Wisdom Tidbit For Today! #Mar18πŸ‘ˆ



Be focused, are you?

re your efforts focused
Or they are dispersed?
If your efforts are focused,
You will go far;
If you make the mistake
That many people make,
To scatter your efforts
All over the place,
They won’t take you far.
The way to your dream
Is not through disperse
The way to your dream
Is through focus avenue.
Focus is the trick!
Be focused and stay so.

The 3 Ds are over

I allowed myself
To be distracted before;
Not anymore;
I allowed myself
To be derailed before;
Not anymore;
I allowed myself
To be discouraged before;
Not anymore.
Now, I know what is meant
By focus;
I will focus
On what I want to do;
No more distraction;
No more derailment;
No more discouragement;
3 Ds are over:
I will keep going
Till I reach my destination.

My dear students

My dear students,

You already know the importance of education. However, I still wish to remind you that education is the key that will open the door of success to you. In today’s world, you have no chance to make it if you do not go to school. Therefore, be serious about school.

Of course, going to school is not enough. You have to work hard at your studies. Day one of the academic year is the most appropriate time to start working for you success during the school year. Hard work is paramount. Spare no effort to work hard.

The world has become very competitive. You have to distinguish yourself to have a place. Talents are many. Opportunities are limited. Stand above the crowd to be seen; and the only way to do that is to work very hard.

Instead of focusing or concentrating on their studies, some students become wayward and waste precious time on things that don’t take them anywhere. The wise student guards against that. Be focused. Concentrate. Be disciplined and organized.

If you can be the best, why not? There is nothing wrong in being the best. There is everything good in being the best. Pray as if all depended on prayer and work as if all depended on work.

May the Almighty God guide and protect you throughout the school year.