Many are already into it;
And do you know what
I am talking about?
The Christmas spirit;
The big feast of Jesus,
That rocks the world
Every year is on its way;
Born in Bethlehem
More than 2000 years ago,
This mysterious man
Is remembered
As no other man is;
His name
Is pronounced
More than any other human name;
He is the center of world attention
Every year at Christmas.
Not for Christians only;
Christmas for all
The world, directly
Or indirectly.


Make life a feast

I just imagine how wonderful it can be;
For us to turn everyday into a feast!
Don’t you see it would be amazing?
But here below it can hardly be so;
Life is so full of thorns;
It keeps pricking us all the times;
Making us think life were such an ordeal;
Instead of something to feast about.
The truth is, life should be a feast;
A daily feast; a celebration;
Life should actually be celebrated;
And we are the ones to celebrate it;
So let’s celebrate and make it a feast;
Are you ready?
If you’re, let’s be on our toes.

Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Today is youth day

Today is youth day in my country;
The youth are out celebrating;
It is a national youth feast;
They will listen to our leader;
The president of the republic;
What shall he tell them?
It is to wait and see;
Next shall be the march past;
March past centers everywhere;
Oh youths! The future you hold;
Shall you make or mar?
What kind of leaders shall you be?
What kind of parents shall you be?
Can we count on you?
We want to hear from you.

Great lessons from a humble man

Is your name Joseph? If it is, tell us how and why you took that name.

Do you know someone who is called Joseph? Please forward this post to him so that he may tell us why he bears this name.

The Catholic World celebrates the feast of Joseph, the husband of Mary and foster-father of Jesus on the 19th of March every year.

It’s always a big event.

It’s amazing how this man who never said anything all his life is so highly respected in the world and said to have done so much for humanity.

He is, in fact, a role model to millions of people. Millions the world over bear his name. Millions of institutions in the world have been named after him.

Would someone kindly tell the world why this man is considered by so many as so great. I am told he had many virtues and that every letter of his name – Joseph – stands for a virtue.

Please, throw some light on this. What does this man teach the world?