Good night

Good night everyone!
I cannot leave you
Without a word;
That wouldn’t make
For good friendship;
We have journeyed
Together all day,
And it’s good we have
A good separation;
May your night be good,
And usher in
A great new day!
Let your light so shine!


Late night love

Let’s talk
Late night love;
When the hours
Are far advanced
All retired home;
All quiet around;
We are on our own;
Free to do
What we want;
Free like air
To fly;
To rise
To fall;
To go where we like.
Where shall we go?
To the moon?
To the stars?
To space?
But not to the sun;
To be roasted alive;
What I want is love.
Late night love.
I want to savour it.

“Best friends forever”(BFF) Do you believe this ?

Best friends forever-Do you believe this

Lovers come and go.Friends remain forever……that is the saying.Is this true ? or a myth ?

Is it not true that we have the concept of besties ?

What is happening now ?

Virtual world in the form of Facebook,twitter or whats up have takeover. And people chat hours together.That means BFF can still exists.

But still,is it not for a purpose ?

Majority of the friendships likely to be based on some expectation,which you and I know.

Remember every one likely to have a goal.In these situations once the goal achieved,excuses start pouring !

Best friends forever-Do you believe this

BFFs take secrets to the grave

The philosophy of BFF depends on both of you,whether you want to make it a truth or myth.

My feeling is to make BFF a reality, there should be a sincere effort,dedication,total understanding,making time available for the constant interaction and most importantly the mutual trust.

” Wishing to be friend is a quick work,but friendship is a slow ripening fruit ” Aristotle

Thank you
Philosophy Through Photography

Pixabay,resplash ( Vidar Nordil-Mathisen)

You break my heart

You break my heart;
Why so?
Don’t break my heart;
If you tell me
You don’t belong to me,
You break my heart;
If you tell me
You are not ready for me,
You break my heart;
If you tell me
You belong to another,
You break my heart;
How can you belong
To another
When you have stolen
My heart?
How can you not be mine,
When you hold my heart
In your palms?
That does not go down
With me.
With that
You break my heart.

Mine for ever

You are mine forever,
You are mine today;
You will be mine tomorrow;
You will be mine for ever;
You are mine in light
You will be mine even in darkness,
You are mine in sunshine;
You will be mine even in rain;
You are mine in laughter
You will be mine even in tears,
You will always be mine.
When the weather is bright;
And when the weather is dull.

Together till the end

Hi loving friends!
I pray you!
Let us be friends
For ever;
Together till the end;
Holding hands;
We journey as one;
Heaven so desires;
For that, He, not human
Put us together;
Are we to sever
The link?
Cut the chord?
Untie the knot?
Are we to put asunder
What Almighty God
Has united?
We dare not;
Who are we to provoke
A mighty wrath?
We are bound to His will,
To bow to Him,
He who is so mighty,
So powerful, so invincible.
He wants us together
Till the end.
And there,
Never more to part.

Why I am pleased with you

I am pleased with you;
I like your ways;
I like how you
show me love;
When you smile to me,
I see love
In your smile;
When you look at me,
I see love
In your eyes;
When you talk to me,
I hear love
In your voice;
To crown it all,
When you touch me,
A current of love
Flows through
My whole body.
I sum everything
By saying
I am pleased with you;
A fun way of saying
I love you.

I have lost some friends

I have lost some friends;
Friends who were precious
To me;
Friends I did not like to lose;
And for ridiculous reasons;
Religion is one of them;
Some friends have left me
Because they have discovered
We belong to different religions;
They don’t like my religion;
I told them religion should not separate us;
They will not hear;
They were adamant;
They are not making friends
With people who belong
To other religions;
What can I do?
Condemned to accept it
As it is;
But still I am not satisfied;
I don’t believe in discrimination
On religious lines;
I don’t believe in discrimination at all,
Be it geographical, linguistic,
political, cultural
Or religious.
A human being is first
A human being,
Belonging to a country,
a culture
A religion;
Or a language.
I think we should love everybody;
And treat everybody the same;
That means fairly;
Irrespective of their religion.