Prayer of a worried heart

Many worries I have O Lord,
And bring them all to you;
All my fears and doubts
As well I bring;
This is the prayer
Of a worried heart;
You know what worries me;
Protect all my people;
And the family
You have entrusted
To my care;
Grant safety to all
Who are travelling.
The times are precarious;
Nothing can be predicted;
You died on the cross for me;
For me you shed your blood;
And your promise you gave me;
Keep your word to stand
By me and my people;
Humbly, I submit my plea
To you in faith and hope,


You will be victorious

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If too many challenges
You face;
If too may obstacles
Stand on your way;
If too many fears
And worries
Are your bedfellows
At this very moment,
If you have setbacks,
And a load of anxieties
And doubts,
Let me assure you,
You will overcome;
You will succeed;
I encourage you;
Take courage;
Put your trust in God;
He is ready to help you;
He has promised;
He wll stand by you;
Victory awaits you;
You will not be broken;
You will not be shattered;
You will not be defeated;
You will be victorious.

God is the solution

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Tears fill my eyes;
Who will wipe them for me?
My heart is shaking with fear;
Who will calm my fears;
I am dying of confusion;
Who will clear my doubts?
No human being can;
God will do it;
Who will resolve my worries?
No human being can;
God will do it;
I kneel before almighty him.
On you O Lord,
I count to wipe my tears;
On you O Lord,
I depend to calm my fears;
On you O lord,
I rely to clear my doubts.
You are everything;
You are the solution
To all our problems here below
You are encouraged to rely on him.

The cry of a desperate child

Who will hear my cry?
Who will hear the cry
Of a desperate boy?
I feel for myself;
I cry for myself;
Let me cry out my sorrows;
Let me cry out my lungs;
If I can ever do;
Sorrow fills my heart;
It seems to grow bigger
By the day;
My sorrow tank never runs dry;
Some people grow in luxury;
I grow in sorrow;
I grow bigger in abject poverty;
Some people live on delicacies;
I know not delicacies;
I hardly have a full meal a day;
I cry for myself;
I mourn for my wretched life;
Some people are spoiled
With love from childhood
Through adulthood;
And throughout life;
Some people are swim
In love; and bath in
The warm stream of life;
But nobody to love me;
And nobody for me to love;
Some people enjoy peace
At home and everywhere they go;
Some people are anxiously Waiting;
And living a life free of worries;
My life is beset by worries;
Fears and doubts;
What life has offered me
Leaves me no reason to hope
That tomorrow will be better;
That my misery is just
For today;
See my eyes how swollen
They are from all my crying;
pour on sad tears;
That my inner core may be empty;
That a downpour of tears
And sorrows, we may have
No more.

Doubts, fears and worries

I used to doubt,
I no longer do;
I used to fear,
I no longer do;
I used to worry,
I no longer do;
I have grown;
To have no doubt
That God will
See me through;
I don’t fear
I am divinely
I have no worries,
God is in control;
And this should be
Same for you;
You should have
No doubt about the
And no fears and worries;
God is in control.

Brace up!

Difficult is our world;
Life, so full of ups and downs;
Worries, anxieties, fears abound,
People numerous wading through;
Doubts and frustrations enormous;
Success a much far cry;
To the rocks, hopes often dashed.
But why so difficult?
A hard question no doubt;
But at the tunnel’s end,
Flickers hope;
Indicating all is not dark;
Bright things still ahead,
Though dormant they may lie;
But who digs deep
Will cough them up;
Brace up then and start to dig.

Wounds in my heart

I have wounds in my heart;
Inflicted by enemies of happiness;
Who will heal them for me?

I have self-doubts;
That eat me deep;
Who will clear them for me?

I lack self-confidence,
And this inhibits me.
Who will instill confidence in me?

I have many fears and worries;
Which paralyze me;
Who do I take them to?

I long for somebody to lean on;
So that I may not fall;
Who shall I lean on?

Make up your mind now

What is it you want to do today?
If there’s a thing you have been thinking of doing,
But have not made up your mind to start,
Make up your mind now;
And go for it; and never stop;
Don’t give undeserved power to your fears
And doubts and worries;
Ask your guardian angel to help you;
Turn to him right away; ask him;
Then you go ahead; let nothing stop you
Until you get that which you want.