Poem ‘Flight Of The Light’ by Mirakali

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Flight Of The Light

Following the flight of the light. Its silvery line paints the sky.
Splendid defiance against the darkness of night.
But hope is strong, love victorious, freedom glorious.
Remembrance of the mysterious source
subdues all doubts that only play their game with us.

If we are ready to wake up, we will meet again
the precious meaning of life, precious as life is itself
and feel the Glory of newborn love, bright like the morning,
warm like understanding, dreamlike beautiful like trust.
Following the flight of the light. Golden movement
overcoming all limits you have put into time.

There are no limits, eternity waits for a free choice
of an earth-born soul, of a courageous heart
born into time ready to follow the flight of the light.
Endless Wideness, delightful dance of cosmic beings
flying at your side, feeling close your warm heartbeat.
Following the flight of the light. Its silvery line paints the sky.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali © Mira Sound Germany

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Image above: photo by Mirakali; © Filmaur Multimedia