Daily Chat Forum No 36 betrayal

I read this incredible story somewhere. Read it:

Arima was living with her elder sister Rikka and going to school. Her elder sister was married to a man called Tayeka.They lived happily together. Arima was a little girl of 18 and her elder sister was taking very good care of her. She wanted her to grow into a successful, happy woman so she spoiled her with luxury.

One day, something no one had expected happened. Arima fell in love with Tayeka, her elder sister’s husband. It started as a joke. Then the love grew like wildfire.

Behind Rikku’s back, for two years, Arima and Tayeka were mad in love. When their love got to a climax, they decided to become husband and wife; but Arima could not imagine herself coming in as a second wife and sharing her sweetheart with her sister. She wanted him all for herself. So she took her decision – to kill her sister and marry the man. Tayeka favored the plan. All measures were taken. A careful plan was mounted.

The innocent Rikka did not for any one moment suspect that her darling husband and sister, the two people she loved the most, were planning to kill her for her sister to take her place as her husband’s wife. She was unaware of the intrigues of the world. Every measure was taken for the plan not to fail and for no one ever to suspect them; but it failed. They were exposed. Rikka could not believe what she discovered; what had been going on for over two years between her darling husband and her darling sister.

How do you see the three characters in the story? What do you think of the story?


My spouse left me

Nobody will believe this;
Yet, it is true;
The unexpected has happened to me;
My darling spouse has left me;
Shameless betrayal;
An act of cowardice;
Hypocrisy at its peak;
We seemed so close;
We seemed like one;
Cemented together forever;
As it now stands,
That was all a farce;
Pretense at its highest level;
Which teaches us a big lesson;
Be careful when you love;
Be careful when you trust;
Let it not happen to you
As it has happened to me.

How far can this go?

How creative are you?

Below is a story. You can own it if you like. Read it and see if you can take it forward. See how far it can go. Just an adventure. To continue the story, you may copy and take to your site. Add your own lines or paragraphs to it. You may change the names. The story will then become yours. Post the link here so other participants can enjoy your creativity. Use these words to post: Dear friends, I am done with “How Far Can This Go?” Here is the link…

If you do not like this adventure, just add your own lines to the story in the comment box or simply comment on the activity. Here we go:

Mazi’s heart skipped when she set eyes on him.He was a new arrival in the neighborhood. She had never seen him before; and never set eyes on such handsomeness.

Her heart started beating fast. At once she desired him.
“I want him,” She heard herself saying.”I can’t let him go.”
Her desire for him only kept growing.

Yoki could not guess what was going on in Mazi’s mind. Moreover, he was not interested in girls. His parents had warned him when he was leaving for school that he was not going for girls but for studies. Thus he was aware of what lay ahead for him; but hardly did he know it would come so soon.

I lost my wife because I Killed a cockroach

When Landro told me killing a cockroach led to his divorce with his wife, I hardly believed him; but it turned out to be true. I asked him to tell me what actually happened. Listen to him:

“I killed a cockroach and it earned me a divorce. My spouse didn’t want to see a cockroach killed especially when someone crushed it with the foot. She always told me the sound it made and the white liquid that came out was too much for her. I never took her serious and never spared any opportunity to kill a cockroach in a way that it would make the loudest noise and eject all the white liquid it was carrying in its body.

‘Then came a bad day. I did just what I had done hundreds of times caring little about how she felt. But this time was different from all the other times. The difference was she refused to take it. As soon as I did it, she gave me a punch on the jaw and before I realized what was going on a second and a third came. Unable to take it, I punched back. We had a good fight. It was after that fight that she decided our romance had come to an end.

‘At first I thought it was only anger; and that the incident would soon be nothing but history. It was not. It grew bigger and bigger and ended in divorce after thirty-six years in marriage.

‘I was at fault. I pleaded with her to forgive me. She was adamant. She said enough was enough; that she had swallowed it for thirty six years and could no longer do.

Our two children were traumatized; but there was nothing they could do. There was nothing anybody could do. Her decision was final. It’s two year since it happened.”

Disgrace to friendship

You are a disgrace to friendship;
The best example
Of what friends should not be;
You are a traitor;
You stabbed me in the back
While calling me your best friend.
You did what I least expected from you.
A blinding slap from you greeted me
When I looked to you for support.
In your hands,
I confided my most valued possession;
And left for a foreign land
Thinking you were the one I could trust;
Yet, you devoured it all
Leaving me in the desert where I starve.
What else are you
If not a disgrace to friendship?
A shameless traitor;
And I say shame to you!
Disgrace to friendship!

How did we get here?

As a lost ship on the wild sea,
Helplessly tossed by angry waves,
Our love wildly rocked
On the ocean of our relationship
Until it hit the rocks,
And into pieces shattered.
Today, what is left is the rumble
Of a wrecked edifice of love
That was once the envy of all.

But why?
How did we get here?
What of the love dreams
That we so ardently nursed?
Were they to live so short?
I can’t believe this happened to our love;
That so exuberantly flourished;
It’s like a nightmare;
Except that it’s true.

Rita is scared

Rita has replied to all those who advised her when her husband ordered her to pack and leave the house. This is her letter.

Dear loving friends,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and concern. Your advice comforted me and gave me strength to live on. I was on the verge of despair.
When my husband ordered me to pack and leave the house, I did not know what was behind it. He had pretended to be such a good and loving husband. I did not know he was such a hypocrite.

When he returned from work that day, I was there waiting for him. Hardly did I know he had planned the worst for me. Our discussion erupted into a serious quarrel; then turned into a fight. He got a cutlass to butcher me. By some miracle, I managed to overpower him and to escape. I am now away, feeling safe.

I have got what’s behind all this. He met a girl and they planned to marry. What I can’t understand is just yesterday I got a letter fom him asking me to return to the house saying he does not know what came over him. I am scared because he actually attempted to butcher me.

I am at a loss what to do

Again, thank you for your love and best wishes from my heart.