Who will save us?

I have some worries
That need answers
So urgent.

Tell me:
How can the world
Know peace,
When the rich keep
Exploiting the poor;
And the powerful keep
Trampling on the weak?
Can’t this stop?

Tell me:
How can the world
Know happiness
When everyday,
The rich grow richer
While the poor grow poorer?
Can’t we put an end
To this?

Tell me:
How can we talk of
A just world
When the rich
Swim in wealth,
While the poor
Wallow in poverty?
Cant we make things good
For everybody?

Tell me:
Is this how
God meant the world
To be?
Is this
The creator’s plan
For his world?

Who created
The greed we have in us?
The evil prevailing?
The wickedness that fills
Many human hearts?

And how do we free
The world of all the evil
When it is growing
By leaps and bounds?

I fear for the world;
I fear what lies ahead;
Disaster, I clearly see;
Hate is about
To overthrow love;
Evil is overpowering good,
And violence and war
Are taking full control
Of the world,
Putting peace out of work;
Who will not nurse fears?
Who will not be worried
About the future of our
The road to destruction
Is being widened
And smoothened;
Who will save us?
That is the question.

Not tomorrow, now

If you are still young,

A great opportunity
Lies in your palms;
You have two options
Open to you:
Exploit the opportunity,
Or waste it;
One option
Will make you happy
And proud
All your life;
The other option
Will make you
The opportunity
In your hands is
To take a decision
To become somebody
To reckon with;
And to do
What you can
For this dream
To come true.
Will you exploit
Or waste
This opportunity?
It is a
Golden opportunity.
I want you to be
Happy tomorrow
Not sad;
I want you to be
Successful and proud.
Take the right decision
Not tomorrow, now;
To become exactly who
You were created to be.

Does opportunity come but once?

Featured Image -- 201217It is usually said that opportunity comes but once. How true is this? Does opportunity come but once?

I do not agree that opportunity comes but once. I do agree, there are some opportunities that will only come once and if you fail to take hold of them, they will vanish and never come again. But there are others that will come and come again. They will knock your door again and again.

The adage which says opportunity comes but once is really meant to encourage people to exploit the opportunities that come their way; to take action instead of only daydreaming about what they want to achieve or become.

It is important to be vigilant and seize any opportunity that comes your way in case it is the one that comes but once.

An opportunity means nothing if it is not exploited. Every opportunity is raw material for a blessing or blessings. It has to be exploited and refined like oil that is exploited and refined to become fuel; or gold that is exploited and refined. While unrefined it looks like waste material; but it is not waste material. It is still precious material but needs to be worked on.

Opportunities are building blocks of success. Every opportunity that is well exploited takes you higher on the ladder of success.

God has a way of dropping opportunities on your path. Sometimes they are very visible and easy to know. Many times also, they are in disguise. They disguise and look like the exact opposite of what they really are.

Many of the problems, obstacles, difficulties misfortunes, failures that come your way are opportunities in disguise. You have to look deep and long to find them buried, sometimes right at the center.

To enhance your chances of success, or becoming the person you are meant to be, always see every challenge, failure, obstacle disappointment etc, as an opportunity in disguise.

Your stumbling blocks are disguised opportunities waiting to be unveiled. When you unveil them, you will see that they were really stepping stones in disguise.

Today, many opportunities will come your way. If your eyes are not open, you will not see them. You will take them for misfortune, obstacles, failure, disappointment, etc. They are not. They are wonderful opportunities put on your path by your creator. They are an answer to your prayers. Do not let them slip through your fingers.

Always have in mind that though not all opportunities come but once, some opportunities come but once. Hence, seize every opportunity that comes your way before it has a chance to disappear and never return if it is that opportunity that comes but once.

We are exploring

We are exploring;
We are exploring all ways;
We are leaving nothing unexplored;
We want to make sure
We exploit our potentials
To the full;
We don’t want to waste
Our God given gifts;
If our talents are meant
To take us to the sky,
That us where we will go;
If they are meant
To take us to the bottom
Of the sea,
We want to reach there.
That is why
We are exploring;
We are exploring all avenues;
That, I recommend to you
As well;
Explore your talents;
Explore your opportunities;
Maximize your chances.
Go under the sea;
Fly to the moon;
Push right to the end.