Today’s Morning Prayer 38

Most loving God,
We have made it
Our duty
To worship you daily,
And first thing
To start our day;
The devil is always
To derail us,
Grant us the grace
To hold fast
To our faith
And do what is right.


Be fast

You are too slow, Molly;
Too slow for my liking;
Too slow to be effective;
It is good sometimes
To be slow,
That is for sure;
And sometimes to be fast;
But not to be too slow;
And not too fast;
When you are too slow
You miss many things;
When you are too fast,
Many things miss you.
So the middle of the road
Is the way to go;
Be fast.

Slow or fast give thanks

If things are slow,
As it is the case now,
That could be
A good thing;
It’s not all the times
That one needs to be fast.
Sometimes, you lose when
You are slow;
But sometimes, you gain;
The same way, sometimes you lose
When you are fast;
And sometimes you gain;
So, whether things are
Slow or fast,
Give thanks to the Lord;
The all-knowing Lord
Always knows better.
Being slow may be for our good;
The same way that being fast
May be at certain times.

Be fast!

Are you fast or slow?
Be fast!
No time to waste;
So be fast!
Fast enough not to miss your train;
But not too fast;
Not so fast that you break your legs;
Be fast,
The times call for all to be fast;
The fast will win;
The slow will miss their flight;
Be fast;
But know when to be fast;
And when to be slow;
It’s not at all times that one must be fast;
Be fast;
Most of the times you have to be fast;
Be fast!