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Weekly blog review day 1: Deanne’s World

The blogosphere is replete with awesome blogs. Every day, I visit many of them and interact with their owners. Although a lot of blogs can be described as smashing, from time to time I come across some that strike me in a very special way. One of them is Deanne’s World.

It is not long since I discovered this blog. And ever since, I have never visited it and gone away without being thrilled, inspired, edified and lifted above the ordinary. To say the least, it is a strikingly inspirational blog.

It is just a little over one year since Deanne’s World was created; but already, it has won many hearts and minds. According to the WordPress Blogging Annual Report, this blog was viewed 33.000 times in 2015. The busiest day “was February 7 with 342 views. The most popular post that day was About.”

The star behind the lofty dream of Deanne’s World is Deanne. Not much is available on this site about her. What she does outside blogging and where she hails from she doesn’t say. But that is not what matters. What attracts me to the site is the quality of what is published there.

Deanne’s World is a poetry-focused blog where you find an outpouring of the content of the author’s heart – a veritable outflow of a panache of joys, sorrows, heartbreaks, frustrations, disappointments and hopes.

Many of the poems will touch and delight your heart and put smiles on your face. But while some will make you laugh; some will draw tears to your eyes and you may find yourself actually crying. There are those who will challenge you and send you thinking and reflecting on the vicissitudes of life and the world in which we live.

I have not found a poem on Deanne’s blog that has not spoken to me in a special way. In this, I am not alone.  For, although I pride myself as one of the most regular visitors to this site, I only managed to come fourth in 2015, with 86 comments. Top of the list was Thump Up with 316 comments. Nicodemas, another wonderful blogger on WordPress came second with 117 comments. In third position was Lynz Real Cooking with 98 comments.  Steelnglass came after me with 82 comments.

When you read poems on this blog you are left with no doubt that the author has gone through heart-breaking emotional experiences that took her to near shattering point but she was able to steer herself back to safety.

Early this year, Deanne’s World celebrated its first anniversary. In a touching post titled ‘Almost One Year Blogging,’ Deanne announced:

“This is the end of the road for my emotional baggage. They’ll not be traveling with me any further on the journey.  There were some gooey, mucky and slimy gunk I needed to  get out of my system; and I believed I vomited them all out over the past year. So my focus can finally be what I’d always wanted it to be:

Beauty, Love and Harmony.”

Deanne is without doubt one of the shining stars that I have met on WordPress.She is doing extremely well.  I wish to warmly congratulate her on the work she is doing and urge her to keep on shining. Let the sky be her springboard. The world is and will be better because of her.

I invite you, fellow blogger, to visit Deanne’s World today and say a warm hello to sweet Deanne.  She will surely be overjoyed and will welcome you with the warmest smile. These are some posts I recommend:

Hurt After Hurt.

Time to Smile Again.

Love is wicked.

I want my heart back.


Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. See you next week for another review.



Feature: Blog Choice Review

In response to Day Fifteen of the Blogging 101 course for January 2016, I am Creating a New Posting Feature.

The assignment says “One of the best ways to inspire loyalty (of followers) is to publish regularly. And the best ways to make sure you publish regularly is with a recurring feature — it’s like making a pact with yourself and your audience.”

The task then asks the participants to “develop a regular feature for your blog.”
Thus I am starting a new feature for my blog titled “Blog Choice Review” and it shall come up every Friday.

I shall choose a blog I like and say what I find great about it. I shall invite my friends to visit the blog to support and encourage the blogger.

I am currently working on my first review and intend to publish it before the end of the day. I invite you to watch out for it. Also tell me what you think of the whole idea.

We’ll continue with the interviews we were already doing since they were doing very well and we always felt happy and proud to interview fellow bloggers and others.