm Beauty’: based on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam it is lifting a fold of the veil that hides the infinite knowledge.


Calm Beauty (Dedicated To Omar Khayyam, The Astronomer-Poet Of Persia And Based On His Stanzas Of Four Lines Called Rubaiyat)

When you and I behind the veil are past,
oh, but the long, long while the world shall last,
which of our coming and departure heeds,
as the sea‘s self should heed a pebble-cast.

A moment‘s halt – a momentary taste
of being from the well amid the waste –
and lo! – the phantom caravan has reached
the nothing it set out from – oh, make haste!

Would you that spangle of existence spend
about the secret – quick about it, friend!
A hair perhaps divides the false from the true –
and upon what may life depend?

A hair perhaps divides the false and true;
Yes; and a single sign were the clue –
could you but find it – to the treasure-house
and peradventure to the master too.

Whose secret presence through creation‘s veins
running quicksilver-like eludes our pains;
taking all shapes from small to grand and
they change and perish all – but he remains.

And fear not lest existence closing your account
and mine should know the like no more;
the eternal one from that bowl has poured
millions of bubbles like us, and will pour.

When you and I behind the veil are past,
oh, but the long, long while the world shall last,
which of our coming and departure heeds
as the sea‘s self should heed a pebble-cast.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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photo by Mirakali Montecrossa