“Eat your food like your medicines or else you will eat your medicines like food”.



When diet is wrong,Medicine is of no use .When Diet is correct, there is no need of Medicine.

Ayurveda Proverb

But sadly, many times we love to over eat, eat wrong food,and express lack of time for daily exercises. Many other  excuses are readily available.

Some of my friends who are diabetic,regularly eat sweets ( which is forbidden),and they come up with statements saying that their sugar is under control since they take their diabetic medicines regularly ,as if the diabetic medicines give them the license to over eat the sweets.

Some other friends with Hypertension ( High blood Pressure ) eat food rich in salt, like pickles,salt laced chips etc.( salt is restricted for hypertensive patients).

They happily tell me that they are care free since medicines they take to control the BP, will also take care of their salt in the food.

What is your type ? Do You eat food and medicine also like my friends ?

If you ask me, yes,I find many times difficult to resist the food,over eat some times and take pancreatic enzyme tablets for better digestion,whenever I felt I overindulged.

What are your thoughts on this subject ?

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography


Amazing healing powers (Solidarity bloggers’ forum No 37 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Did you know how powerful mushrooms are? Get what Agric Fungus Organic Farm says.

It gives a full list of Mushrooms healing powers They will amaze you.

Honestly, I did not know mushrooms had such amazing healing powers.

We should have some mushrooms for lunch tomorrow.

It’s good that you read this post and know exactly what I am talking about.

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A delicacy for my heart

You are my food
You are food for my heart;
Not just ordinary food
For my heart,
You are a delicacy
For my heart;
You nourish my heart
With so much love;
Because you are there,
I do not starve of love,
My heart is so well fed;
Look at how I look;
Don’t you like my look?
If my face shines
So brightly as it does,
It is thanks to you;
You nourish me
With so much love;
Thank you for being nutrition
For my heart.
My heart will never know starvation,
Because of you;
You are cake for my heart.
Delicious food for my heart;
A delicacy for my heart.

Prayer for food

God our Father,
Thank you for creating food
And making so much if it
Available to humanity;
We have so much food
In the farms,
In markets
And in some homes.
Thank you for the farmers
Who produce this food.
We all need food;
That is one language
That everybody speaks
And understands;
We all need food;
Whether we are young
Or we are old;
Whether we are rich or poor,
Whether we are leaders or followers;
We need food;
Food is good and bad;
Food builds but also destroys;
We cannot do without food;
People are healthy and happy
When they eat good, delicious food;
Many people fall sick
Because they don’t eat
Good food;
When people cannot afford
Food to eat, they are sad;
God our Father,
We pray for food;
We pray for more and good food
For everybody;
We pray that you help us
To share the food in the world
In a way that everybody
Will have a fair share
And be happy.
Stop the starvation
That is going on in the world;
Stop giving so much food
To some people
And nothing to many others.
O Lord, stop the fighting,
That is rocking the world
Because of food.
Thank you for all our food;


assorted sliced fruits

Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

You are so used to food;
Aren’t you?
Do you take it for granted?
Many people do?
It is so common;
Though hard for many to find.
As we see it on farms in abundance,
As we see it displayed in the market,
As we see it in restaurants;
As we see it in many places we go,
We tend to take it for granted;
But do you know?
Food is so powerful;
It gives life;
But also, it takes life;
Without food, there is no life;
But it is also the main reason
We fight and kill ourselves;
We want to have food to eat;
Since we need food to survive;
And so, we don’t want anyone
To stand on our way.
Some want more than they can eat,
Because greed eats them up inside.
They get their share
But still want to take
What should go to others;
And those who thus feel cheated
Fight for their right.
The greedy ones, however, will not
Let go;
And fighting becomes fierce;
Making food a reason to fight;
The cause of sadness
Instead of joy;
When greed kills justice;
And gives life to injustice;
Fighting and killing control the land;
When justice goes out through the door,
Peace follows through the window.
The two are identical twins;
Always together;
Injustice, fighting and killing
Are identical triplets;
You can’t differentiate them;
Always, like justice and peace,
They go together.

Money for Food

She hobbles her way up and down the hill every night, one wobbly step at a time.  Always to the same spot at the same corner, she’s had the most luck while she was standing right there.

It’s the busiest intersection in the neighbourhood, more cars always amounts to better chances and every bit of extra change counts.  The bus shelter is an added bonus, a much needed refuge on the bitter cold nights. Fearlessly weaving her way through the cluster of stopped cars, she knows exactly how long the red light lasts and how quickly she needs to do her job.

There have been quite a few close calls where she almost got hit, even those scary moments haven’t been enough to make her afraid. In a city this size if you spend that much time standing in the middle of the street, you’re bound to get hit at some point. Or at least, come really close.

While trying to forget some of the other days, this day provides her with a much needed gift, one or two relaxed sighs of relief. It’s warm out which means at least for tonight, she has a few less things to worry about. Her chapped hands will start to heal and the wind chill won’t bring those little tears that start to form in the corners of her eyes. Since she can’t walk so well anymore that black ice can be a hidden danger she doesn’t need. Not tonight. Tonight she’ll walk taller with a bit more spring in her step, breathing easier.

The warm weather often brings better moods, smiling faces and more generosity.  Fingers crossed, this usually works in her favour. One too many angry or annoyed looks can stay with her for days. Reduced productivity ruins her chances of possibly being able to take a night off, maybe.

Each vehicle a stage for its own silent performance, rapid cut out hints of relationships and day to day life piled one on top of each other.  Still, quiet faces turned in opposite directions, eternally searching and endlessly caught in a long pause with absolutely nothing to say.

She holds her sign here and there hoping for it to be noticed. She raises it up as high as she can when you pass, wanting you to take just one moment to give it a read. That little square of cardboard has almost started to feel like a part of her but she does not miss it when it isn’t there.

It took her forever to decide what to write on it. Money for Food.  A simple enough request, just stop and read the sign. Water, food, shelter and pleading. Please, I have nothing, give something, give a little every bit counts. I need, haven’t made much today.

Stare into her eyes.  It isn’t as easy as you might think, handing it all over. Her actions are a reflection of hopelessness, empty mountains of woulda, coulda, shoulda been. Life is so much simpler now. Water, food, shelter. With help, help you, help me, help her.

Stop what you’re doing and please take a moment just to read her beat up cardboard sign.


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Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #24

Good Day to you all.  After I finished tidying up my energy reserves seem to be depleted.  I tried doing some exercises, that didn’t help.  So an early Elevenses was call for, an Omelette with Wholemeal Seeded Toast, some Grapes and a Hot Lemon and Honey Drink.  The tiredness was still there, it was then I remembered that I was awake very early with a need to pray, to warfare.

It was a conscious decision to sit and rest, and at the same time to catch up on the two newspapers I had put aside to read.  Its been ages since I read one properly, I had indulged myself with the usual motions of flicking through the pages quickly but this time I’d rather take my your time to read cover to cover.  I ended up nodding off.

Sometimes there’s no use fighting off sleep. If you need a Siesta, do have one, you’ll find you feel better afterwards.

In Conversation: Cravings

What is the cravings of a pregnant woman to her?

Seemingly  ridiculous to others, but to her it is very real.

There isn’t going to be peace or sleep for anyone,

If she doesn’t get that particular food she is after.

“I fancy an Onion Bhaji Sandwich” she says.

“Who’s ever heard of such a thing” is the reply,

“Never mind who’s heard, it’s just what I need,” with frustration in her voice

“Yes Darling, I will go to the all night Indian Restaurant.

Then to the Supermarket so I can make you what you need” as he went towards the front door.


The funny thing is the weirder the food combination is, the need for it it seems to occur at night. Sometimes its family or friends who are kind enough to help.  Ladies, what was your pregnancy food craving?   Who had to go out for it?