The earliest bird

The one week period after Christmas and before the new year is often used by a lot of people to reflect and draw up what they commonly called their new year resolution.

Have you started thinking about your new year resolution?

It is not too early to do so.

I like you to be the first to publish your new year resolution on this site.

Will you?

This take us to something I like us to talk about today – the habit of being the first to do things. This is a habit which I encourage you to cultivate.

Our lives are shaped by our habits. Good habits make a successful life. Bad habits make a mediocre life.

The habit of being the first is a good habit. There is a saying that the earliest bird catches the fattest worm. This may not always be true, but sounds brilliant to me. And one I like to go by.

I encourage you to do same. I am sure cultivating this habit will reap beneficial results for you.

Try always to be the first. Or, do you think there are disadvantages in always being the first? Please, share.


Quote (first)

“It is a great thing to be the first or the best in any competition. But that has its challenges as well. If you are the first or the best and sit on your laurels, you may soon find yourself not far from the bottom. No matter at what level we find ourselves, we have to keep fighting to do better. There is always room for the first or the best to improve. ” (Romilia Quotes)

First full week

Look at the blue sky;
This is the first full week
Of 2019;
It is a week that looks
So special for me;
What do you carry
In your bag
For me, first full week?
You cannot come empty?
Like an irresponsible
See how bright you are;
You cannot look that
For nothing;
Open your traveling bag
And pull out
What’s in it for me;
Many precious things
I imagine;
You have a caring heart;
We call this new year;
Everything has to be new
Or renewed;
You need a new heart;
That’s clean and pure.
New plans;
And new methods
To carry out your plans.
Thank you for being here.
And for everything
That is new.

Fight for First place

If you fight so hard,
Like the World Cup team,
That fought and won
The coveted trophy,
Who can stop you
From carrying a medal home?
Fight like the champions;
Fight like the winners;
Fight like the superstars
Who won the World Cup trophy;
Don’t fight to come out
In second place;
Fight to come out on top;
Fight to be the best.
Fight for first place;
Fight with passion;
Like the world Cup champions;
And come out on top.

The last may become the first

“…many who now are first will be last, and many who now are last will be first.” These are the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 19:30. Jesus was talking to his disciples.

In chapter 20 of the same Gospel, he says, “So those who are last will be first, and those who are first will be last.”

Jesus expresses a truth that we see in today’s world. Millions of people around the world who start off as first end last; and millions of others who start off last ended as first.

While this is comforting to those who are last now, it can be worrisome to those who are first. If you are last now, know that it is possible for you to be first tomorrow. What it takes is hard work, dedication, determination and prayers.

But if you are first, you have to watch out or you end up last.Those who are first and sit on their laurels, or adopt bad, destructive habits, usually end in mud.

It can be something to celebrate if you start off last and end first, it can be sad to start off as first and end as last. Therefore you have to be very careful that this does not happen to you. Rather, if you are last now or if you have been last, resolve to end up as first.