Today’s daily Prayer 54 for you

Ever mighty and powerful God,
King of heaven and earth;
King of the entire universe,
King of all things past and present;
Thank you for your wonderful love!
In your Word, you have assured us
That you will always
Be there for us, your poor servants;
You have also said
If we come to you with faith,
You will listen to us,
And grant our prayer,
We come to you with faith, Almighty God,
Pleading that you listen
To our cry;
And grant our prayer;
Ever living God, you are our hope;
Make us stronger
In our belief in you;
Help us in every way
That you can;
At this moment,
Many of us are feeling desperate
Not knowing what awaits us;
We are driven by fear;
Many of us are facing serious financial difficulties;
Some of us are having serious ill health;
We present all these problems
To you, loving God, knowing
You have never failed to answer our prayers.
With full trust in your loving kindness;
We pray you to graciously hear us!
Listen our cries;
May no evil befall any.of us this day!
May each of us experience a downpour of your blessings today,
And everyday of our lives;
May those of us who are facing financial problems
Find a way out today;
And may all the glory go to you;
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!

Quote (riches)

“There are two ways of becoming rich. Either you serve people to be rich or you exploit people to be rich. The riches you get by serving people are clean riches or honest riches. The riches you get by exploiting people are dirty riches or dishonest riches. The financial giants of the world either served people to be rich or exploited them. This means either they got their money honestly or dishonestly.” (Romilia Quotes)

The Minor victories

The minor victories of life,
Are a treasure to be valued;
If you do not celebrate them,
You miss a point so great;
These small victories,
Are the stepping-stones
To greater ones;
The building blocks
Of the great
Edifice of achievement;
So when God puts them
On your path, celebrate them;
Before you keep on working
For more.
As you go to bed everyday,
Celebrate the successes
Of that day;
And thank God
For he is so good to you.
He is really so good to you.
Each minor success,
Each small victory,
Is a savings in your success bank;
The more of them you deposit,
The more your account swells,
Till you become a financial giant;
Coin by coin, shall you become
A billionaire;
Coin by coin, shall you become
A financial giant.
Small victory by small victory
You grow into a great achiever.