Helping children realize their potential

I recently visited a school of over one thousand students all dressed in the same attire.

As I looked at the young people sitting in front of me, many thoughts came to my mind about life and what destiny reserves for each of us.

I realised how hard, if not impossible, it was to know what each of them would become tomorrow.

We all have different destinies as decided by our Creator; but none is to keep us at the bottom.

We are all destined for greatness, but it is left to each one of us to tell God how far we want to go and to do what he has already decided that we must do to get it and we will get it.

If we go back to the young people I mentioned at the start, some of them might end up rising to very high positions in life while others will be in low positions.

Some of them might become financially independent while others will be financially dependent.

We have seen this happen. And many times do who go on to shine might not be those that looked most promising.

If you make a study of the extraordinary achievers and underachievers, you will find it has to do with:

  1. The way they used their time.
  2. The decisions they took.
  3. The choices they made.
  4. Their belief in their abilities.
  5. Their belief in divine guidance.
  6. How hard they worked.
  7. How determined they were.
  8. How motivated they were.
  9. How ready they were to persist.
  10. How prayerful they were.
  11. How much encouragement they got.

There are some young people who, right from school, know:

  1. What they want from life,
  2. What it takes to get it;
  3. Start to work for it;
  4. Are determined to succeed,
  5. And stay focused.

Such are the ones who go on to attain great heights.

If you do not know where you want to go, what happens?

Of course, you may end up going nowhere; or you wander to where you don’t like.

There are things we need to teach our children or help them do early:

  • Teach them the importance of goal setting,
  • Help them decide their life path. It may change as they grow, but it is absolutely important that at every stage in life, they should have a sense of direction; something they live for.
  • Instill ambition in them. Don’t let your child be like the people among us who are not ambitious at all. They should not only be ambitious, or have dreams, they should have big dreams.
  • Motivate and encourage them. Motivation and encouragement are of paramount importance. If they are not motivated to aspire, they will end as chicken scratching the soil for a living instead of soaring in the sky like the eagle they are meant to be.

Let me reiterate that God did not create us humans for mediocrity. God created us for great things. Every single thing that God created is great.

The children God has blessed us with are no exception. They are so full of potential. We must not allow them to waste that potential.

Unfortunately, for lack of awareness and know-how many parents are allowing the great potential of their progeny to waste away making them end in misery instead of the shining stars that they are meant to be.

Let us not do this.



If you say he’s ordinary,
I disagree;
Look at what’s going on;
It’s the last minute;
Yet, still so much buying
And selling;
Call it
Last minute marketing;
Last minute rush;
Everything in a hurry;
To get things under control;
The D-hour is at hand;
It’s called Christmas;
Mass and church service
Scheduled for soon;
Never had a feast so big;
With all the world involved;
Wasn’t he so special?
To shake the world thus?
Almost 2000 years gone by,
Since he left the earth;
Yet, still he shakes it
More than any you can think.
He is not ordinary;
He’s extraordinary.

That made her so extraordinary

What she did was her work;
And only her work
As she was called to do;
There was no job she did
That could be called an extraordinary job;
They were simple, ordinary jobs;
Yet, you can’t believe
How extraordinary a woman
She turned out to be;
Can you guess why?
Think about it,
For that is what
you must do;
She did her best
In everything
She put her hands on;
She did everything
In an extraordinary way;
She gave simple things a golden touch;
It didn’t matter what it was,
She put in her best;
And the result was,
Everything she did stood out.
It shone brightly;
It sparked;
And made her extraordinary.
You can do same;
You can make ordinary things
By doing them in extraordinary ways.


Someone has said most extraordinary achievements are often merely the result of ordinary things done in extraordinary ways.

I believe this.

If you are shining shoes, do not do it the ordinary way. Do it in an extraordinary way and you will be extraordinary for that.

Cooking is an ordinary everyday activity, but you can become an extraordinary person just by cooking in an extraordinary way.

If you are a hair cutter, you can be an extraordinary haircutter, and thus an extraordinary person merely by cutting hair in an extraordinary way.

Therefore, be extraordinary by doing ordinary things in an extraordinary ways.


Do you like to be extraordinary? That would be a good thing. By the way, what does being extraordinary mean?

Someone who is extraordinary is amazing, exceptional, remarkable.

When something is extraordinary, it is incredible, wonderful, astounding, marvelous etc.

What clearly stands out about a person or thing that is extraordinary is the aspect of not being ordinary. In something extraordinary, we have ordinary plus extra. There is something extra about an ordinary thing. I hope you get the point.

It means if you want your performance to stand out as extraordinary, you must put in more than ordinary effort or take more than ordinary action. Extra means more.

Ordinary action cannot produce extraordinary results. It is only by going extra with an ordinary thing that you get extraordinary results. In which case then, you become an extraordinary person.

Hence, if you want extraordinary results, do whatever you do in an extraordinary way.

Do not be a normal way person. Always look for a way that is unique – an extraordinary way. Then you will become an extraordinary person who does things in an extraordinary way.

Go ahead and be famous

mariah carey holding a microphone

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If you want to be famous;
I have no problem with that;
Feel free to be famous;
I endorse your dream;
Go ahead and be famous;
It is your right
To be famous;
It is your right
To be great;
It is your right
To be extraordinary;
It is your right
To be a superstar;
It is your right
To be anything you desire
To be;
Nobody has the right
Or the power
To stop you;
Only you can stop yourself;
Only you can decide not to be;
You have the right,
And the potential
To rise to any height
Of your choice;
All you need is
To know exactly what you want;
To be fully determined to get it;
To be 100% committed to it;
To work extremely hard;
And persist when you meet
And discouraging messages
From others;
You must meet them;
All the great people
Of the past met them;
All the great people of our day,
Continue to meet them;
All the superstars
Of the past met them;
And the superstars of today
Continue to meet them;
All the famous people
Of the past met them;
All the famous people of today,
Continue to meet them;
You can do like them;
Anyone who likes can do
Like them;
Yes, you can be famous;
Please, go ahead and be famous.

Source of inspiration: I want to be famous a lovely post by Lauren Rogers
to whom I express gratitude.

What else? Tell me.

IMG_0177If you want to make a difference in this world,
Learn to go the extra mile.

If you want to make a difference in this world,
Learn to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

If you want to make a difference in this world,
Learn to see opportunities where others see obstacles.

If you want to make a difference in this world,
Learn to do what else? Tell me!