The world we want

When shall we have
A peaceful world?
All the world now seems
To be torn apart;
Brother in battle againt brother;
Sister fighting against sister;
Friends of yesterday
Enemies of today;
When shall we have a world where love flows?
What we have now is a world
Where enmity flows;
When shall we have a world
Where people work together
As collaborators not rivals;
In collaboration
Instead of in competition?
That is the world we pray for;
Work and fight for;
That is the world we want.


Close your ranks

Fighting in dispersed ranks
Is the best way
To lose your battle;
We win when we fight
In closed ranks,
And not in dispersed ranks;
In the Queen’s language
We say we fall when divided;
We stand when united;
We are strong when united;
And weak when divided;
To win a war, don’t fight
In dispersed ranks.
Fight in closed ranks.
Close your ranks
And stay strong.

Look up Be inspired today 244 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Look up, my good friend!
Fight and look up;
The world will want
To put you down;
You must fight
And look up;
And keep your head up;
If you fold your arms
And do nothing,
The result is clear:
You get nothing.
You must fight
And look up;
And keep your head up;
That is the encouragement
I give you.
Let no one push you down!
Make this day great.

Last minute fight for victory

The last minute fight for victory,
Before the close of the day
Is an important fight,
Which I highly recommend,
To enable you meet your target,
If you haven't done so;
Never end the day without this fight
If you find yourself not meeting your target.
If you fight this last minute fight,
And succeed to meet your target,
You will experience the joy of victory;
If you fight and don't meet it,
You cannot regret;
Or say your effort is wasted;
You will have the joy
Of having done your best.
Do not deprive yourself of this joy;
Always do your best;
And be satisfied that you have.

2 steps to a great name

If you want a great
Who says it is not
Your right.
Rack your brains;
Stretch your arms;
Go the extra mile;
No great name
Is made overnight;
No great name
On easy terms;
If you aren’t ready
To toil and sweat,
Be contented
With mediocre
Or at best
Average performance;
The best things
Of the world
Go to those who
Fight for them
Through hard work.
Work hard then;
Let the sweat
Stream from your brows;
Down your cheeks;
God knows how to reward
Those who toil and sweat;
While empty handed
The lazy ones go home.
Toil and sweat;
One of two steps
To a great name;
Toil and sweat
Your way to the top;
Toil and sweat,
Your way to a great name;
But that is not all;
You make the plan;
God Almighty executes
The plan,
If you ask him to do so;
Yes, he’s meant to be
Your Senior Partner
In the game of life.
Bring him in
Through prayer
To play his role.
Take these two steps;
You will get
To the ivory tower.
And live like a Lord.

The issue of food

The issue of food intrigues me;
I am still to understand;
Is it food that is at the center
Of the universe?
We fight and kill each other
Just because of food;
Not because of air,
Or light;
Or water or beer to drink;
Because of food;
We fight because we want food
To eat,
Nation rises against nation
For food;
We kill
To have food to eat;
Clearly, food is behind all our
Isn’t it enough for all?
Why must we fight for food?
That is the big question;
The big question;
Why must we fight for food?
We the world has enough food
For everybody;
Truly, this issue of food really
Intrigues me.

Thoughts from wisdom bag

If you start to fight,
And you are not ready
To fight till you win;
It means
You will either surrender,
Or you will be defeated.
Never start a fight
Which you know
You have no chance to win;
You will incur losses
For nothing;
And it will be suicide;
Also, not all victory
Is worth it:
Pyrrhic victory is not
Much better than defeat.
The cost of victory
Should not be too high,
Otherwise it becomes
A senseless endeavor.
That explains why
You must draw your chair,
Sit down,
Take your calculator
And work out your maths.
These are random thoughts
From my wisdom bag.
Waiting for
Your wise response if any.