Prayer for the members of our forum

Loving Father,
Thank you for making our forum grow so fast in numbers;
Thank you for our admin and all those who are making this forum grow;
Thank you for all the members of this lovely forum;
Thank you the old and new members,
We pray O Lord,
That you bless the new and old members of our forum
Grant them many blessings;
Bless our new members in a special way;
As well as all our old members;
We all have our individual
Grant us the grace to handle them well;
Make all of us enjoy our forum,
And make it a true center for sharing and growth in our Catholic Faith;
And friendship, love and solidarity;
May our coming together renew our zeal for the Catholic Faith,
And may this zeal spread to fellow Catholics all over the world,
So that the Church that was founded by our Lord Jesus Christ may always be what he meant it to be;
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!

SoLIDariTY BloGGerS’ FoRum 32 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Mind your business

If you don’t mind your business, you may run into trouble. This is the lesson I got away with from On the high way of love by Gottfried.

It’s a very interesting story told with a lot of wit and humor

Just like Conversation with my brain.

Gottfried is what I call a master story teller.

Visit his site. You will not regret it. Instead you will thank someone.

Click here.

SoLIDariTY BloGGerS’ FoRum 28

Nothing saddens the heart more than the death of a loved one. But this sting can be overcome. In a beautiful article, Chrystal Ward tells us ways of Overcoming the sting of death. It’s a good read.

Take a look. It can become handy. You can even use the tips to help someone experiencing the sting of death.

Chrystal Ward runs Maybe Crazy Help where she helps “others overcome the darkness within their minds.”

A stop at Maybe Crazy Help would be time well spent.

SoLIDariITY BloGGerS’ FoRum 21

Pride can hinder your success.

This is the message I get from a post by Elle Clarke tilted is pride hindering your success?

Elle Clarke of Elle Clarke Media Group has produced a motivational video titled Pride is hindering you.

This writer and motivational speaker gives the various ways Pride may be hindering your success and says “Your blessing is closer than you think. Once you break down the walls of pride you will create the entrance to the next level.”

Take some time off and watch Pride is hindering you. It is worth the effort.

SoLIDariITY BloGGerS’ FoRum 19

The delicate question of being in love well handled

I have read and written a lot about love.

The post I am recommending here has captured my attention in a special way because of how it has handled the delicate question of being in love.

I know it will thrill and edify many of you. Hence, take off some time and read it:

If you have a post which you like us to recommend in this forum, please, indicate to us in the comment box. You may give a brief summary to facilitate the exercise for us.

SoLiDariTY BloGGerS FoRuM 18

A post you should read 1

If you remember Give fear a kick is the title of a poem I published to encourage you to stop fearing and face the bull by the horns. That is the only way to make it big.

Motivated and Free blog offers you great encouragement on the same subject of fear and goes further to give the issue of mindset a good treat. I read through the full post titled Vital Mindset Shift to Progress.

To be honest with you, Femi has done a great job. You will not regret reading this post. Click here and have a good time with Femi’s Motivated and Free blog.

“If you don’t enjoy blogging, revise your notes. You are not doing it rightly.” (Romilia Quotes)

SolidARiTY BloGGERS’ FoRum 13


You are not allowed to waste anything;
What are you wasting?
Why are you wasting it?
Do you know what you are doing?
Maybe you do not know about waste;
It’s a waste to waste anything;
Thank you;
Your reminder is good and welcome.

If you have not visited,
This is your invitation;
Let’s show solidarity to our fellow blogger.
You might be surprised what
You will gain from Benefits of Pineaple,
Banana and Mangoes.


International friends blogging forum

Many people continue to ask us about SIWO. What it means and what it stands for.

SIWO means Success Inspirers’ World. It is an International Friendship Blogging Forum for inspirers, motivators, encouragers, helpers, educators, and achievers. It is a forum for you.

Our dream is to grow into one BIG family which spreads success, happiness and miles and miles of smiles.

It is a forum where you get the motivation you need to be the best version of yourself that you can be, and offer the best of yourself that you can offer to the world.

As an international friends blogging forum, Success inspirer’s world provides an opportunity that every blogger is looking for – the opportunity to get more exposure and get more followers and readers.

Make world friendship a reality by being a committed member of SIWO.

We need your support

Are you ready to support us?
We need your support;
With your generous support,
We will realize our dreams
To the joy of many;
And if we are what we dream,
Many people will benefit;
SIWO is conceived to be
A meeting place for all inspirers;
We want that if you are
An inspirer, motivator
Or encourager,
You stop by here
From time to time,
As often as you can,
To meet, interact, support
And draw strength
From other inspirers like you.
Our belief is that
The more we meet and interact,
As people who share
The same values,
The stronger we each become;
And the greater our impact
On the world.
The inspirers, motivators, educators, and encouragers
Are those who have the mindset
To change the world.
But working in isolation,
Our impact cannot be strong enough;
Coming together,
Our impact will be tremendous;
And as individuals,
We will be stronger.
Hence, we created SIWO
A world for all success inspirers.
Do I have a point?
If you see I do,
Why not jump in?
It doesn’t disturb
What you are doing on
Your own site;
Instead, it enhances your site.
I have mustered the courage
To put this to you;
Will you muster the courage
To tell me what you think?

I am waiting.