Formula for desired results

If the way you are doing it
Is right,
You will get the result you want,
If it is not wrong,
You will not get the result you want;
Right action equals to desired results;
Wrong action, failure to acquire
desired results.
If your action is right,
But results do not come,
That is mere delay;
And you need two ingredients
To give the soup the correct taste:
Patience and persistence.
Right action + patience +persistence always equals to desired results.


A simple success formula

A success formula
That is so simple
You can’t believe;
And here it goes:
Go for what is right,
And Keep doing it;
Go for what is good,
And keep doing it;
Go for what is useful
And keep doing it;
Go for what will help,
And keep doing it;
Go for what pays,
And keep doing it;
Go for what is clean,
And keep doing it;
Go for what people like,
And keep doing it;
God for what you love,
And keep doing it;
Go for what gives joy,
And keep doing it;
Go for what God likes,
And keep doing it.
Go for what is correct,
And keep doing it.
Success cannot fail
To crown your efforts
If you do this.

Your unfailing formula for success

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Don’t tell me you do not know
The formula for success;
It really surprises me
You don’t know
Where you are going;
And you are carrying a bag
To travel;
Let me ask you again;
Where are you going?
And how are you going?
With whom are you going?
Are you going by bus?
Or by bike?
Are you going far or near?
Are you going alone
Or accompanied?
I see you are tongue-tied;
You are lost;
And if you don’t know
Where you are going,
Tell me how wise to leave;
You better stay at home;
You don’t set out for where
You don’t know;
That would be wandering
Like an aimless soul in the
That is irresponsible;
And you can find yourself
Where you don’t like.
This holds same for
The game of success;
You have to know where you
Are going;
In short, you have to know
Your destination;
And that destination is called
Your goal;
First thing, you set your goal;
Second thing, you decide how
You are going;
Third thing, you pack your bag;
Fourth thing, set out and go;
Fifth and final, keep going
Till you arrive.
That is the formula for success;
If you want to succeed,
That is the unfailing formula to use.