I will give you wings

If you want me
To fly,
Say something
To inspire me
As I start my day;
Do something
To motivate me;
I need a good dose
Of motivation
To face the day;
Show me something
That will lift up
My spirits;
I want to get
To the stars.
As for me,
I am there for you;
I will give you wings;
To fly to wherever
You want to go.


Fly like a kite

I want to fly like a kite?
Who also wants to fly?
I am searching for wings
To fly,
If you know
Where I can find them,
Do let me know;
I will be delighted;
I want to find good wings;
Strong wings;
I want to fly high;
I don’t want to crawl
On the ground anymore,
I am tired of crawling!
And now, I want to fly.
Not like a mosquito
But like an eagle;
Like a kite;
Why not like an aeroplane?
High up in the sky.
I want to fly like a kite.

Wings that fly

If you want to fly
Like a bird in the sky,
You need wings;
Wings are what birds use
To fly;
A bird will not fly
If it doesn’t have wings;
But not all wings
Can make one fly;
Many creatures have wings
But still don’t fly;
If you have wings,
But cannot fly,
Either it is because
Your wings cannot make you fly,
Or you don’t know
How to use your wings
To fly.
To fly, you need wings
That can enable you fly;
And you must know
How to use your wings
To fly.
Get wings that fly,
And get them
To make you fly.

Fly: Word of the day 5 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

The word of the day I have chosen for you today is fly.

Do you know why I have chosen this word?

Because I want to see you fly. I want to see you make use of your wings.

I like you to resolve here and now as you read this that you will fly.

Are you ready to do that?

Please, decide as firmly as you can that you will soar high in the sky.

After taking that resolution, start to do it.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to proceed. I will tell you how to do it.

The first thing, of course, is to know you have wings. You cannot use what you don’t know you have.

If you don’t fly, my guess is you don’t know you have wings you can use to fly.

Do you know you have wings? You have invisible wings. God has given you wings; amazing wings.

You have wings. I have wings. All of us have wings which we can use to fly; but while some people use theirs to fly, many allow theirs to waste away because they don’t know what they have.

If you are not yet flying, it means you are not using yours. It means you are allowing them to waste away, which is a pity.

In this case, this word of the day is appropriate for you.

I urge you to start to fly right now.

But let us start at the start. Let me reveal to you the wings you have. Your talents are your wings. They are what God has put in you to enable you to fly.

Everyone has a talent. If you believe in the Bible, that is what it says. You can use your talent to fly. You can soar so high with it that someone standing on the ground will not be able to see you in the sky.

Without waste of time, right now identify your talent and explore ways to fly with it.

When you identify it, learn how to use it.

Are you ready? Will you do it? I like to hear you have done it.

The sea is rough

The sea’s not the sky;
The sky is calm;
The sea is rough,
But we’ll sail through;
The waves will carry us;
And faster we’ll go;
Our destination is close;
We are moving;
And soon we’ll arrive;
Do not fear the rough sea;
Only fear to fear;
Nothing more dangerous
Than fear itself.
To fear is to freeze.
So don’t give in to fear,
No matter how dark,
The sky might be;
Take courage and go!
I encourage you to fly;
Fly on the waves;
Fly as high as you can.