Quote (Football)

“If you are playing a football match, keep putting in your best effort till the final whistle goes. Even if you are winning, do not relent. It is always at the sound of the final whistle that the winner of a match is known.” (Romilia Quotes)


Don’t take your opponent for granted (Be inspired today 346 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Have you noticed that in a football competition, like the World Cup, each time a team wins a match, they have to be very careful otherwise they lose the next one?

That is something I have observed. When a team wins, they tend to go in for the next encounter with less determination. They take things for granted. In the end they do not do well. On the other hand, if the team that is coming to face them lost their last match, they will come with great determination; and so are more likely to win. And even if they don’t win, they will give their opponents a run for their money.

I think many teams have become aware of this and take every match with equal seriousness.

In a competition, do not look down on any team. They could take you unawares. As long as a team is qualified for the competition, it has to be taken as seriously as all the other teams.

Someone told me that once in the boxing ring, you should never take your opponent for granted. I agree in to to.

You may actually be stronger than your opponent, but don’t take victory for granted.

Taking victory or your opponent for granted may push you not to put all of yourself in the fight.

That could lead to a careless mistake on your side which could make you lose the encounter.

Foot ball – a source of inspiration (Be inspired today 101 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Football will probably forever remain the globe’s king sport. Lots of international football encounters draw millions of listeners and viewers. The 2018 World Football Cup Final between France and Croatia drew a huge broadcasting and viewership of 1.12 billion around the world and kept them hooked and thrilled from start to finish.

What does watching these football matches mean to you? In what way do they impact you?

I draw a lot of inspiration from them. In fact, I find football a great source of inspiration. I admire a lot of players for their amazing talent; and always tell myself if they can do it so big, I can do it big also in my own domain.

What of you?

I think you can in your own field as well.

What it takes to become a champion, a star or a superstar in football is the same that it takes to become same in politics, business, art, etc.

Therefore, as you admire the super stars on the football pitch, resolve to become a superstar yourself in whatever your own domain.

We are each endowed with a talent which is capable of taking us to the summit of the highest mountain if we know how to develop and exploit it.

Are you ready to exploit your talent as best you can and excel?

Be a champion in your own field

Being a champion is possible; and I encourage you to be one.

I imagine that you look at the champions in football, athletics and other games and admire and wonder if you can be like them.

I stand here to say, yes, you can.

You must not be a champion only in football, athletics or other games.

You can be a champion in your own field and whether you are known and acclaimed or not, you are a champion all the same.

There are many unknown and unacclaimed champions who are nevertheless champions.

Do not worry if you are one of such unacclaimed champions. You may not be acclaimed today, but will be tomorrow.

Thus, my advice is, be a champion in your field.

Always respect your opponent

There is a lesson which I learned a long time ago and which has stuck with me.

Never underestimate your opponent.

If you are going for a football match, give full respect to the opposite team knowing that they can win just as you can win.

Do not think that because you have won many matches before your victory in that match goes without saying. You may be shocked.

Every football team that gets onto the field to play is a potential winner of the match.

Every boxer who enters the boxing ring is a potential winner of the match ahead.

Therefore, you do not look down on your opponent ahead of the match.

In the boxing ring of daily life this holds true as in the boxing ring of politics.

lf you want to succeed in any competition, take your opponent as seriously as you can. Have high regard for them.

Amazing power of encouragement

Encouragement has amazing power.

I have seen the magic of encouragement at work. It has moved some people to virtually move mountains.

Some people have became football superstars just because someone encouraged them. There are people who shine as musical stars because someone encouraged them.

I believe in encouraging people to do their best.

I do appreciate when others encourage me.

Nobody is too big or too old for encouragement.

If you have some encouragement for me, that will be most appreciated.

Shining star

A new star
Is up in the sky;
A new star
Is shining;
So brightly;
How long will
It shine?
That is
The question
On every lip;
Just a tiny star
But shining
So brightly;
May it shine
For long;
Its bright light,
We need.
Shine on
Bright star;
Shine on for long;
Fill the sky
With your light.
We are proud of
Your light;
Shine and shine;
Shine on
Shining star.

The world cup in Russia produced one young new star that caught world attention, Kylian Mbappe. That is what prompted this poem.

Action is paramount

Are you playing the game of life or sitting and watching others play?

Are you active or inactive?

You don’t become a football star by sitting at the grandstand and watching others play.

You become a football star by getting onto the field and playing.

You don’t succeed in life by doing nothing and watching others work.

You succeed by getting out and working.

To be short and simple, we say action in life is paramount.