Be free or don’t live!

Someone takes away your freedom
And goes free?
No way;
You fight;
You fight for your freedom;
On land;
On sea;
In air;
Everywhere you can;
You fight with all your might;
Let no one take that from you;
Be free
Or don’t live!
Only cowards
Let their freedom go.


Is the Press building or destroying?

IMG_0375SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWorld Press Freedom Day is on the 3rd of May every year.

How free is the Press?

Is the Press free? How does the Press use the powers in its hands?

More important question: is the Press building or destroying the world?

What is your appreciation of what the Press is doing in your country and in the world?IMG_0372

Those who matter in society

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” (Bernard M. Baruch).

DSC_0000084Bernard M. Baruch is encouraging being one’s true self and freedom of expression. Many people pretend to be what they are not; thinking it would make others esteem them.
Some people do not express themselves freely for fear of what others may say or of hurting others. Such people inhibit themselves and imprison their own ideas.
On the other hand, there are people who spend their time prying into the lives of DSC_0000144others; gossiping about others. Such people have small minds. Should they talk about you, it should not bother you. Their words lack weight. Hardly do they think before they speak. They speak not because they have anything to say but to be heard. They are empty vessels out to make the loudest noise.
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe real people who matter in society do not have time to pry into the private lives of others. Time, to them, is precious and they cannot afford to waste any of it talking about what will help no one. They take you for who you are; and respect your freedom of expression. Do you want to be ‘an empty vessel’ that makes the loudest noise or somebody who matter?

What other thing can make you consider someone as:

  1. an empty vessel in their society?
  2. Someone who matters in the society?