Today’s morning prayer 41

Forgive me O Lord,
That I started this day
Without asking for your blessings;
It was a mistake
I do not wish to repeat.
Help me this day
To live right;
To live better
Than yesterday;
To love more,
And hate less;
To work hard
And shun laziness.
To run to you as many times
As I can;
To bring glory and honour
To your name
Through my work this day.


What hurts the most ?

What hurts the most ?

I am not talking about your disappointments because of your assumptions,presumptions or expectations going wrong and you getting upset.

I am also not talking about failures,injustice,betrayal or loneliness

The list can be never ending as per you !

But I have just one answer and that is ‘Words’

Why ?

Because, Words’ are powerful !

Words hurt more than action.

‘Words’ can cause lot of emotional pain.

“Stick & Stones may break my bones,but words will break my soul”   unknown

Intensity of the emotional pain becomes much more if these ‘words’ come from someone,who means everything to us.

Seriously do ‘words’ hurt ?

Words per se don’t hurt.It is the subjective meaning of each of us give importance to them,that alone hurts.

Strangely we can never forget the ‘Hurtful words’,though one is in mood to forgive.Check this link.
One can forgive,but can one erase the bitterness ?

” Dogs bite sometimes,people bite all the time,with their hurtful words ” Mehmuet Murat Ildan


Do you know the funny part of the ways of human beings ?

“some people hurt you and then act like you hurt them”    unknown

Thank you
Philosophy Through Photography

One can Forgive but can one erase the bitterness ?

One can Forgive but can one erase the bitterness ?

When you forgive you don’t change the past but you do change the future.

Technically majority of us try to forgive, but 100 % of us forget that,we have forgiven, and somewhere the unpleasantness, haunts us for sometime, after all we are human beings !!

Some quotes…….

“Forgive other,not because thy deserve forgiveness,but because you deserve peace.” Jonathan Lockwood Huie

“It’s not an easy journey, to get to a place where you forgive people.But it is such a powerful place,because it frees you” Tyler Perry

Forgiveness releases the burden of a heavy heart Mathew 6:14-15

“Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting.” William Arthur Ward

“As long as you don’t forgive, who and whatever it is will occupy a rent-free space in your mind.” Isabelle Holland

When you forgive,you do not erase the memory.You simply choose to forgive to free yourself from the bitterness.

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography

unknown quotes


A heart to forgive;
Pure grace from God;
When deeply hurt,
It’s hard to forgive;
All the same, we must;
For so divine it is to forgive;
Be not too bitter;
And and lose that grace;
That will darken your heart
And hurt you more than
Anyone else.
Forgive and forget;
And let life move on.
God, in his wisdom, will
Reward you.
Those who hurt you, forgive;
May those you wrong
Also forgive you!

Heal those wounds!

End of year start of year;
What better time
To heal our wounds; mend fences;
To reconcile and start afresh?
But not all are ready for such a thing;
Some too stiff; some too proud;
Some too unreasonable for anything good;
What do we do in such a case?
Carry grudges over?
Or forgive and forget?
What does the bible say?
Who knows?
That we may do right;
Heal our wounds
End and start our year as best
We can;
Yes! As best, indeed, we can.

Hard to forgive but…

I forgive you;
You know not
What yo do;
You know not the heat
That I feel in my heart;
You know not the fire
That rages in this tender heart of mine;
If you knew,
That my heart were on fire,
Burning so fiercely like a wild-fire
In the harmattan,
You wouldn’t do this to me;
I see you are ignorant,
So I forgive you;
I feel deeply hurt;
You have played with my emotions;
And the wound is deep;
It’s hard to forget;
But I forgive you.

If you don’t forgive me

If you don’t forgive me,
How can I ever be happy again?
If you don’t forgive me,
How can our love be saved?
If you don’t forgive me,
How can you say you ever loved me?
If you don’t forgive me,
How can you blame me
If I call you a hypocrite?
I know I wronged you;
So deeply I hurt you;
And feel ashamed of what I did;
That’s why on my knees
I have told you I am sorry;
Desperately I am pleading
For forgiveness;
Why are you not finding space
In your heart to forgive me?
If you don’t forgive me,
Can you say you ever
Valued our love?

If you cannot love

If you cannot love others,
Tell me what type of a person you are.
If you cannot share with others,
Tell me what type of a person you are.
If you cannot give to others,
Tell me what type of a person you are.
If you cannot help others,
Tell me what type of a person you are.
If you cannot forgive others,
Tell me what type of a person you are.