Faith in Failure

Failure is a word most, or many would just assume skirt around. How many times must we fail? There may be a job and home losses, relationships gone awry, wars, or even deaths of loved ones. God didn’t prepare us for such horrible conditions, as satisfaction had its limits. Only now do we turn to God with outstretched arms and give it all to Him. Don’t you know, in those unsuspected times of remorse, God loves using failures for His glory? Yes! It is time to watch and listen for His message. Have faith in failure!

“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.”  2 Corinthians 12:9

Our Father chooses those who are NOT perfectly polished and prepared for a purpose. The people you least suspect will be His chosen ones. A perfect biblical example was the Jew called Saul of Tarsus. Saul murdered and tortured Christians, yet as he walked to Damascus, God blinded him with a light, and Jesus appeared before him. Saul converted to Christianity and ultimately became an apostle.

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Many people walk the earth today with a torrid past, yet they turn their lives over to God. I am one such example. I went to bed a carpenter and was awakened and told to write His messages to the world. It did not behoove me to argue with the Lord despite being dyslexic. For being a faithful servant, God has adorned me with countless blessings – it was my faith in failure.

Never give up on your faith… this is my best advice. What if the Wright brothers gave up, or Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Henry Ford? Sam Walton filed bankruptcy three times before he started Walmart. Look how their faith amidst catastrophes made them successful. As their failures came, their faith drove their power.

Humanity is born to fail, and it is only by faith that we learn we can do anything our heart desires. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, pray for answers, and wait for God’s whisper. Adverse events can bring such love if you receive the confidence from our Almighty Father. We can either believe in the lies we are not good enough, or draw closer to God.

Let the Lord fill us with thankfulness and humility. As long as we fail, we know God is in control of our destiny. Stand against the tide in the turmoil of life and watch faith in failure grow more robust than ever.

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Bountifully rewarded

What great joy in success!
When your effort pays off;
You fight for a thing
And reap the fruit;
You struggle not in vain;
But for a harvest
That fills your basket;
Surely, it thrills.
You must fight
For your place in the world;
Not to kill fellow humans,
But to kill failure;
Why eliminate your like?
Made in the image
And likeness of God;
When you labour for success,
God is happy;
And favours you;
He favours those who
Put in their best.
As long as you are doing
What you have to do,
And do your best in it,
Be happy;
Your effort will not go
In vain;
You will be blessed.
Bountifully rewarded.
You harvest basket will
be full to the brim.

15 reasons many marriages fail

You may be surprised to hear that many marriages fail. That is true. Many marriages fail.

Do you know why?

Let me give you 15 reasons why many marriages fail:

  1. Rushing into marriage. Many young people rush into marriage when they do not know each other.
  2. Lack of knowledge of what marriage means: they do not know that in marriage there is permanence and commitment.
  3. Different cultural backgrounds: Marrying someone from a different background can lead to failure.
  4. Different church: Marrying someone from a different church.
  5. Financial problems: finances are a great source of problems between couples.
  6. Having no children: this causes problems in marriages.
  7. Violence
  8. Having a hidden agenda.
  9. Laziness
  10. Infidelity
  11. Divorce mentality.
  12. Irresponsible attitude.
  13. Coming from a broken home.
  14. Wanting an easy life.
  15. Selfishness

Do you know another reason why marriages fail? Please, share. Sharing is loving.

Wealthy but unsuccessful

Being wealthy does not necessarily make you successful.

There are many wealthy people who are woeful failures.

It is better to be poor but successful than to be rich but unsuccessful.

The best thing, however, is to be both wealthy and successful.

Your dream should be to be rich and successful.

It is tragic to be wealthy but unsuccessful.

That could mean you have worked so hard for nothing.

This may happen when you use dirty methods to acquire your wealth, or when you use honestly acquired wealth for evil instead of for good.

Using unscrupulous methods to acquire riches makes you a woeful failure weather you are exposed or not.

You are merely an elephant standing on sandy feet or a storey building on a mud foundation.

Struggle continues

Whether you lose
Or you win,
One fact remains,
Struggle continues;
It doesn’t end
With victory;
It doesn’t end
With failure.
To live
Is to struggle;
It is lifelong;
You have to keep struggling;
Struggle to victory;
Struggle after victory;
Struggle to failure;
Struggle after failure.
Struggle ceases
When life ceases;
Life ceases
When struggle ceases.
As long as you live,
Struggle continues.

Pick up

Pick up
Where you stand;
It is never too late;
Don’t wait for tomorrow;
You so well know
How uncertain it is;
Pick up
Where you stand;
And don’t stop,
Till you arrive.
And every time you fall,
Maintain the pattern:
Pick up
Where you stand.
If you are waiting
For tomorrow,
You are signing a pact
With failure;
Tomorrow has never come.
Pick up on the spot
Where you stand.

Fail to succeed

Did you fail to succeed,
Or you succeeded to fail?
Why did it happen?
Why did you fail?
You worked so hard
To succeed,
It looked clear
That you were to succeed,
But you didn’t;
Instead, you failed;
But why?
Why did you fail?
You were supposed to succeed;
The answer,
I have for you,
You failed to succeed;
Or did you succeed to fail?
Each time you fail,
It is to succeed;
God wants you to succeed,
Not to fail;
So when you fail,
You don’t succeed to fail,
You fail to succeed.
How about.that?

The positive side of failure

Failure has two sides;
The negative side
And the positive side;
Most people see
The negative side;
And are blind
To the positve side;
You should not be
Like these people;
They are the losers;
The winners see
The positive side;
And to the best
Of my knowledge,
You are a winner;
The positive side
Of failure
Calls to you.
Will you take the hand?

Enemy to failure

Don’t be an enemy
To success;
Be enemy to failure;
Friend to success;
Enemy to failure.
If success likes you,
And you like success
And become friends,
What else can you want?
Success is all we want;
Or who doesn’t want it?
No single soul I know;
Be it worldly success,
Or heavenly success;
It’s all success, short;
Which we all want;
And will all have;
So don’t be an enemy
To success;
An obstacle to success;
A setback;
Or stumbling block.
Be a good enemy to failure.