Flash Fiction #1

Reinventing myself by standards of society.


What a shame!

I told Lisa to forget about me. I could not keep that any longer.
I didn’t want her again; but had not mustered the courage to say it to her.I felt ashamed as I had often assured her I adored her, and would prefer to die to leaving her.

I never foresaw myself falling in love again with another woman. Then out of the blues Masmida emerged; and we fell in love with each other right from our first meeting. Since then our hearts have burnt for each other as never before.

I kept this secret from Lisa. She always said she loved me so much and I felt she would die if I told he what I was going through. But as my heart burned more and more, I had to unveil the package.

I expected her to break down and cry like a baby. Do you know what she did? She jumped and shouted with joy; and said something that made me shocked; jealous; angry and humiliated. She told me I had made her day as she had been wondering how to tell me she was head and toes in love with my best friend Gabi, and they had made all arrangements to elope the next day.

Masmida was my best friend Gabi’s wife. What a shame!


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Sweet wounds of love

Randy’s sweet heart betrayed him and broke his heart. He had trusted her with all his heart. They were neck-deep in love, he thought.

One day, he got up to find he had no wife. She was no longer there for him. Without a word, she had flown off with his best friend. Only two days later did she send word telling him not to wait for him as he was already on a honey moon with his best friend.

This was too much for Randy. He collapsed; and when he became conscious he was in a hospital bed. It took him quite a while to come back to himself.

Randy narrates this story beautifully in a thrilling novel, SWEET WOUNDS OF LOVE which has earned for Randy a place in the Hall of fame. The betrayal turned out to be sweet betrayal after all. The wounds of love, sweet wounds of love. From a bottomless pit into which he was falling he rose to the pinnacle of fame.

We can always turn our disappointments into wonderful blessings.

If the election were rigged

‘What if the election were rigged?” Akabi asked her friend,Suze. Both of them had been dumbfounded when they got the final results. They had not expected or hoped for such results.

‘That is not impossible,” responded Suze. “Politicians are capable of anything; especially when they have money. But I wonder if anyone can do it and go free.”

“I think we are at the beginning of some real drama,” said Akabi. ‘What the days or months or years ahead may have in stock is hard to say.”

Akabi and Suze talked on and on. What they discussed was what was being discussed in many homes. The idea that the election might have been rigged was growing stronger and stronger in the country.

Election-rigging was nothing new any way. It was the method unscrupulous politicians used to climb to power without the mandate of the people.

Everywhere people were wondering if Akamancho’s victory was genuine or the election had been rigged in his favor. They wondered what would happen if it was later found that it had actually been rigged.

My young lover

I have a young lover;
A sweetie I so much adore;
We are separated by age
But united by love;
She is twenty;
I am sixty-five;
I love her;
And she loves me;
No one else matters to me;
No one else matters to her;
We are thinking of the best
Day to tie the knot;
But our friends are against;
They say I am too old for her;
And she is too young for me;
But love says we are good
For each other;
What do you say?

A goodbye letter

My dear Leeky,

This letter will shock you; but I have no choice. I felt compelled to write it to let you know why I have acted as I have done.

You certainly will not like the decision I have taken but it is final. There is nothing either of us can do about it. You will never see me again and I will never see you again.

I know how my present decision will make you feel as you keep telling me you love me and will never live without me. I don’t believe you love me. You are a dishonest liar. If you were not dishonest, how would you say you loved me and still hit me as you always do, not twice, not thrice but all the times? Love is not words alone. Love is words and actions; and action speaks louder than words. You cannot tell me you love me but do things that show that you don’t love me. I have found that you are a hypocrite; a shameless liar. That is why by the time you find this letter, I shall be thousands of kilometers away from you and we’ll never see each other again.

Do well to look for someone you’ll be boxing every night in the name of love. I thank God for the time we shared together.

Best wishes and bye for ever.

Your one time sweet heart,

Boreen Beecher

My love unexpectedly came back

She left me on a Thursday in the month of September, 2011, without a clue of where she had gone. That was five years ago and it threw me into indescribable agony.
I worried about her safety. I wondered whether she had been kidnapped; whether she had run off with another man and whether at all she was alive.

We had been deeply in love and she had been ideally faithful to me. She would not do anything to hurt me.

Just yesterday I told myself that I had waited enough and took the decision to forget the past and move forward with my life. To my greatest disbelief, when I opened my door this morning, on a Thursday, in the same month of September, behold, she was sitting outside, saying she had come home for good, asking that I forgive her and take her back. I have not said a word to her.

It is clear that she ran off with another man. Please, give me your advice. What am I to do? Forgive and accept her back or ask her to go back to where she is coming from? We have a girl of ten.

Come see a man cry

Have you ever seen a man crying?
Come see me cry;
Come see a stream of tears
Running down my cheeks;
A heavy down pour of rain
Flowing from my eyes;
Who can guess what aches my heart?
My love?
My love has turned her back on me;
And I have no love again:
I tried to call
But she will not pick my call;
I sent her a message;
She will not answer me;
It’s now I realize I pushed her to the wall;
But it seems too late for me;
Had I known,
I would have been a better spouse;
But what am I to do now;
Only my eyes can weep out the sorrow
In my heart.

Blood on her conscience.

                     I’ve been standing here for an hour. I can feel my hands trembling and my knees shaking. My dress is clinging to my body and my heart, I can feel it in my throat. I don’t think anybody has noticed the tiny drops on my dress. It’s too dark in here and nobody is looking at me anymore. It’s funny how one brick in an alleyway can change your life. I feel a bit light-headed now, I think I should go to the ladies room.

                     The music isn’t so loud in here. I hate going to discos, I shouldn’t have come. Why did Amber bring me here? She always wanted to meet men and sleep with them. Disgusting, I’d rather stay at home. My make-up is so smudged, I shouldn’t have cried so much. How did she always manage to provoke me? It’s not my fault that she was a slut. I should curl my hair when I go out next time, I saw a woman here with curly hair and she looked beautiful. Amber would have loved to curl my hair, too bad she’s dead. She should have known to keep her mouth shut. These stains will take forever to get out. I better leave now, it’s almost 8p.m and I need to find a bus stop so that I can go home.

                       Back again in this loud crazy hell hole. Look at these depraved people. Wait! Who’s that? No, I’m just hallucinating. It can’t be her. I better get out of here soon, it’s beginning to get crowded. There she is again! Amber? How can that be? I thought I killed her….

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