Expectations for day

Today is loaded with promise;
My yesterday was thrilling;
I think of it with joy;
I met an irresistible person,
Who significantly impacted my life;
A gem of inspiration;
I also read an impactful book;
Which lifted my spirits beyond the ordinary;
And stimulated and energized me;
My expectations for today are high;
I anticipate much fun.

A toast for you

For you, I propose this
That the year ahead
May bring you blessings
You have never imagined;
That your light may shine
So brightly;
That every good thing
You wish for yourself
May come to you this 2020;
That our faces
May be full of smiles;
That we may see
Our children’s children;
That we may fly
From country to country,
Visiting our children
And our children’s children;
That we may proclaim
That our God is good
All the times.
Amen and amen!

We will have a boom today (Be inspired today 165 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

We will have a boom today;
I see a boom on our site;
I see a boom in the horizon;
I am so elated;
What about you?
Do you see what I see?
The boom is lurking
In the horizon;
And coming with force
Towards us.
It wouldn’t surprise me
If today becomes
Our best day here at SIWO.
I see clear indications;
And you are a contributor;
You are a source of victory;
When you act, people laugh
Because you give victory;
I am waiting
With all the anxiety;
With high expectations.
Do you know how it feels
To be waiting
For something with
High expectations?
That is the feeling I have.
We are waiting for a boom
On this site today
With high expectations.
I am certain
We will not be disappointed.
We will have our boom.
A big boom is coming fast.

Your expectations (Be inspired today 156 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Are your expectations met?
I guess they are not;
But that should not be
The end of the world;
In life,
Many times,
Your expectations
Will be met;
Many times,
Your expectatiions
Will not be met;
Nothing wrong with that;
That is life;
And nothing you can do
About it;
You don’t kill yourself
Because your expectations
Are not met;
You find out what is wrong,
That your expectations
Are not met;
And you correct it,
So that next time
Things will work out well.
And your expectations
Will be met;
Is that okay?
Thanks for your kind attention.

A joy-filled heart

She got very near Alivo;
But was not yet there;
Her heart began to beat,
As she looked forward
To meeting him;
Alivo was his castle;
Their meeting would be
Their very first meeting;
They knew each other well;
And loved each other
With so much passion;
But had never met;
That was why her heart
Was beating so fast;
The love heat in her heart
Grew stronger
As the minutes rolled by;
She had always wondered
How he would look
In a face-to-face meeting;
Her expectations were high;
She began to dance;
While joy filled her heart.

I am still far away…..

Rambling through the untraveled vastness
Sighing for the unique greatness,
I reach my destination
Fulfilling the manifestation
And Oh I realize!
I am still far away

Ambition that lead the sight
With enormous power in the flight,
I headed towards a goal
Until I stumbled upon a pothole
And Oh I realize!
I am still far away

Celebrating the victories
Ignoring the miseries,
I try finding grace
In the worldly menace
And Oh I realize!
I am still far away

Speculating upon my existence
Hiding weight with drapes of pretense,
I act in the most immaculate manner
Demanding work out of my caliber
And Oh I realize!
I am still far away

Breathing hard with people around

Crying incessantly when none surround,
Meditating for tranqillity
With mind pushing away stability
And Oh I realize!
I am still far away

Leaving my destination
That I carved through passion ,
I am gonna sail across the ocean;
Never to reach those edges,
That have mortal ends
But where peace resides,
With no veiled devil spouse
Where love is free,
With no attached strings
Where happiness resonates abundantly,
With no defined limitations
Where righteousness exists,
With no need for justice
Where fears have no say,
With no deficiencies to reveal
Where numbers exist for play,
With no values to assign
Where acceptance of verity is easy,
With no grief hovering
Where giving becomes unconditional,
With no ulterior motives
Where contentment lives,
With no body to own.

I know
And yes! I know
I am still far away 
To realize that all has been in me!
I am still far away
To dive into the sea of divinity
That perennially flows in my blood,
I am still far away
To extract the glowing pearls
That can prove my worth,
I am still far away
To be near to solitude
That can give me solace,
I am still far away
To perceive the colours
Between black and white,
I am still far away 
To know that stars are uncountable,
I am still far away
To know the purpose
That makes the earth attractive for my stay,
I am far far away
To know who I am!

Clear the confusion

Very often spouses and lovers are confused about what to do to satisfy the other person.

They get confused about the other person’s expectations.

There are times you think you are doing your best, but the other person will take it very badly.

This leaves you confused and some people even become frustrated and angry.

You may know about the wife who liked boiling ripe plantains to satisfy her husband not knowing the man hated ripe plantains but would not say it fearing to hurt his wife.

Each time ripe plantains were cooked, he was angry but did not say why. His attitude was repulsive and that hurt the woman who felt her work was unappreciated. This usually developed into stress in the relationship.

The problem was solved only when they understood each other’s expectations.

This is what has prompted this post so we see how we can clear some of this confusion.

What I would like us to do is to think of the things that you expect from your spouse or lover. List as many as can come to your mind. Let our spouses be clear about our expectations.

Over to you!