The positive side of failure

Failure has two sides;
The negative side
And the positive side;
Most people see
The negative side;
And are blind
To the positve side;
You should not be
Like these people;
They are the losers;
The winners see
The positive side;
And to the best
Of my knowledge,
You are a winner;
The positive side
Of failure
Calls to you.
Will you take the hand?


Enemy to failure

Don’t be an enemy
To success;
Be enemy to failure;
Friend to success;
Enemy to failure.
If success likes you,
And you like success
And become friends,
What else can you want?
Success is all we want;
Or who doesn’t want it?
No single soul I know;
Be it worldly success,
Or heavenly success;
It’s all success, short;
Which we all want;
And will all have;
So don’t be an enemy
To success;
An obstacle to success;
A setback;
Or stumbling block.
Be a good enemy to failure.

Step on

Step on your failures;
Don’t sit on them;
Which means if you fail,
Begin again;
And see how far you go;
The first time
Should not be the last;
Let it be the start;
You will fail many times
Before you succeed,
But what you are looking for
Is not the times you fail,
But the one time
That you succeed.
See failure not as an end
But as a stepping stone
To success;
Step on them,
Don’t sit on your failures.

Parenting (Quote)

“Parenting is very important. It is right at home that we start making our child a success or a failure in life. Many of us contribute to the failure of our own children without knowing it. We do not pay attention to what we tell them whereas children believe what they are told about themselves and grow with that belief. This determines how they perform in life. So parents must watch out.” Woman Wearing Orange Off Shoulder Blouse (Romilia quotes)


Failure is important in your life.

Without relishing the bitter taste of your failure, You’ll never get the sweet taste of your success.

Failure doesn’t break you down, But failure makes you stronger and solid.

Don’t scare of your failure. Make your failure as the stepping stone of your great success.

Discover the new ways of your grand success and glory on the path of your greatest failures.

Source: POSITIVE THOUGHTS OF SELF-MOTIVATION! Only you can motivate yourself… Only you can bring positive changes in your life…. Birister Sharma


Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

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The blessing of failure (Be inspired today 114 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Did I get it right?
The blessing of failure?
How can failure be
A blessing?
Someone tells me
Failure can be
An opportunity;
I am yet to understand,
If you do,
Please, enlighten me.
I take failure so badly;
I see nothing good
In failure;
But I keep hearing
Good things can come
From failure;
Tell me once and for all
Because I believe in you:
Is failure a bad thing
Or a good thing?
What is good in failure?
Shouldn’t I hate failure?
I am ready to listen
If you speak;
I am all ears;
Tell me what you know
About failure.
How do I treat it?
Positively or negatively?
Explain yourself.
Let me know why I shouldn’t
Just give up
If I fail.

Don’t fear to fail

I know you have a plan;
What is holding you back?
The fear of failure, isn’t it?
Wait a minute;
How will that help you?
It can instead make you fail;
The fear of failure
Can paralyze you;
And cause your downfall;
The fear of failure
Will not help you in any way;
Stop fearing to fail;
And start taking action.
On the things you want
To do.
If you do them and still fail,
Don’t stop;
Keep on going;
One day,
By the grace of God,
You will make it big.

Where shall you fall?

Where shall you fall?
Do you know?
Or can you guess?
Billions of people
The world over
At this very moment,
Are engaged in
The hunt for success;
It is a fierce hunt, indeed;
Everybody is hungry
To succeed;
But it is glaring:
Some will succeed;
And some will fail;
Shall you be among
Those who will succeed?
Or among
Those who will fail?
Ask yourself this question?
Look at what you are doing;
And give an honest answer.
If your are among those who
Shall succeed;
Well and good.  
If not, do something about it.